Saturday, April 29, 2006

I AM DONE...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**drum roll pleeeeeeeeeze***


I am offical done my first of university.......Just 14 more to go!!!!Ugh..I wanna go back to shopping for matching shoes and bags in kuwait..The year off really had turned me into a mush..Mentally anyway..

I know I know your dying to know how I did in stats..It wasnt curcifying alhumdullah but I messed up in two questions pretty nicely..Even if I get a 50 in the exam my average is a C..But I dont think I did THAT badly..So inshallah khair..I just finished psych..Alhumdullah that went better then I excpected..My bio marks are in and I got a D..Lool..Figures..Plant and animal taxa was never my cup of tea..Chem is defered so I do the exam in june.Which leaves algebra the marks are not up yet so allah yester..

I have about a week and a half of freeeeedom..And Im already
Anyway thats all for now I wanna go paint the town red;) You guys welcome to join me:D

Friday, April 28, 2006


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK PEOPLE....GOT IN EXAM OH UM A COUPLE OF HOURS(cant count)...Remeber when I said IT shouldnt be too bad??hm??I LIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LIED MY ASS OFF....stats...............staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats...Omg OMg the exam is a bloody 50% OF MY MARK..FIFTY PERCENT PEOPLE..That aint no joke..So yea instead of figureing out the difference between a one way anova and RBD and figuring out what the fu*k is kruskall wallace doing in the middle I am blogging..GENIUS...Ok Im going to go hit my head on a wall and see if any buses are still running at this hour..Do you think Ill get a note for not being able to attend the exam cause umm Im in a body bag?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


So yea remeber when I said I need a note from a doctor to defer my exam? So thats what I did I hadnt slept the night before and I decided to go to the doctor's without...(brace yourselves) I who's face is not viewable by the naked eye without makeup went without NONE..I was like soooo proud of myself*pat on the back*I figured when sure way to look like crap and sick is not to wear makeup..

I walk into the doctor's office apologizing in my head to the people for having to look at my sorry sight..I fgured Ill be there like two hours tops..THREE AND A HALF hours listening to nonstop talking from this lady from the saudi who talked in ARABIC..Look people I may LOOK arabic but that doesnt mean I speak the language..And I certainly does not mean I can speak it in all dialects..Stick with the english okies?

When I got called in I tried my best to look dead..Doctor walks in gives me one look and we have the following convo..

Doc:Feeling under the weather today (in a very skeptical tone)
Lil:*nods looks pathetic*I feel like I was run over by a truck and they missed all my vital organs
Doc:Let me guess your head hurts?
Lil:*nods with confidence trying harder to look more pathetic*
Doc:Can't breathe properly?
Lil:*Nods still looking pretty miskeen*
Lil:*More nodding looking a little more perky now*THAT one is true
Doc:**laughs**Got an exam today or tomorrow?(asks with a knowning tone..I HATE that tone!!)
Lil:*Nods sheepishly*
Doc:*Chuckles*Alright let see you need note right?
Lil:*nods with enthusiam*
Doc:Alright lets see**write down on paper then hands it to me**
Doc:Anything else?
Lil:**Clears throat nods**I really do feel sick
Doc:**looks annoyed*Take advil you'll be fine
Lil:Shouldnt you check my throat or something**feeling cheated out of my great threatical performance**
Doc:**checks and does all the useless doctory things**Alright take this and it should clear up your sinus infections
Lil:Aha I have a sinus infection!!*satisfied I wasnt going to tell a complete lie
Doc:**raises an eyebrow**Let the school call me if you have any anymore exams coming up?
Lil:*blinks nods**
Doc:Come back if you dont feel better**walks out of room**
Lil:**loks confused drops her bag coughs walks out**

I got my note...........
Gonna update you about some news tomorrow hopefully when Im pretending to study..Till then stay smiling:D

Monday, April 24, 2006

Rocky WeEkend

Had a somewhat less then stellar weekend..But alhumdullah for everything..Im not going to post the detials of everything now.>Simply cause its midnight and Im not feeling so hot right now..I am going to go see a doctor tomorrow in the hopes he'll give me a note allowing me to defer my chem exam which is tomorrow..Although I have been studying I keep getting these anxiety attacks..And the events of this weekend didnt make things much better..I am sure if I walked in to the examination room tomorrow Im going to flunk..It happened with Algebra I handed in my exam 45 minutes after it was a three hour exam..So you can take a wild guess on how well I did..

Ever since I can remeber I have been an A student but this year its been pretty much downhill..I know what factors played into that and I will not blame the envorment..But if one thing I learned from my mom is that no matter how hard you fall..If you are alive you pick yourself up wipe off the blood from you lip,strighten your shoulders, lift your chin and do it agian..Never give up..Giving up was never in my dictionary and never will be..

The advantge of being a spoiled brat is getting what you want..Im a believer in getting what you want all it takes is some hard work and a couple of curses..

I got a Stats exam on Friday and Psychology on Saturday..Inshallah Khair..Both subjects I enjoy very much so it shouldnt be too hard.. Oh and another thing which should be a subject of many blogs to come..I've decided to see a theripist...I know I know I should learn to deal with my own problems and I should talk to my friends and family ect..But I think a professional would be a great help..

Besides an added bonous my fathers reaction when hears about this..MuwhahAHAHAhahahah..Im a sick sick sick person..

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Why do YOU fear?

Ok found this..l.Actually stole this from my friend..She's a bit relecutant to share her poetry..Cause most of the time it aint good..;) Check it out..

Why do you fear?

I see you watching her
I see you pondering
What's the matter sir?
Why all this wondering?

What is it that you find so bewildering?
Is it her looks?
What is it that you find so intersting?
Is it the way she carries her books?

Perhaps it's her you admire
Perhaps it's her you hate
Is this why you call her a liar?
Is this why you haven't smiled as of late?

How threatening can she be?
Is it her bewitching eyes?
Oh,is it because she can see?
CAN she?Can she see through your lies?

Now I understand..
You fear her strength...
You fear her courage to stand
You've always watched her at length..

Amazing isn't she?
She can't be taken down
It's all the hidden she can see
That causes you to frown

You KNOW she's a force
No matter how you TRY
YOU can't deter her from her course
You FEEL her determination as she walks by




FEAR I likey..

Friday, April 21, 2006

In My Defense..

I'm usually a really easygoing outgoing person,though you couldnt tell due to the latest posts;P.I am generally level headed and uncoventional..Im non judgemental and for an arab thats a huge accomplishment.. I have been accused and I have admited to have a limit if not no amount of emotion towards certain things..These things dont include my friend's..I am furiously loyal to my friends..Growing up I never had any trouble making new friends I had a bubbly personality and an infectious good humour..yet I learned to appericate friends, and thus I took care never to hurt them nor allow them to be hurt by the outside..Growing up the oldest I have always had a sense of responisblity towards my brothers and cousins and it extended to my friends..Till this day i shelter them from what I beleive may be dangrous or hurtful. I have seen alot in my life and though I may come on as an air headed ditz at times(which I am) there is some sort of brain matter in my head..

My sheltering of my friends included my critic about thier recent crushs,my truthful yet hurtful comments about themselves or an outcome of a situation.. I was raised to tell things stright out I hate people when they beat around the bush..You have something to say,say it stright out and in my face..

I have discovered the hard way that people are not as receptive as I am of critism nor do they want the truth when they ask for it..The world has shades of grey that I was not aware of ..One of things that I try to"protect" my friends is thier own friends..I hate people taking advantage of peple..I cant stand it, its one of those things where my eyes glaze over and smoke comes out of my ear..Seriously..

But I now began to see things differently, perhaps one should stand back and allow the person they care about get hurt so that they can experiance the pain and learn from it..To me it makes no sense and I dont think it ever will for I listen to advice and I learn from peoples mistakes I may wish not to abide by them but I am always thankful that I had them for a refernce..I guess Im of a dying breed or perhaps I am just something out of the ordinary..

I have decided to stand back..For once in my life I'm going to try to make a resolution..I will try my hardest(it aint gonna be easy) to allow the people I care about make thier own choices,I will remain vague when asked for an opinon and I will read a book about the polite replies one must reply to questions asked by a friend..

Not all my friends seem to mind my stright forwardness, but hey not all your fingers are like each other eh?

So in conclusion I would like to humbly apologize to my friends if I ever held you back from experiancing something you wanted to experiance or if I have ever given an opinon that was rude or inconsiderate....

Je suis désolé

Thursday, April 20, 2006

**Sighs** The most undependable team in the world..They win so they can lose..**sighs** As perdictable as my marks....See the goalie? Miskeen brought on when the other goalie decided to beat up a player form the other team..Tsk tsk..**wipes a tear**My boys have some issues..Oh oh oh see number 10 omg he did this move in the olympics..Omg awsome!!!! I think it was agianst austrialia the bicycle kick he did was amazing..oh and watch for number 3's foot work..And nashat my dear nashat number 5 he is something to reckon with so sweet too..
Pity they didnt enter the world cup and they didnt do so hot in the gulf cup either...I dont understand thier flacuating game..It falters and is like the weather in canada..Winter in summer and vice versa..What is up with the gulf teams? You cant depend on them for anything..Oh except Saudi..You can depend on them to embrass themselves and us and lose..Every time..Im going to go cry now..What the hell happened to Kuwait eh? They used to be great what the hell happened????!?!?!?!? Im soooo disappointed..Why oh why do they do this to my nerves??They are fried completely and utterly....Thats it I disown the arab teams I roiting for Iran this gulf cup..Go Ali Kareeemi teach the arabs a little somethin somethin!!


Babbbby..Im Good..

I have been trying FOREVER to get this crazy link thing majigy on the blog to work..So I ask faith seeing she is supposedly a vetern and what does she say? Ummm i get someone to do it for me..Somebody is doing it for in the 21 century where women work and compete neck to neck with men where they open there own doors(ahem if you see ME pleaze open the door for me Im not That exterme) but yea my god..She doesnt know how to do it..So I have been pondering and pondering for the past like oh ten minutes and i fixed it..Muwhahahahahahahahahahahahah..Genius I tell ya brilliant I say...I luv copy paste lol;)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Still Not Studying...

So yea Im supposed to be studying..i swear my friends are messed up..I don't know why Im such a sucker..They all got issues...I DIVORCE YOU PEOPLE...Bil thalaath...

I go to school loaded with my books and haidar(oh hadiar meet my readers and my dear readers meet my baby the one thing I can always depend on my laptop...) I lug all my stuff to the library and I HIDE from temptation...But I always FAIL..They are like an addiction..I just saw the shabaab like not even 12 hours ago and I have to see them agian..Man I dont need a smoke as much as I need seeing them..I think its cause they are soo different from me..They are all giggly..gossipy..soo girly...:S I think that is part of the attraction..I have always hung out with the tomboys and the boys..I was raised to act tough and be tough..These chicks are anything but tough..There like pudding lol wobbly and unstable..They have crushes they talk god its like the high school..Times like a hundred..loool...

I have a chem exam in a couple of days..I HATE CHEM..EVIIIIIIL CHEM..When I rule the world Im outlawing chem and bio..Im going to make everyone take stats and physics instead..I will start a reform..An underground railway that will be the sanctuary for chemistry and biology haterzzz..Ok Im going to get off before i give out my entire master plan..Yalla pplzzzzz..omg Im talking like my bro now..ugggghhh

Monday, April 17, 2006

Nothing Much..

Has anyone ever made plans to really really study and so they decide to go to the most likely place where they CAN study? Now what is the first place you would likely accosiate to studing? The library..At least for me it is..So thats what I do I pack my stuff take the bus down to school walk in to the library and find my lovely groupies...I never get anything done anytime I go and I keep going back..WWWWHHHHYYY???? Why do I want to fail so badly? I mean these guys are fun we laugh non stop.. people laugh at us non stop.. we laugh at them non stop and ect..So yea..And I still go and I know if i am going to pass I need to get on a program..And I will..Just after tomorrow..Lol..Ok sorry about the short blog but agent scully and my hunky dense mulder await my return...Got the entire second season taunting me..

Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Problem..

So I have been soo busy studying*pretending too anyway* But that haven't stopped me from noticing an epidemic going around school..Girls everywhere are falling in love or having crushes..All at the same time and seeing the low male population there is no lack of girls fighting over that alpha male..He on the other hand is NOT alpha and may be very well cringe inducing but nonetheless this for some reason attracts the fairer sex..My question is whyyyyy????? Sure Im an outspoken person agianst love and I have commitmentphobia but that does not render me i7sassless(unemotional) towards my friends..And I love'em my friends no matter how idoitic and stupid and silly there crushes are I usually give them a wonderful excuse..Failproof..Hormones...The lovely things that make a woman a woman with all those lovely soaring uppps and those bone crashing lows..Got love em our hormones..

Is that really enough though? Why is it that females fall all over themselves for a guy who is egoistic or mean or dense or has no attention span and ect.? I mean I could understand lust..Lust is a beautiful thing but it shouldnt have any emotions involved.. I think the problem these days is that females have too much time on their or do not feel complete without the attention of the oppisite sex..I personally dont want nor beleive a man can COMPLETE ME..Hun this is a 20 year project and so far i've been doing pretty darn good on my own thank you..A man does not complete you as a person he CONTRIBUTES to YOUR experiances and time..The same goes for the guys.

The thing that piseses me off the most is the girls starting the relationships that go NOWHERE..My god why do you do that to yourself? Huh?? How stupid can you get?? I may sound snide or a prude but excusey moi for not wanting an organ in my body torn to a thousand pieces cause I started a potentially hazardous relationship..Attraction and mutual communication plays a role in relationships but is it really enough? Is looking hottt and having an awsome body with nice white teeth worthy of your time and emotions? Doesn't anyone want to look deeper then that? If you are starting a fling and know its a fling and the other half also knows this my god you are a genius..

ok Im done my ranting and I should probably hit the sack but keep in mind what I said people I speak from hard earned romance novels;) Nightie nightie..

Monday, April 10, 2006

Faithoo G'Luck With Stats Hun..The Sleepless wonder

I am alive..As alive as anyone without sleep for the last oh say 36 hours... So the bio wasn't exactly a walk in the park but it wasn't a walk in the gallo's either...Alhumdullah it had some very intersting questions..At which at one point I had to call over the prof flash my 200 watt smile and demand to know if that question was written in english..Unfortunately I couldnt say I didn't understand cause all the questions were englsih...I don't understand the profs's need to stump their students..The dean is going to look at your grade average why dont you loosen up eh? Sheesh..And what pisses me off in exams are those individuals that stay hunched over for like the entire 3 hours..I don't look at my exam paper until ten minutes into the exam and when Im writing it my attention is everywhere but on the paper..I make eye contact and smile at all the proctors and then I start to imagine the questions on the exam paper which the law students have right next to me and weither or not the engineering students take there exams here or in mental instituations..So yea I love to look around during exam time. And those annoying people that keep writing and writing and looking freaked for not getting done on time I start to freak out for them and I my overactive imagination kicks in full gear...I start to doubt if this exam is really mine or someone swapped it or mabye I got the wrong exam altogether..Very intersting process examination..Im going to base my thesis on it..That or the affect of sugar on the brain..Same thing..

Anyway so after my ordeal I got on the first bus and dragged myself home plop down on the bed and was just about to go to sleep when my aunt calls we talk for an hour..Actually it was more like yelling..I started to drift off to sleep when every member of the arab community called me and when they were done all the other people called me...So thats why Im typing this blog instead of being off to lalala land..Im going to kill someone...Hussien is on his way home....MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

HIiiiiiiiiiiiighhh UP UP UP UP 3:07AM

Sugggaaaar Suuuuggaaar lalalalalalalalalaaaaaaa oh Hunnny Hunny..Loooool 6 hours till my nightmare will begin and continue for a nubbing 3 hours..looool.. BIIIIIIOOOO..I LOOOOVE COOFFEE.Lead me to the inventor..oh no wait it isnt an inventor is it? Its a discoverer!!! Some one with dashing dark handsome looks..He who discovered coffee beans(a plus if he also discovered the cocoa beans) has my enternal love..Who discovered coffee anyway?? Hm? I want to know the genius behind my fuel resource..Leeeead me to my looove..looool Ok I gotta get off this thing and actually look through my systematics thingy migjy that has something to do with animals eating plants..Oh no no thats not it its the taxa..Yup gotta go look through my taxa moi I say my au reviors and good luck to all those who are facing the same fate which is worse then death..Good Luck my brave comardes..Forge forward and do not let the evil prokaryotes intimadate you..I seriously need to take a jog but I dont think its a good idea this time in the morning..ANYHOO wish me luck and if I dont write in a few hours assume the worst *creepy wind blowing*

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Babbby Swaaay Meee Nooooow

When marimba rhythms start to playDance with me, make me swayLike a lazy ocean hugs the shore Hold me close, sway me more
Like a flower bending in the breezeBend with me, sway with easeWhen we dance you have a way with me Stay with me, sway with me
Other dancers may be on the floorDear, but my eyes will see only youOnly you have the magic technique When we sway I go weak
I can hear the sounds of violins Long before it begins Make me thrill as only you know how Sway me smooth, sway me now
Other dancers may be on the floor Dear, but my eyes will see only you Only you have the magic technique When we sway I go weak
I can hear the sounds of violins Long before it beginsMake me thrill as only you know how Sway me smooth, sway me nowYou know how Sway me smooth, sway me now

My Daddy Dearest

**Ina shaky ina ilbaki ina il7asaas**(my phone ring)
I rub my eyes and blink a couple of times then start the search for my phone..The caller was very very very persistant. Poor Aljasmy 6ah min ilsana wisla his poor throat went sore till I found the phone which was inside a pillow cover.How it got there dont ask.So I flip it open and press the talk button..

"Allo"I say yawning
"Baba Mariam sheelonich"
I am suddenly wide awake, I pull the phone away from my ear and look at the caller id..Kuwait..Terrific..
"Dadddy!! wasssup?"I say as clearly as I can.
"Zain allhumdullah inti shlonich shlon Hussien?"my dad says sounding right next door.
"We are doing great daddy"I said growing more suspicious by the minute

My father does not call..Ever..You call him and you grovel and beg for his reda..And the weirdist thing was that he was..NICE..To me..

So deciding to be the aggressor in this converstation and taking full advantage of his sudden niceness "Daddy what do you want?" I ask as sweetly and as innocently possible.

"La walshi I just wanted to see how you kids are doing"he replies innocently
The fishy smell just hit the 10 on my meter of suspicion.

"Baba, habibi inti wallah thank you for calling but its 3 in the morning"I said trying really really hard not to sound annoyed.

"Laah"He says shocked,"Its 5 I wanted to wake you up for fajar prayer"
I stare at my ceiling "Baba habibi its 3 oh 4 to be exact"I reply
"No No its 5, Im sure"He insists
I run my hand over my face,"No daddy its 3", and as if to prove the fact to myself I look into the screen on my cell and my alarm clock.
"Moosta7eel..Its 5"he says..A slight pause follows where I try not to fall a sleep. I hear my dad trying to get a deal for some wooden planks when his voice comes back.
"Baba Mariam you right its 3 at your time Im sorry thought it was 5, "He sasy sheeplishly
I nod my head satisfied and say"Its ok daddy"
"Don't go back to sleep go open a book and study before praying and make yourself and your brother breakfast" He orders
Agian I pull the phone away from my ear and stare at it bewildered..I wasn't sure if he was kidding or not..
So I do the safe or so I thought so at the time..I laughed..Not my usual hyena laugh but more like a giggle..Obviously that didn't please my dad
"Baba Mariam why are you laughing is someone tickling you?"He asked unamused
"huh? laa laa no no of coures not I will go put some tea on the stove and get my chem out"I say sounding like an angelic girl.
"Sha6rah I want those A's"
I nod and try to supress another laugh..A's yea right in my dreams...
"Baba Mimi"He asks too offhandedly..

Ok two red lights here..First his offhanded manner my father if anything is NOT offhanded his everyword has a direct meaning..Second he called me Mimi..NEVER calls me mimi unless he wants something...

I take a deep breath and plant a sweet smile on my face,"Yes daddy"
"I had an offer for you last week"He says as if he was discussing which shirt would match his navy pants he wanted to wear.

I try not to gag and reply"Dadddddy nooo way!!!Omg!!!Omg!!Who is it? Do I know him??"I say in sarcasticly. Obviously he didnt hear the sarcasm....
"No you don't know him but he comes from a good family,good education,blah,blah,blah,"He went on and on with the guy's attributes..

I put my hand on my mouth and tried to contain my laugh..I started comparing this supposed catch with my laptop..My laptop won..
"Baba Mariam are you there?"My father asks pleased with himself.
"Yea daddy Im here your not serious now are you?"I ask in amazment
"No no Im not I just thought you should know, you think about it and I'll call you back"He rushes"Yalla Marioom go study" He hangs up before I have a chance to say goodbye.

I stare at the phone then prop myself onmy pillows and wait for the next phone call that I know will follow.. True enough 10 minutes later the phone rings.
"Hala hayeti"My mom's voice comes through sweetly
"Hi mommy shlonich?"Whats up with your husband?"I ask annoyed,"I thought we had already discussed the marriage issue"
My mom lets out an infectious laugh,"Mama marriooma you know your dad, don' take it to heart"
"He woke me up"I say pouting
"Im sorry habibiti you go back to sleep"She says diplomaticly
"he said I had to go study and make breakfast"I say getting into the complaining mode
"He didn't mean it you study after fajr baby and go get breakfast from tim hortons"She replys placidly
"He is going to make me marry a loser"I say now in a totally whinny voice
"No of coures not,Marioom you know he wont do that"she says half laughingly
"If you don't want to marry you won't have too ok hayeti?"She asks lovingly
"Yes mommy"
"Now go back to sleep sweetie and have fun in uni"
"Yes mommy, I love you"I said pacified
"I love you too"

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


So yea exams..**Shudders**Yuck,ugh,blah,baaaaach,iiiiifffff I DO NOT LIKE EXAMS..Whoever does you have my undieing sympathies(so does your therapist most likely). I have quite a set up Im sure out of the five I have I'm going to fail two,pass one BARELY, pass one with a 60 wait make it 2 that Im going to pass with a 60..If I can find my text books on time and stop reading Mary Higgins Clark..She has a new one out I want it..Now...

What is up with exams anyway? Why do we need them? 80% of students if not 95% cram for the exams and may or may not end up with a good mark but all of them completely forget whats what by the next day..Useless.. There is no meaning for exams. A waste of time and brain cells and people I dont have enough to go around. I know some people who are studying for our exams on monday NOW..Whats up with that?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? I cant do that and its driving me insane..I am the world champion in wasting time.. A Procrastinator <--Whoa big word.. Soo many letters..And such a weird combo of letters..Anyway see what I mean? NO ATTENTION SPAN NONE ZERO ZIP ZILCH WALA SHAY SOOPHIR NADA you get the point? I cant focus on how plants make babies I JUST DONT CARE.. Or arrenhuis or Krusskal and wallace,or brain stimilators no no wait THAT I can focus on but who gives a damn about the different animal taxa and who is a cousin and who is a brother, or about acids and bases and the conjugates??? Huh??? Or about proving formulas? Buddy they are already proven whats the point? Or about weither you use a one way Anova or RBD my god they are both friggin four pages long to solve so why dont you just tell us which one to use???? **Deep breath**




Saturday, April 01, 2006

Judging People

I personally am a strong adovcate agianst judging people for thier looks..However I have a confession to make. This year was the first year that I am living away from my parents and to be completely honest I may have a leesan 6aweel and I seem haughty and unbreakable but underneath it all Im chicken shit... I hide under my mama's skirts when there is the first sign of trouble.. I talk alot but its all air lol... So when I moved into my new apartment and my brother was as usual testing his new found wings of parental freedom so It was up to me to do some shopping. My aunt having dropped me off at the entrance of my apartment complex and I struggling with a 4litre milk bag and doing a balancing act between the egg carton and eclairs when a shadow falls upon me..........................(insert here B rated scary movie theme) I look up up up up up up (Veeeeerrrrry tall person) and lord an behold a gentalman..I of coures was convinced he was in a gang and needed to kill me to get my eggs thus I honestly shoved the eggs BEHIND me..How pathetic was that?!!??!!!?? I wanted to save the eggs..The thought of having to grocery shop agian was more scary then being murdered...Thats pretty messed up...

So anyway this guy says in a gruff heavey with a jamcain accent,"Do you need me to help with that?"
I translated it at the heat of the moment, "Give me that and I won't hurt you"
I am told that I have medium sized eyes but boy oh boy did they enlarge at that moment..So with my new big eyes, I cleared my throat and tried to get my lips to work..I the talker of all talkers I who according to my father can get Saddam a not guilty verdict, couldnt not form my lips to produce a single syllable word..Sad..
After scolding at myself for being such a coward I smiled shakingly and said in a barely audible voice,"No thank you"
The giant didnt seem to hear so what does he do? HE MOVES CLOSER..My personal bubble pops and I am now offically having a nervous breakdown..
Just when I thought he was going to strangle me he breaks out in to a beautific smile worthy of crest commerical and says in that unique accent, "You just moved in aigght?"
I nodded reluctantly..
"Who are you living with?", He asks intersted
Horrified, scared,cursing my brother and my life,I take a deep breath,"With my brother, father and uncle"I yell
He steps back from either the increase in my vocal volume or of the magnitude of males supposedly living with me.. He continues smiling..I countinue calling my brother every swear word in arabic english and somali...
"Wow, full house",He says laughingly
I merely nod meekly
"Well, if you ever need anything I live right on top of you, give me a shout"He says as he backs away towards the parking lot..
I am left in front of my building baffled..I think I was dissappointed he wasn't a gangster..I then started to feel guilty for judging him just cause he was black and tall ..Then out of the blue my mouth gets dry...HOW THE HELL DID HE KNOW WHAT APARTMENT I WAS IN??? I then run like a maniac to my apartment breaking two eggs in the process..I dump the bags and call my brother in tears and tell him what happened..He in turn doesnt want to interuppt his bussiness(coughfemalefriendcough)..But he took the time to explain to me that that particular gentalman helped my lazy assed bro move the stuff into the apartement...So it explains his knowledge of my apartments whereabouts..

Now this happened about a year ago I still often see him around and he is still very tall ....I often wonder if a blond blue eyed 6 foot soccer player came to offer his help would I have reacted the same way?? The honest answer..YES..But now I have matured and growned I can take on any guy black white orange beige whatever..Bring them on