Monday, April 17, 2006

Nothing Much..

Has anyone ever made plans to really really study and so they decide to go to the most likely place where they CAN study? Now what is the first place you would likely accosiate to studing? The library..At least for me it is..So thats what I do I pack my stuff take the bus down to school walk in to the library and find my lovely groupies...I never get anything done anytime I go and I keep going back..WWWWHHHHYYY???? Why do I want to fail so badly? I mean these guys are fun we laugh non stop.. people laugh at us non stop.. we laugh at them non stop and ect..So yea..And I still go and I know if i am going to pass I need to get on a program..And I will..Just after tomorrow..Lol..Ok sorry about the short blog but agent scully and my hunky dense mulder await my return...Got the entire second season taunting me..


Blogger jiji said...

sweeeetie sweeetie sweeetiee..

1st.. are u a freshman?? cuz if u werent.. u would know that study groups are a waste of time! the only time such term actually works is when u get together like after class to high light the important parts of the lect and do extra searchinh and stuff.. and help each other understand.. bs never never neeeeveeerrrr studyin in groups ow bacher ur final! its the easiest way to an F! or atleast a grade that u could do way much better than the one u actually got..

back in high-skool.. i never actually studied as ud think studyin is.. i dunno.. it just didnt appeal to me.. the only reason why i made it thru high skool was that i paid attention in class.. "like listen really carefully to wut they say to snatch the imp bits.. it WORKS.. well it did for me.. otherwise id still b in high skool ;p"

some how i made it into pharmacy skool.. in my pre-med yr i never studied.. i carried on with my high skool attitude.. but then half way thru my freshman yr as a pre med student.. i found out abt the underworld of study groups.. all we did was chat.. eat.. take long breaks to the furthest place possible from campus to energize!! <- yeah right!!... my grades? well they didnt get any better.. plus i was wastin valuable outtings time stuck in the library, supposedly studyin..

so later.. i figured out the best plan to study.. since i never knew how to actually study.. and believe u me.. if i nonly knew how to study.. id b on the honor list! yalla.. its ok.. am graduatin this may anyway ;p

so the plan is..

1. PAY ateention in class..
2. ASK questions during class regardin anything that u failed to understand.. i know u might seem nerdy.. but its better than waitin for the doctors office hours.. and get depressed the night b4 ur exam cuz u dont know wuts in the notes!
3. FINISH all ur readings and HWs b4 the weekend.. weekends are for fun..! never leave any work to do on weekends..
4. its ok to pretend to study infront of the TV.. PC.. dinner.. lunch.. u can pretty much read ur books.. notes anywhere u like! as long as ur just reading! for example uve decided to study lect (a) so u take its notes or chapter or wutever in ur bag.. pocket so u could crack em up and read a lil anytime u get a space <- not nerdy trust me..
cafes are fun.. try it.. bs never go there to sudy!
5. Listennin to a lil music can do wonders to u while studyin..
6. come up with schemes against the terrible T.A that u wanna get back at for accusing u of ruining that device or experiment in lab ;p
7. never sleep leaving material to read when u wake up.. always try to wake up bright and early so u could finish b4 night falls..

MY GOD! my comment is longer than ur post!

bs i hope i helped sis :).. think of me as ur eldest sis (cool one ;p).. GOOD LUCK

7:38 AM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

**snifes**aww jiji habibiti the only person who cares..

Yes Im a freshman and dont worry I know that these supposed study times are a complete waste of time BUT they are fun..Lol..Thats why I study with them now when my exam is a weeek from now..Funny thing NONE of them are in my classes.

When I first started uni I made a pact with myself to never befriend arabs..Lasted the first duration of the first semster and now..they..are..every...where...

But awsome your a pharmacy student? Wicked..I never studied in high school I flirted my way to my A's but now...Ugh...Anyhoooo seeing that your a soon to be pharmicst inshallah recommend any pills to give to my bro so he goes bye bye?

11:16 AM  
Blogger jiji said...

whats ur major? <- damn ive grown old to ask/answer such Q ;p

how come none of ur study group goes to ur classes! wut do u do then? wut do u benefit from these gatherings?.. unless theyr older and theyve already done the classes ur takin ;p then by all mean.. USE EM! :p

yes am a soon to b pharmacist ;p.. why do u wanna make ur poor bro go bye byee?? funny u should ask me this ;p today we were dispensing narcotics and stuff that affect ur brain and makes it "gooo out n about".. hehehe..

11:58 AM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Jiji...Jiiiiiiijiii my connection to the higher world of drugs..And to think you will be able to get them legally..My hero..Im going to build u a temple..
I NEEED dopamine..In really really small doses..Whatdaya say old buddy old pal?lol

Im a health science major but seeing that I abhore biology Im switching to psychology..I ..tell..people they are...bloody mad..My god genuis!! and to think all these years I have been saying it for free..Just my family alone will make me a millionaire...

YEa they are all art majors they dont know the first thing about some of the stuff I am studying the same can be said to me..Greek mythology what? lol

2:18 PM  
Blogger jiji said...

dopamine??? lol.. it wont even make u dizzy!! say morphine.. pethidine.. valium.. ativan.. HARD CORE BABY!!.. ;p

hey.. here "brain steroids" like addral.. do u need an Rx to get it.. or no Rx needed?

why change ur major?!?! sweets.. its ur best bet.. well of course its up to u.. its ur life after all.. psychology is a great to rob ppl bloody blind ;p.. so HORRAY FOR U ;p

dont u hate it when art major dumb @$$es complain abt how hard their skool is and how they have no time to study and have a social life!!
i have one of thier kind at home "my sis" and she bugs me to death! she really steps on my nerves when she swallows halfa box of panadol and drinks 8375896756 cups of tea and coffee the nite prior to her test! GET A LIFE!

me...?? never care if i remember wut ive studied or not.. am just happy cuz am goin there to see my friends and get back at that T.A.!

i saw him the other day in skool.. and i really wanted to.....(...) huuuufff.. dont really know.. bs i knwo its EVUL.. too bad i have no more exams so i could back at him ;p

2:31 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

JIJI CONTRRROOOOOL...Leave your miskeen TA..Think about it does he really have to die young? Haram..You need to maim him not kill him..Killing is so finite it does not turn back..Horrible..But if you maim him then it will a prolonged affect on him;)

I think all the majors are hard..I personally dont care about nor can I remeber which greek god slept with whose mkother who then slept with someone elses brother who turns out in the end HER brother..Or about geomatric shapes and contours..Me no likey..SO it really depends on wat you like..ANd I can never drink tea when Im stressed giiiiiiiimmie gimmmie coffee..LUV COFFEE..With two milks and two sweetners merci.

Darling darling dont tempt me I dont want to start on the heavey stuff..Then wat happens when I get addicted?

9:29 PM  
Blogger LaiaLy_q8 said...

good luck

i garra start writing some papers here

ooh allah yaster :/

1:00 AM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

lialy you have some stiff competition with jiji..Shes a natural:D

1:41 AM  
Blogger jiji said...

addiction is the best part abt it baby ;p

and who said i wanted to kill the "stupid" TA... the jerk!!..

what did u mean: "lialy you have some stiff competition with jiji..Shes a natural:D" <-- me think u make compliment on meeeeee ;p right?? i know i know i know ;p

9:54 AM  
Blogger Faith said...

LILACS, have faith in our study groups..we DO study, just dont ask WHAT we study :D :D

11:25 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Jiji..dont deny it..You wished for the TA to die..Come on come on you have to be honest..And yes It was a comment for toi ;)

Faith..Buuuuuullshit baby we study guys thats it..Not that it isnt a good thing..But exam time?

9:40 PM  
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