Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Problem..

So I have been soo busy studying*pretending too anyway* But that haven't stopped me from noticing an epidemic going around school..Girls everywhere are falling in love or having crushes..All at the same time and seeing the low male population there is no lack of girls fighting over that alpha male..He on the other hand is NOT alpha and may be very well cringe inducing but nonetheless this for some reason attracts the fairer sex..My question is whyyyyy????? Sure Im an outspoken person agianst love and I have commitmentphobia but that does not render me i7sassless(unemotional) towards my friends..And I love'em my friends no matter how idoitic and stupid and silly there crushes are I usually give them a wonderful excuse..Failproof..Hormones...The lovely things that make a woman a woman with all those lovely soaring uppps and those bone crashing lows..Got love em our hormones..

Is that really enough though? Why is it that females fall all over themselves for a guy who is egoistic or mean or dense or has no attention span and ect.? I mean I could understand lust..Lust is a beautiful thing but it shouldnt have any emotions involved.. I think the problem these days is that females have too much time on their or do not feel complete without the attention of the oppisite sex..I personally dont want nor beleive a man can COMPLETE ME..Hun this is a 20 year project and so far i've been doing pretty darn good on my own thank you..A man does not complete you as a person he CONTRIBUTES to YOUR experiances and time..The same goes for the guys.

The thing that piseses me off the most is the girls starting the relationships that go NOWHERE..My god why do you do that to yourself? Huh?? How stupid can you get?? I may sound snide or a prude but excusey moi for not wanting an organ in my body torn to a thousand pieces cause I started a potentially hazardous relationship..Attraction and mutual communication plays a role in relationships but is it really enough? Is looking hottt and having an awsome body with nice white teeth worthy of your time and emotions? Doesn't anyone want to look deeper then that? If you are starting a fling and know its a fling and the other half also knows this my god you are a genius..

ok Im done my ranting and I should probably hit the sack but keep in mind what I said people I speak from hard earned romance novels;) Nightie nightie..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Crazy One!
Our most stupid kind!
True idioticness and thats enough..
...ehm, sorry to break it to ya but, a woman can not control her heart, but rather her heart controls her...the majority. :P

2:45 AM  
Blogger Faith said...

lol liloooo...

i loved one thing you said:

a guy doesnt complete us, he contributes..walla saja, 20 years and we've been fine on our own bas dont forget the first 10 lets say of those years, ur under ur parents care, the next 10, ur depended on friends :/

8:17 PM  
Blogger jiji said...

do u know if i could sit and list all my crushes.. the list will go on and on and on and on and on and ooooooooooon... ambeeeh i have a new crush every second of the day! even ugly crushes!

last week i had a crush on the cheif pharmacist where am training cuz he helped me get back 3ala wa7ed kan emsawey ley mshkila.. and he hit a porter who was too dense with me :) wanaasaa :) 7asait machoo man wana lil daisy ;p

its a woman thing to compulssivly obsess about men! and for various reasons might i add ;p

4:04 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

anonymous ..Bulshit a woman cannot control her heart..We carry a child for 9 months..The heavens are beneath a mothers feet and we cannot control our hearts? how pathetic can you get? Babe dont make me start.. touche amour but do you really need a man to complete you? You need him physically true and emotionally but you can do both without him;)*Think toy shops lmao;)*

Jiji..galob sometimes I wish I was like you..Being able to float from one object of desire to another..But I honestly cant..Sometimes I feel sorry for people like that and sometimes envy them..Must be my hormones..Umm one question..PLease tell me at least a percentage of them were yummylicious so I can forgive your behavior hayti..

1:00 AM  
Blogger jiji said...

la dont worry.. around 75% were hunkilicious baaaabeeeeeees ;p

and u knwo the 3gedy who was out cheif.. the one i had crush on?? well guess wut.. he got a new hair cut.. he LOOKS WOW NOW! too bad am not workin there any more.. but ill sure b visitin them alot ;p

5:46 AM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

jiji lol hunklicous I can overlook your epidemic episodes..

1:42 AM  

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