Friday, March 31, 2006

It Begins

So...let's clear a few things up..This blog will be updated whenever I either have a an assigment deadline or the night before the exam...Since there seems to be an abundance of both there will also be hopefully a couple of updates..

Buses...I dont know about everyone elses transportation system but the OC Transpo in Canada needs to SLOW down on the turns.. I am pretty sure you are not allowed to make a turn at 70 km an hour. Thats just wrong... If everyone was setting down my god turn at 120 the more power to ya.. But when the bus is full and people are rammed up agianst one another (ahem..a good thing at times if your lucky and horrible everyday) and your making a 70 turn people are going to fall. And fall hard. On there faces. When your all dressed up for the first day of lovely weather with equally lovely shoes you dont expect and you land on your face..It ruins your day. No question about it. I dont need to say the extant of embarssment that a person goes through when they are asked laughingly by an adorable mechincal engineering student whether they are ok or not and if the need help walking...Its beyond embrassing ok???????? Dont ask how I know..I just do...And when that white skirt that you were dying to show off suddenly is decorated with brown spots that do not match your equally gorgous sequined top..**sighs** It pains me to even write this..It evokes soo many bad memories..Anyhoo Im going to go and pretend to study at the library..


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LILACS!!! my sugar and spice!!

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