Friday, September 18, 2009

Annie are you ok? tell us are you ok?

I am fine my lovelys. A little rough around the edges considering but otherwise perfectly imperfect sanity is still intact;)

First of all a happy yet extremely belated coffee free Ramadan Kareem (eid kareem in a couple of days lol. its how I roll)

Havent killed he who has spawned me, I am doing what I do best. I am pretending he dosent exist. He isnt cooperating. I am stubborn. Np

Started my fall semster for my year one of my masters * drum roll please* classes as follows

-stats--regression (sound fimilar? yes I took the undergraduate one in math/engineering. How different can this be?)

-neuroscience seminar - my thesis supervisor is teaching it so it should be intersting...I am presenting and my big mouth.. Hold your breath ladies and my lovely gents its called

Orexin A/Hypocretin-1 Selectively Promotes Motivation for Positive Reinforcers..

I dont even know what the fuck that good start

-stress and hormones--department head is teaching this. thinks I belong back in engineering. I kinda agree with him

pro seminar- I have no idea whats happening here loool. I was busy making paper planes..I am riverting back to childhood phase...Someone call freud

I am TA (um teaching assistant I beleive is the term) and RA ing (research assistant, as you can see I assist alot..)

working both jobs retail and as the youth coordinator thingy.

I am writing grants, not sleeping, moaning about my load, demanding retail therapy, and ingesting copious amounts of caffiene.. God I love school.

Gonna take a mixed martial arts class to release my pent up anger. the running is just not cutting and the gym might kick me out for breaking two treadmills. I did mixed martial arts business before. Last november..Ended up with a swollen black eye and a cracked cheek bone. I got my butt handed to me..In my defense the helmet slipped and her foot just kept connecting with my face.

Now I relize how I sound like on here, but in the "real" world, at first glance I am classy, dressed in suits ties, scarves, designer blazers matching pearls and the works. Make up perfectly in place and I never lose my cool.ever. So you get the idea of me being professional, slightly air headed cause I smile absent mindedly all the time and that I am a feminine lady. Suffice to say I am not, its a facade, i like it. It gives me an edge. Anyway, Showing up to school with a swollen face might give me some streeet cred. You never know when you need some streeet cred.

stay ok my lovlies

Monday, August 03, 2009


I was minding my own business, going through my life in the same motions. Everyday. I didn't complain, hell I didn't even mind it.

I don't have drama, I don't look for anguish,pain or a reason to be unhappy.


I am predictiable boring fuckin stable

So you would think I could stay out of disappointment. Just this once, not to be involved.


My father couldn't keep his fly zipped therefore we get punished.

Yes I know I am selfish that I am worried about my balanced bland life and that I should be more concerned about my mother, who while unperfect can be faithful, and my siblings.

I am not even upset. I feel disappointed. so fuckin disappointed. I mean not only is he screwing around in a different country he is married with a child apparently on the way.

He told no one.

Goes to show ya eh? 24 years of marriage and four kids dont change a playa. Intersting

I would pay good money to get inside his head. I wonder if he would volunteer his services for an fMRI and a survey.

Way to screw up an already screwed up situation yal habeeb. Way to go dad, bonus points for the kid man.

Stay noncommittal my lovelys. Commitment is overrated

Monday, July 06, 2009

Happpy Belate waaaaaay Belated Canada Day!!

My country boys!!! See them boys clapping? They were doing the two step as well..I surely do need me some country lovin ;P

It looked like it was gonna rain but it blew away..pretty though eh?

the chick with the white head band must be a stalker..shes in alot of my photos..

Freaky..I know..We are a country of crazies
Skateboarding men, no cloths, hot weather good music and awesome moves..good time
This is my faveroite pic of all time..My sis and her friend are following my BFF as if he is thier mother duckling...Cute? Hellls to the yea
Acrobatic stuff

So thats allll folks. I have so many more pics but I didnt feel like u would be intersted in seeign them:P Back to "normal" posting soon!!

Stay patriotic my lovlies!!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Michigan State University--Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology

michigan state university campus = heaven
theres our spartan!! aint he just a dasher? hm?
Baseball..dumb sport..great facility though:P
More prettieness
my walk..ei. getting lost and walking towards joke
Riding shot gun, cause apparently the arab shouldnt drive..I was only SLIGHTLY above the speed limit..sheesh..crossing the border to home
Had an awesome time at michigan!!
I was so pleasently suprised that everyone was soo nice and so naked! lol

Ok time for a lilesque story

So we were staying at a dorm eh? Each one of us were roomed alone and we were spread out on three floors. The boys and girls would go out drinking every night, me I would go back to my room and read..Its how I roll. I know I am too cool to handle


So during the four days I was there I always had to pee at 4 am. Even my bowl movements are punticutual and effiecent lol


so 4 am every morning, I am in yoga pants a cuttoff t shirt in vibrant yellow or vibrant orange ( I like to switch it up) that declared that I was either too hot to handle or the peace on earth was imperative..

So I lumber down the hall with a sorry excuse of a shala on my head (ie. hair sticking out in random places)

Seeing that it was 4 am I THOUGHT it was safe to assume that no one was up or that they were too drunk to notice the little arab


Every single one of those mornings I saw the SAME guy..

Half naked save for boxers (the last day i was there he had a towel, it covered more..pity) brown hair I think he had brown hair (waaayyy too early and waay to tired to notice or care) and a lovely lovely upper body.

now I am sure by now those of you who are silent readers know me well enough to know I cannot resist a well defined upper body. I appericate them all as long as they have at least a bit of muscle.

this one was a lean one ladies and gents.

so usually he is coming from te bathroom and I am going to the bathroom. I just nod or completely ignore him

on the last day

he said in a much too wide awake voice " we really should stop meeting like this.." and laughed at me..

I stood there trying to wake up from my hour nap then said immaturely " you need to find some cloths man..I have some if u need it"

and I walked away

I know..


just a little bit..


thats all for today folks
you got two posts in one was ur lucky day i guess

stay awake my lovelyess


I know I am terrible with you guys.. Just terrible I leave you always so unexpectedly all the time. But I love you in my own demented noncomittal way:P For your patience I am going to update daily with pics cause I have been so busy running around.

Whats been going on:

GRADUATION: hooolllllar totally went, wasnt going to but I did. Had a blast.

MICHIGAN: SBN conference was just terrific--pics to come

CANADA DAY: loooooved the concerts, I was on the jumbotrun (big screen thingy) absent mindedly hitting my bff with a flag..he looked miskeen lol. I looked evil go figure. After I found out I blew the camera man a kiss..I know..dont ask

So yea still working still looking for work. Still looking forward to school.

I am gonna go comment like crazy

stay hotness my loveliess

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quckie ;)

*sighs* took me I think three years to fully understand this song, but no worries. I got it in the end:P!

Bon chanson nadim

My mother used to sing this to me when I was a baby. When we first moved to Montreal, I sang it to my french neighbours. It was my way of communicating seeing that I didnt speak a word of french or english at 3 ;).

will do some serious blog hopping, soon I promise

Stay ethnic my lovelys;)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Saudi Embassy

Why I am NOT getting the position of student advisor at the Saudi Embassy

Location: The Saudi Consulate-Canada
Time: 10 am
Weather: pouring rain
Transportation: 2 buses and 10 minutes of walking down the highway in the pouring rain with cars spalshing along merrily

lily: me:P
sec: white security dude
Cutie: cute intern or something
Int1: interveiwer one
Int2: interview two

Lily : *walks into the consulte and grins at the sec* "Hi honey" *walks through the metal detector thingy*


Lily : *laughs* "Sorry sorry"*puts her bag and necklace on the counter and tries agian*


Lily : *frowns* "I dont have anything else thats metal..."

Sec : *emotionaless* "Empty your pockets please"

Lily: "I am wearing a club manoco ensemble, I have no pockets babe" *taps her sides"

sec : *looks her over*

Lily: *grabs her breasts* "my bra I think has metal wiring...

Sec: *looks startled and just hands her the stuff*

Lily: *walks into the reception and sees that everyone was staring at her*

Lily: *smiles* "gooood morning!"

Crowd : *silence and a few glares from some hot chicks*

Lily : *shrugs and sets down her wet umberlla on the hardwood floor and wonders around the reception looking intently at the flower arrangements*

Cutie: *looks around the reception and calls out* "Madam Lily?"

Lily: *keeps staring and smiles* "That would be me handsome"

Cutie: *looks flustered and replys solemnly* "This way please"

--->Up a spiral hardwood stare case, into a bunch of offices with very pretty receptionists through another hardwood door through mazes of cubicles into an orante room with two very arab looking dudes in expensive suits

Lily: *100 watt smiles* "Good morning GentalMen, Salam Allikum"

Int1 : *remiains setting* "Wa allikum, please come in"

Lily: *walks in and towards the chair in the front of the huge desk and smiles at int2* "Hi"

Int2: *nods and looks away*

Int1: *Shuffles through my resume and papers* "So who do you know in the consult?"

Lily: *lifts an eyebrow* "No one"

Int1: "How did you know about the job opening then?"

Lily: "It was posted online in the Citizen, and I just sent my resume to the email provided"

Int1: *looked suprised and looks through my papers agian* "Intersting.."

Lily: *looks at the Int2*

Int2: *looks away with disgust*

Lily: *tries to hold back laughter*

Int1: "tell me lily why do you want this job?"

Lily: *shifts in her chair*"Well, it looked intersting and I am looking for fulltime employment over the summer and I feel..."

Int1: "Ok ok, what are you studying?"

Lily: *blinks* "I ah, just finished a Bsc. in Neuroscience, with minors in Stats and Math at ..."

Int1: "Ok ok, what languages do you speak?"

Lily: *thrown off from the second interupption* "I ah, speak english, arabic and french"

Int1:" Why arent you speaking arabic now?"

Lily: "You are speaking english to me so why would I reply in arabic?"

Int1: "where are you from Lily?"

Lily: *bewildered a bit* "I am ethnically iraqi, born in Kuwait, raised mainly in glasgow and canada"

Int1: "So you have an iraqi passport?"

Lily: *is genuniely confused* "No I dont"

Int1: "Why not? Where you born here?"

Lily: "No I was born in Kuwait but I am just Canadian"

Int1: "Ok ok, where in Iraq are you from?"

Lily: *thinks he is on crack* "My family is from Basra"

Int1:"Are you muslim?"

Lily: *wonders if he is really high on something or just being an ass. gesturing at my scarf and attire* "Yea I am"

Int1: "So you are shia?"

Lily: *taken aback, bursts out laughing* "Yea actually I am, does it matter?"

Int1: *looks suprised from my tone* "No no of course not"

Lily: *grins openly at int1*

Int1: *clears his throat*"What makes you qaulified for this job?"

Lily: "I have strong background in student relationships, and coming from an ethnically and culturally diverse background, I feel that I can.."

Int1: "Ok ok, what are you going to do in the fall?"

Lily:*getting agitated from the interupptions* "I am doing a masters in Neuro "

Int1: "Why?"

Lily: *takes a deep breath *"because that is what I need to do in order to become a professor"

Int1:"ah ok, so thats what you want to do? teach?"

Lily: "Yea maybe Im not sure, I don't do ten year plans.."

Int1: "Why not?"

Lily: *needs an asprin* "ah cause I am not that type of person.."

int1: "What type of person are you?"

Lily: *frowns*" I am easy going and I like not planning every minute of my life"

Int1:*not even listening* "How much do you think your getting paid?"

Lily: *not even trying to follow his train of thought* "I honestly have no idea"

Int1:"What do you expect?"

Lily: "I dont know, I have never been employed at a consult before"

and on went the interview, madness following madness..Needless to say this is the most intersting interveiw I have ever been on..

--That was two weeks ago, and they havent called to give me the position..I am holding my breath:P

Stay employed my lovelys

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Im sweet like, lalalalalala

I am going insane, I mean more so then usual without stress. I mean I finished school eh? But I still go to the lab cause I am still running experiements and what not and I need to annoy my prof daily or else I feel incomplete.

Ilmuhim lets get back to the stress, I am getting withdrawl people..really its kinda sad. I work two jobs, I volunteer and I go to the lab..On top of that I am a maid/servent/slave for my family these days since i have no school..

I think you guys should also know, that I succumbed ..I did I did..I am a weak weak human being..I couldnt resist..

it was so tempting

so inviting

so mysterious

so sexy

so irresistable..

just downright erotic

I accepted the offer I got from my current uni for my masters in neuroscience..I know
I know

I should have moved to some other city-->broke ass cant do it

I should have taken a job in the middle east--> got offered, still thinking..but you get paid more when you have masters:P

I should have taken a year off to enjoy breathing normally--normal is overrated..

so yea

I cant wait for stress, how pathetic is that?!?!?!?!?

I need help..

and ice cream

stay sweet my lovelys