Monday, July 06, 2009

Happpy Belate waaaaaay Belated Canada Day!!

My country boys!!! See them boys clapping? They were doing the two step as well..I surely do need me some country lovin ;P

It looked like it was gonna rain but it blew away..pretty though eh?

the chick with the white head band must be a stalker..shes in alot of my photos..

Freaky..I know..We are a country of crazies
Skateboarding men, no cloths, hot weather good music and awesome moves..good time
This is my faveroite pic of all time..My sis and her friend are following my BFF as if he is thier mother duckling...Cute? Hellls to the yea
Acrobatic stuff

So thats allll folks. I have so many more pics but I didnt feel like u would be intersted in seeign them:P Back to "normal" posting soon!!

Stay patriotic my lovlies!!


Blogger eshda3wa said...

happy canada day :)

10:27 AM  

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