Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Saudi Embassy

Why I am NOT getting the position of student advisor at the Saudi Embassy

Location: The Saudi Consulate-Canada
Time: 10 am
Weather: pouring rain
Transportation: 2 buses and 10 minutes of walking down the highway in the pouring rain with cars spalshing along merrily

lily: me:P
sec: white security dude
Cutie: cute intern or something
Int1: interveiwer one
Int2: interview two

Lily : *walks into the consulte and grins at the sec* "Hi honey" *walks through the metal detector thingy*


Lily : *laughs* "Sorry sorry"*puts her bag and necklace on the counter and tries agian*


Lily : *frowns* "I dont have anything else thats metal..."

Sec : *emotionaless* "Empty your pockets please"

Lily: "I am wearing a club manoco ensemble, I have no pockets babe" *taps her sides"

sec : *looks her over*

Lily: *grabs her breasts* "my bra I think has metal wiring...

Sec: *looks startled and just hands her the stuff*

Lily: *walks into the reception and sees that everyone was staring at her*

Lily: *smiles* "gooood morning!"

Crowd : *silence and a few glares from some hot chicks*

Lily : *shrugs and sets down her wet umberlla on the hardwood floor and wonders around the reception looking intently at the flower arrangements*

Cutie: *looks around the reception and calls out* "Madam Lily?"

Lily: *keeps staring and smiles* "That would be me handsome"

Cutie: *looks flustered and replys solemnly* "This way please"

--->Up a spiral hardwood stare case, into a bunch of offices with very pretty receptionists through another hardwood door through mazes of cubicles into an orante room with two very arab looking dudes in expensive suits

Lily: *100 watt smiles* "Good morning GentalMen, Salam Allikum"

Int1 : *remiains setting* "Wa allikum, please come in"

Lily: *walks in and towards the chair in the front of the huge desk and smiles at int2* "Hi"

Int2: *nods and looks away*

Int1: *Shuffles through my resume and papers* "So who do you know in the consult?"

Lily: *lifts an eyebrow* "No one"

Int1: "How did you know about the job opening then?"

Lily: "It was posted online in the Citizen, and I just sent my resume to the email provided"

Int1: *looked suprised and looks through my papers agian* "Intersting.."

Lily: *looks at the Int2*

Int2: *looks away with disgust*

Lily: *tries to hold back laughter*

Int1: "tell me lily why do you want this job?"

Lily: *shifts in her chair*"Well, it looked intersting and I am looking for fulltime employment over the summer and I feel..."

Int1: "Ok ok, what are you studying?"

Lily: *blinks* "I ah, just finished a Bsc. in Neuroscience, with minors in Stats and Math at ..."

Int1: "Ok ok, what languages do you speak?"

Lily: *thrown off from the second interupption* "I ah, speak english, arabic and french"

Int1:" Why arent you speaking arabic now?"

Lily: "You are speaking english to me so why would I reply in arabic?"

Int1: "where are you from Lily?"

Lily: *bewildered a bit* "I am ethnically iraqi, born in Kuwait, raised mainly in glasgow and canada"

Int1: "So you have an iraqi passport?"

Lily: *is genuniely confused* "No I dont"

Int1: "Why not? Where you born here?"

Lily: "No I was born in Kuwait but I am just Canadian"

Int1: "Ok ok, where in Iraq are you from?"

Lily: *thinks he is on crack* "My family is from Basra"

Int1:"Are you muslim?"

Lily: *wonders if he is really high on something or just being an ass. gesturing at my scarf and attire* "Yea I am"

Int1: "So you are shia?"

Lily: *taken aback, bursts out laughing* "Yea actually I am, does it matter?"

Int1: *looks suprised from my tone* "No no of course not"

Lily: *grins openly at int1*

Int1: *clears his throat*"What makes you qaulified for this job?"

Lily: "I have strong background in student relationships, and coming from an ethnically and culturally diverse background, I feel that I can.."

Int1: "Ok ok, what are you going to do in the fall?"

Lily:*getting agitated from the interupptions* "I am doing a masters in Neuro "

Int1: "Why?"

Lily: *takes a deep breath *"because that is what I need to do in order to become a professor"

Int1:"ah ok, so thats what you want to do? teach?"

Lily: "Yea maybe Im not sure, I don't do ten year plans.."

Int1: "Why not?"

Lily: *needs an asprin* "ah cause I am not that type of person.."

int1: "What type of person are you?"

Lily: *frowns*" I am easy going and I like not planning every minute of my life"

Int1:*not even listening* "How much do you think your getting paid?"

Lily: *not even trying to follow his train of thought* "I honestly have no idea"

Int1:"What do you expect?"

Lily: "I dont know, I have never been employed at a consult before"

and on went the interview, madness following madness..Needless to say this is the most intersting interveiw I have ever been on..

--That was two weeks ago, and they havent called to give me the position..I am holding my breath:P

Stay employed my lovelys


Blogger ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...



aham shay bas aham shay when he asked if youre muslim while you were wearing the scarf!!

moo 9ij ambaih mo 9ij!!

idiots ;Pp

5:57 AM  
Blogger Shwaish said...

LOL im so proud

2:28 AM  
Blogger eshda3wa said...

look at the bright side

you got to see a couple of hot guys :)

4:27 PM  

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