Friday, July 03, 2009


I know I am terrible with you guys.. Just terrible I leave you always so unexpectedly all the time. But I love you in my own demented noncomittal way:P For your patience I am going to update daily with pics cause I have been so busy running around.

Whats been going on:

GRADUATION: hooolllllar totally went, wasnt going to but I did. Had a blast.

MICHIGAN: SBN conference was just terrific--pics to come

CANADA DAY: loooooved the concerts, I was on the jumbotrun (big screen thingy) absent mindedly hitting my bff with a flag..he looked miskeen lol. I looked evil go figure. After I found out I blew the camera man a kiss..I know..dont ask

So yea still working still looking for work. Still looking forward to school.

I am gonna go comment like crazy

stay hotness my loveliess


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