Thursday, June 29, 2006

Just an Image

Well made overly long jean abyaa matching shala(headscarf) sportek beaten up running shoes. Scruffy Pj buttom(mickey mouse print) visible when she lifts abyaa to walk. Nicely toped off with a necklace with the saif of imam ali(a.s).Doing a balancing act between an X'large Tim Hortons coffee cup,Tim Hortons bag containing a whole wheat bagle and cream cheese,laptop bag,bookbag,a lighter and 2 newspapers. Her now racoon like eyes are complimented with a ciggerate that is barely hanging form the corner of her mouth...U2 Vertigo is blasting at eardrum shattering frequencies from her MP3 player..

Friday, June 23, 2006

I dance on Glass..

Dedicated to N/S..Take it easy luv..

I dance, thinking of only your wants
I dance, wanting only your desires
I dance, caring for only your thoughts
I dance, obeying only your commands.

I dance on glass..

I dance, starved for only your encouragement
I dance, parched for only your pride
I dance, concerned for only your opinions
I dance, waiting for only your applause

I dance on glass..

I dance, sensing only your disattachment
I dance, feeling only your displeasure
I dance, hearing only your disappointment
I dance, seeing only your dissatisfaction

I dance on glass..

I dance, tears running down my face
I dance, heart laden with ache
I dance, chocked with pain
I dance, without a soul…

I dance on glass for you only father…

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Eat Your Heart Out ;)

Check me out!!! Aint I hot??? My new skiiiiiiin....Cute huh?? Mine MIne MINE you no can havey :P Specail and total thanks to Scarlie the one the only lovey potato eating irish lady..She did it all..Told me in clear terms that she thought I was boring so she FORCED me into changing it..Well..She changed it..All I did was whin and complain about how I didnt know jack about pc's..So lets all put our hands together for Scarlie **claps loudly** **whistles**YOU ROCK luv..Actaully you potato luv;) Ok Ima gonna go study but expect more mature (yes yes you read it right..get over it) posts..
Till like tonite..Au Revior mon Chers:D

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"You don't do white men.."

Who the hell told you that?!?!?!?!?!?

I do I do I DO I DO I DO !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mixing it Up Hunnies ;)

So seeing that you people dont like drama and dont appericate pain:P(see last post) Lets go back to random shall we?

The Rant...

I gotta a question for you..Why is it that the males in a family want to beleive that the girls dont swear? That it is okey for them to swear in every language possible but if you so much as said shut up you are frowned upon and given a four hour lecture? Look Im not saying the girls should run wild and swear outloud right and left at everything possible..Thats just not right you know? And its not because what people say but its just some people use it waaaaaaaay to often (Im sooo talking about myself here ;)) Look,I know I have a swearing problem..I do I do I do I DO ok? Its not an excuse for me to keep doing it but Im hardly a female to begin with :P..But no seriously..The males seem to think that we are made out of glass that we dont swear or have dirty thoughts or like getting mud between our toes..Why do you ask Im I choosing to rant about this?

Today my family and I went out at like 10 pm at night my cousins were running down a hill yelling thier ahem **cough** tushy's off..I was sitting on the picnic table laughing with my cousin when I offhandedly mentioned that they were yelling and I qoute ,"Like they're fucking drunk" This was said laughingly,halfheartedly and quietly..When my uncle who materilized I swear out of no where was like" what did you say?" Im like "They sound drunk""**Laughing** He was like I cant beleive you just said that...

I was like "Huh?, but they dooo look at them they are yelling like banshees"**again giggling**
He was staring at me in shock..May I insert here that particular uncle swears till he is blue in the face WHENEVER he is mad..
So he was like "what you said before drunk"
Im like"OoooooooooOOoooh Omg My bad!!!"**Agian laughing**"My bad walla I didnt know you heard it"
So the convo goes on and on about how I was a lady and how I wasnt supposed to swear bluh bluh bluh..So when he was like even some BOYS dont ever say that word..

Im Like come on Khaloo I mean I said it and I dont mean it and no one heard it.. He just kept going..Im like you gotta be kidding me right????????? This guy who makes the devil blush with his swearing is LECTURIng me (more like yelling his **cough**ahem bottom off..) In public..

Just in case u people think (I really dont care what you think anyway and if you do think to begin with)that I swear infront of adults...I DONT..Ok? Specailly family memebers ok? Its like I dont know 3aib..I cant beleive I just said that but yea its true..I usually try to hold myself infront of adults ...So I guess it came as a shock that sweet lilacs can swear..Poor uncle..Dunno how he is gonna sleep tonite ;) looooooooool...


Italy and USA...Im going to cry..No No dont stop me..Thats it..Its soooo over the affiar I had with the Italians.. 1-1...A shame..A black mark in thier record...A game littered with cards harsh words and injuries..Bassss 1-1 with US????WTF???(F=fruit u dirt minded people..:P)

Ghana and Chez 2-0 ..I never HEARD of Ghana before..But they do got some moves!! Keep a look out for these up and comers..But the Chez were not on par either..

Iran..**sighs**Iran..**rips out hair**Iran...**Bites nails** Iran....*^$# they soo totally sucked @#@ that I was sooo seriously considering emailing them or so someone responsible to tell them what the @!#@!(fruit;P) was that??? Iran**sobs** and portugal 0-2..**wails***

Oh and the past game with Poland and Germany..Was...**sighs** Sooooo dissapointing..Someone please tell me what is up with these players?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Brazil and croatia was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dissappointing (someone find me another word please) too..I mean I love brazil but they honestly sucked ^%#(another type of fruit :P) I was cheering Croatia this time..They should have won ..The man of the hour should have been Croatia goaltender..He rocked.. Anywho Brazil Croatia 1-0

Algebra not too bad
Calculus a nightmare from hell..Why do I need it if my future job is going to be diagnosing mental people?
Busisness Im getting good at fraud..My prof said so:P
Chem I havent even started I think Im going to fail the exam and redo it next summer..Too tired to even think about it...

Grannnnnnnnnnnnny is baaaaaaack baby and she brought me pretty stuff..aALLLLLLL MINE SUGA!!!!

Till my next outbreak..Chillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Placing his palm against her wet cheek she noticed how his girly lashes, which she was always envious of, cast long shadows across his smooth cheeks. His bark brown hair was swept away from his face showing the long scar he had on his forehead. She traced the scar with her finger lingering on the edge of it, leaning closer she placed a butterfly light kiss on his scared forehead. He can’t leave me, she angrily told herself for the hundredth time. “How am I supposed to live without you?” she asked her voice barely above a whisper.

Growing up together she remembered all the times she cried because of him, all the times she laughed with him, all the late night hours that were spent head against head plotting to take over the world. All their secret handshakes and vows of secercy. Her earliest memories had included him. They had gone to school together, gotten in trouble together and fought constantly.

She moved the worn hospital sheets higher over his shrunken chest. Was it really year since she had seen him last? How could she have allowed them to grow so far apart?
“How is it that I had forgotten his goofy grin when he did something stupid? Or that he had grown fond of classical music? Or that he still favored green olives over black olives?” She scolded at her hands. When had it happened? When had they reached the stage where they were no more then casual strangers? How did it end like this? Why wasn’t she aware of him drifting apart? Or was it me? Had I drifted away from his reach?

She is as much to blame as he was. She had allowed them to become strangers. She had excluded herself from him and what he had become. She didn’t try to help him. She looked the other way, she pretended nothing was wrong. She didn’t confront him, it was an unwritten rule, they never talked about him and what he does. She, who usually speaks her mind, left one of the only people she loved to throw his life away.

Looking at his sculpted face, she wondered if he ever wanted to talk and she didn’t give him the time of day. When had she become so bloody selfish? Had he tried to tell her? Had he tried to ask her help? Had she turned her back on him when he wanted her to give him a hand? She moved her hand over the face that millions had adored over the past couple of years. She tried to block the thought of never seeing his wide hazel eyes light up with mischief.

She bit down on her lip to hold back a sob with one hand holding his hand tightly the other clutching the bed sheets. Why? Why did this happen to him? How can this happen to him? Why wasn’t I there?

She looked at him through blurry eyes, whispering,” Can you ever forgive me? Can you ever look at me without saying why weren’t you there for me? Can I ever forgive myself?” She felt his index finger twitch; she looked down at their interlocked hands. She lifted their hands and kissed his . “I love you” she admitted with swollen closed eyes .

She was jolted back to reality when a hand was laid on her shoulder.. She wasn’t in the hospital room by herself anymore; she was surrounded by four doctors and three nurses. They were moving frantically and barking numbers and figures that meant nothing to her. She was detached from him and pushed to the back of the room as if in a trance. She looked on as they uncovered his chest and tried to force his suddenly dormant heart to beat once again..She watched the monitor showing some sign of life..She watched as it showed a straight line. She watched as the doctors one by one gave up..She watched as they looked at her blankly. She watched as one of the nurses covered the body and head of her now dead brother......

Monday, June 12, 2006


---Note to self IF (beautiful word) I ever think of commiting sucide I will do it in a flashy way..Something other then docile timid white...

---X-MEN 3 kicks ass!!!!!!!Im buyin all three baby..Wolverine is MINE...

---I need a pole..actually Bint needs a pole..;)

---I hate Calculus..Flunked the fucking test..Suprise Suprise

---I hate trig too

---Family members are ALL clincally insane..

---Parents should come with recipts..

---I hate kids..Loud obnoxious things..Should be kept in barns till they are 30..

---Im chopping off my hair..Its all falling off anyway..What left of it is turning white...

WORLD CUP UPDATE.....(games I watched in red..The games I havent mentioned plz feel free to update me darlins)

Iran lost...I know..Agianst Mexico no less..I need to talk to thier coach...

Czech kicked USA's ass...3-0 Awsome Awsome game..I think I fell in love with Thomas Rosicky..Lovely creature..Awsome player..

Italy took advantage over Ghana 2-0..

Japan got too cocky and were swept away by Austrlia (yes the aussies have a team, and yes Iraq kick thier ass only a year ago) 3-1

Germany fought for its 4-2 win agianst Costa rico..

England maintaned a 1-0 win over Parguay

Argentina put some elbow grease for the game agianst CIV winning 2-1

BRAZIL V.S CROATIA..should be good..


Friday, June 09, 2006


What day is it today? June 9

What day is it today? June 9

Still cant hear you buggers..WHAT DAY IS IT TODAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!



feeeeeelin hot hot hot woooooooooooooohooooooo

People lets get this party staaaarted...

Fifa ladies and gorgous gents is here!!!!




Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Talking to Ones Self.. A Most Enjoyable Past Time

--How are you feeling?...Like crap but thanks for asking and yourself?

--Im terrific actually thanks!!...I hate bubbly people like you

--How is your studying going?......I hate you.

--Dont you feel ashamed of your last rude blog? I mean really that was hardly ladylike....Fuck off

--Now that wasnt too nice...What do you think of the weather lately? Hot eh?..No shit Sherlock..Its beyond hot and someone is going to pay..

--Do you think we are ready for the algebra and calculus?...Inchabi

--I mean did you know our final for chem and the final for accounting (which you seem to be enjoying immensely) are on the same day?...Do you really want to die ? Cause it can be arranged..

--Dont you feel guilty for pigging out last nite with cake and cheese cake and watching BIg Mama's House and The Producers instead of studying? ....I heard cyanide can cause a painful and slow death...Its none of your bussiness what I do with my time!!

--How is it none of my bussiness you idoit? Im your consicence...Ha funny made me laugh..I dont have one of those..

--Fine keep lying to yourself..But why arent you studying now?...I am you moron..Im just taking a break..

--YOu needed to have STARTED studying in order to take a break....Thats just a rumour..You take a break before you start so you can feel energize when you do start..

--Aha riiiiiiight..So when are you starting?..Soon

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Something + Something - Something = Fuck off..

Disclaimer---->For those who dislike swearing or ranting..Screw off to another blog..Perferably far away..cause you know what? I disapprove of you too..

So yea..Nice midterm last night..Charming really..I mean go ahead and ask ALL the shit we didnt cover you jackass..Why stop at only half the midterm eh?

The damn proctor is a fucking racist..So what my phone rings two minutes in the exam??? And so wat I didnt hang up? YA HAYWAN IT WAS MY MOTHER!! You think I would hang up on my mom??Who was by the way asking about matching colors for my sisters party..So it was some important shit..So what if I waltz back in the room 10 minutes later? ITS MY FUCKING LIFE AND MY DAMN MIDTERM..MINE MINE MINE..and you know what? I DONT GIVE A DAMN WAT YOU THINK OF HIJABIS YOU TIGHTASSED STIFF REDNECK PRICK!!

SooooOooo...Had an Accounting miterm yesterday...Fascianating..I can now balance your books..Yay...

Why do I do this to myself? Why do I take classes not only I dont need for my degree but classes everyone else is avoiding? Why do I do it? WHY???? I mean shno jabni to bussiness???? What the fuck??? I mean I am an Arty person..I read I write (not too well as you can clearly see) I design things...So what took me to Science? Then what took me to Bussniess? And what the hell took me to Stats? Dont you dare tell me that I need a challlenge..Cause thats a bunch of psycho bullshit...I am content..But whhhhhhy do I do it???


Gonna go study for my Calculus and Algebra midterms...Back to Back fun baby...Oh and I have a defered Chem exams..Soooo much fucking fun...Ra7 Igati3 roo7i min al Wanasa ya nas..