Sunday, February 17, 2008

ReaAAding Weeekk Baby

1)Stats assignment
2)Grammaire Francais
3)Journal Du Bord
4)Stats review
5)Algebra practice problems
6)2 Socioeco thought papers
7)Cholestrol presentation
8)Skating on the canal
12)Girls night out
13)3 Dean Koontz &James Patterson waiting
14)trip to montreal!!

doable in one week? Im thinking HELLL YES..

Who the hell needs sleep!
enjoy yourselves my loveliess

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Hellooooo my loveliiiiesss

1)Busy Busy Busy, I have been studying studying none stop and alhumdulla it seems to pay off so far. But I need to work on it a bit more

2)Dealing with friggin family issues..Its never my issues its everyone elses issues never mine:P Im too boring to have issues

3)SPRING BREAK BAAAABBBY ok well we call it 'reading week' in canada but muwhahah..Should be fun. I will blog about this in a bit

4)I am still working on the outline for my thesis, Im thinking mice,high fat diet and cocaine;)

5)Im in love with the francaphone singers, theatre, cinema, and men:P

6) Happyyy Belated V-Day!! I forgot all about it till my cousin from kuwait texted me :P

7)I am content, overall. Shit happens, it always does, but I seem to be expecting it and I deal with it resonably well:P

8)Icy winds, heavey snow, slippery walk ways, wet boots, frozen nose and other body parts. I FUCKIN LOVEEE IT ALLLLL good to be home. For the past three winters since coming home, I marveled on how i lived without THIS for two years..criminal wallah.

9)Trip to kuwait this summer is offically off.Im taking a law,biol,math, and french class and I wont have time to breathe. Oh and doing my thesis:P. Inshalla next summer, i miss the desert..Sometimes..

10) have more time to blog hop. lots of reading to catch up on..That and sleep.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Je suis fou au sujet de vous..

mon beau

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


DID=Disociative identity disorder(as outlined in the DSMV-IV-TR)
Multiple personality disoders: as outlined in hollywood;)

soooooooo yea, I wanna try out another 'creative' outlet. Rather then writing as well me, I will be writing as alter personalities of me! I knoooooow brilliant eh? :P nOt, I know a couple of bloggers have been doing it, I wonder if this will let me let go of any preconceptions or biasness I may have. I dont think I will be going too far off tangent on this, i.e. I will not try to project a newly immgrated chinese person, simply because I know nothing of the culture and nothing about the language. Besides me is to boring and anal and strightlaced to be intersting..So yea thats the plan..Wannaaasa. I think Im gonna start with Dear Diary type of entires! Ok I gotta I have a midterm in an hour:P

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Curious isnt it?

A gloomy piece of work, suits my current state of mind. Update u guys in a bit.

Curious isn't it?
How we are attracted to danger?
How we feel the need to know others pains?

Curious isnt it?
How we beleive that people change?
How those who deserve happiness dont get it?

Curious isnt it?
How human nature is animalistic?
How a child turns on its parents?

Curious isnt it?
How we crave the attentions of manipulators?
How we readily bite thhe hand the feeds us?

Curious isnt it?
How the word 'love' is taken so seriously?
How the word "I" is so popular?

Curious isnt it?
How the bastards and sluts get what they want?
How every knot we untangle causes another tangle?

Curious isnt it?
How we keep going?
How we walk around, seemling with a cause..Yet we are lost, and have yet to find purpose?