Friday, July 28, 2006

Random--With Directions.. ;)

---PARENTS ARE A COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMIN ya baby..For those who are confused my parents were in Kuwait and they are arriving to montreal tomooooooooooooooroooowww**jumps up and down**After a year I am going to have parents!!!!!!!!**tears filling her eyes** I get to have a mooooooooooooommmmmmy yayayayayayayayayaya..Mooootoo 7araaaa :P lol

--Cleaning...Thats it burnin down the damn apartment and rebuilding it..Will take less time then...

--My couches are a lovely coffee house brown..They started off beige..

--The walls..Fuck I forgot about the damn wallls...

--My mom is the defination of neat and my dad freak :P(Im rude I know I know so going to hell) the apartment must be spotless...Hahahahaahahahaha muwhahahahahahaha..Not funny

--Definition of messy: **ahem** Lily and bro...

--Cheb khaled rocks..Loooooooooooooooooooooooove him.. :D

--Hooked...On dua koomal..Someone tell me what the hell is wrong with me??!!?!?!?!


--Gotta hide my music and makeup the coming of the authorities..

--Do you think I should have choclate ice cream or cookies and creme?98% less fat of coures..

--Havent lost anything more..Damn scale...Conspiracy I tell ya...

--I have a big mouth...I need duct tape..

--Aint no other man does what you do ;P

--Latin muuuuuuussssiiic is da bomb people...

--baby married cousin..Is well..Putting polietly..Is reccommending marriage.. ;)

--my feet have blisters...Alla la yesma7ich zara ya duba..Inshalla you fall and die on your nose ya loser..Im breaking up with you at school next time ;)

--Saw the wedding video..Think tub of jello people**shudders** FAT FAAAAAAAAAAAAT i tell ya.. :@

--Didnt get my minor in bussiness stupid commerace department...DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE..I think I'll minor either in Stats or math..(Im sick sick sick sick...I need help)

--Im hooked..on the cheap shit ;P

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Na7no Hona..

For those who fight...May Allah be with you..

For those who fell..May Allah bliss you..

For those who stay..May Allah protect you..

For those who you fight agianst..MayAllah weaken them..

For those who kill you...May Allah avenge you..

For those who haunt you..MayAllah blind them..

Iraq...Palestine..Lebanon... We thank you..

Saturday, July 22, 2006

HiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiTched....Cause of an Itch ;)


Boosh:Beyond beautiful married cousin..
Sous:Beautiful like her sister the bride
Lady!:Make up lady
Lady2:some byotch:P

Day of the wedding noon..

Lily:**munches on an apple and watchs disintersted as boosh get her face done**
Boosh:omg it looks amazing..Lily doesnt it look amazing?
Lily:Your hot everything looks amazing on you..**totally intersted in her apple**
Boosh:INchaibi you have prettier features then me!! Doesnt she**asking Lady1*.
Lily:**still eating**
Lady1:hmph I dont know what I can do for lily...
Lily:*chokes* That bad huh? **laughs**
Lady1:*not amused* Lie down lets see if we can do something, do you have anything in mind?
Lily:**licks her fingers and shakes her head** Dont give a damn..Anything with black and red will do..
Lady1:*disgusted** Alrite

An hour later...
Lily:**totally pissed off** are we done yet?!?!?
Lady1:You are taking longer then expected but here we are all done..
Lily:**glances at the mirror then starts digging for baby carrots**
Boosh:**gushes** You look gorgous!! Lady 1 good work!!
Lady1:**smug** I can even make her look presentable
Lily:*chokes* *mumbles**witch

So sous got her make up at the same place..Mashallaa alah goooooooomar...She has got to be one of the prettiest brides I have ever seen..Her make up had no black only aqua and pink she looked stunnning with her pearl and crystal beaded dress..

Wedding Hall

LAte..Typical arabs...

Lily:**skids into the hall abyaa flying open shala half way down the head and starts shouting out orders** Alrite people move move move bride is coming in..**grabs a stray kid** People control your kids!!!!**runs into the DJ room to get the cd ready**
Boosh:**floats into the hall decked out in orange ,perfect hair make up dress word...Stunning...**(you can hear the intake of breaths when she walked in all smiles the bithc:P)
Boosh:**practically singing**Low sam7to please the bride is comingLow samhtoow
Lily:**finally cd works**(damn knobs soooo many of them)
Lily:**runs back out and acrosss the hall** Ok people lets get a move on Aunty!!!! Lets go go go go..
Lily:**walks back in the hall** What the hell happened to the music??!?!?!?!**shouts** **Runs across the hall(almost falls once)**
Lily:**finds a brat inside playing with the cd player,grabs the rugrat and turns the music back on** Alrite people who does this thing belong too?**points to her left**" Could you please take care of your kids? Is that too much to ask? My god.."

Enters the bride..Simply..Breathtaking..Gorgous..One of a kind :D PEtals thrown all over the place salawat yelled out..

Bride sets down..Mawaleed start..

Lady2:**whispers to another lady a earshot away from me**Hathi lash shafa rooha?
Boosh:Why dont you dance lily?**trying to deter me**
Lily:**tosses her head and stares right at LAdy2**LAsh my ishoof hali? Shino nagisneen?Kamla wil kamil aliaa **laughs**
Boosh:**smiles meekly at the wide mouthed ladies**

Dance floor.....Empty..
Lily:**laughs and shouts** People its not a funeral!!!!**dances and gets half the people up**

Wedding thought 1...
I should be more polite..:P

Wedding thought 2
To say I was the life of the party would be an understament;)

Wedding thought3
They danced the Hachaa3...I flung around a shala like I was in a rock concert:P

Wedding thought 4
Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute limo driver ;) Boosh wanna another ride?;)

Wedding thought 5
I think mabye just mabye I was the talk of the city that night:P I mean my dad probably heard about it... :S

Wedding thought 6
Sous THAT dance(the one I did on the table) was just for you ;)

Wedding Thought 7
I solemnly swear never to kiss a girl in the mouth in public anymore...(sous...soorrrry babe..but you do have an apartement now ;0 how does sunday sound?:P)

Wedding thought 8
I got at least 5 lectures the same night about my actions....

Wedding thought 9
Bratty cousins said they had never seen me look more like a girl then that day...I hate kids..

Wedding thought 10
I should keep my "letting loose" actions in check...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Searching for Male organs..

Damn right..I want to trade some ahem organs with a guy who is sick of being a guy and who wants to swtich over to his more feminine side.. Must a be a healthy, smart and cute..

If I ever THINK of getting married I give you people full permission to shoot me..Point blank..
Do you know how much work it is for a girl to get ready for the wedding?? HOW MUCH HOURS OF PAIN SHE HAS TO GO THROUGH?!?!?!?!?!

Im gonna enlighten you folks.

1>Every visible (and at times non visible) hair on your body must be waxed,tweezed or pulled out.

2> Your private body parts are analyzed,pocked,critized,shifted,bonded,enhanced to "perfection"

3>Your skin goes through a regime worthy of paupers turning into royalty

4> You are not allowed to do anything without prior written permission for the authority(in my case my aunt)

5>Your hair(on your head) is pulled and tugged teased till there is no damn hair left...

Your back is broken from setting and allowing people (that you dont know and smell funny)do things to you..(since there seems to be a large number of innocents reading my blog Im gonna refrain from the gory detials)

All this and Im just a family member..I watch my poor poor cousin going through everything she is going through and I swear I feel chocked...I wanna cry for her..Miskeena my poor baby..Allah ya3eenha..But suits her right ill hamara when she goes and gets married..Bas haram..Cruel and unsual punishment... Im gonna go talk to a lawyer and see what we can do..I think a will go to a divorce lawyer..;)

So the wedding is in like umm two days..I got my dress(I won I won its BLACK muwhahahahahahah think gothic people ;))I havent decided who will do my make up( I dont really need someone but my other cousin is pushy and mean and is making me go to a lady who literally paints your face...) I will though do my hair at home..Gonna wash it mabye (:P) then perhaps dry it..Depends on my mood :P OK bas thats all I have to say...Go away now cause I gotta go burn some cds..

Oh and guess who is the security and is in charge of order??!!?! Yours truley darlings :D Aunty said cause ina milsoona wa ilsanee taweel wa maisteehi..Im taking it as a compliment really :D

Oh and one more thing... A dear friend of mine just finished some serious bussiness in the hospital..I wanna wish her salamat and all you people pray for her..Even if you dont pray pray,..;P

**sighs** allah ya3eeni ina..**snifs**

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


#1 Tagged by Jiji

Names on my cellie...Alright truth be told I am a boring person so most of the names on my cell are well..The names of the people:P But here are the ones that are nicknames...

Abass--my mom
Jaj3al--My dad
Mish MIsh il Hamar--My bro # 2
Ilnayeeem-- my Bro #1
Loser Ali--My cuz
Boosh--another cuz
Taunty--one of my aunts
Ba3eera--my number (yes I keep my cell number AND home number stored in my phone due to the lapses of memory I have at the weridist times :P)
Zazoo--My friend
Gabgooba--Another friend

#2 Tagged by Sedno

1. You receive a gift. You open it and say "Wow, this is exactly what I need. It came in time." What is the gift?A motorcycle..( the way to a girls heart people isnt the damn red roses..Its the motorcycle..)

2. Close your eyes, now open them. You are someone else. Who do you want it to be?Myself 200 pounds lighter:P

3. You are sitting in a coffee shop in the Champs-Elysées. There are five chairs around the table, you sit on one, who sits on the other four?Let see.. the discoverer of cocao,the discoverer if caffine,the maker of harely davidsons and of course Luca toni ;)

4. They give you a chance to appear on TV for five minutes. Everyone on the planet is watching you, and everyone will believe whatever comes out of your mouth. What will your message be? Choclate is not fattening people.

Okies people..You read this your taaaaaagggggggggged and no you cant run to the "safe" tree..So your it ;)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Cup With Granny

I am startled out of my lovely deep sleep with a phone call..

"Good morning hayati",My grandmother's voice rings out all sunshine and energy.
I rub my eyes and raise my self on my elbow "Allo hala bibi shlonich"I manage to say between yawns worthy of bears.
"Oh dear are you still asleep you lazy girl?" She tsks
"Mmmhmmm wat time is it?"Asking I grab my phone and see its 9
"Bibi habibtiy inti its 9..On a sunday..I slept at 4 yesterday!!!"
"Oh no how many times did I tell you to sleep on time? Have you seen your face? YOu look fifty not twnety. You should nt study so hard!! " She says aggervated
I try really hard to restrain myself from uncontrolable laughter..Study?? Baby I was having a movie marathon..But ssssshh what they dont know cant hurt them..
Anywhoo back to the convo ..You people sidetrack too much:P
"Im coming over to clean up your closet"She declares statisfied with her self..
"What? why? Its finnne..You dont have to do any work!!"
"No No Im coming and thats final"
"Yes bibi"
"Wake up wash your face and make some tea"
"Yes bibi"
"And I want to see you eat breakfast..Just because your fat doesnt mean you starve yourself..God created you this way"
"Inshalla bibi"
"Oh and we need to call your mom and dad"
"Of course bibi"

So my granny comes over we clean until I cannot move my arms anymore and when the closet and kitchen look spotless my game has started..Now for those who arent too bright I ADORE football..Quite frankly I love it..Im not one of those girls who likes one team cause they're hot or those who watch the game to catch guys..I LOVE THE FUCKING GAME..LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT... Ever since I was kid I was hooked..Now that Im grown up Im addicted..Cause now..I can tell the difference between hot players and cute players ;) Seriously though..I watch games most of time without a favorite..I love to watch the ball being passed to the players..Goals dont interst me as much as the game its self...Ball possesion doesnt interst me as much as seeing the ball being played you get my drift? Good.

So I get all ready plop myself on the floor and pray for a good game..Not an easy we scored they scored then we scored game..But something with flare and something with attitude..

My grandma of coures find this amusing at first..But as the game progresses she becomes more aggetated..More grouchy..She thinks Im being silly and that this is not how a lady should act **snorts** as if anything I do is what a lady should do..Puh lease..

During half time we called my parents..My mom was rooting for france (zine is arab we should support him uhuh sure watever..Cause he's arab I dont like him) And all I hear in the background is my dad demanding silence so he can analze the game with his friend over the phone..After the phone call my grandma decrees that we are all bloody mad.

So during the game I shout I yell I swear (I tried holding myself back..Reaaaaaly tried) But I mean come on..After that red card I called zine every name in the book..Way to end your career you jackass. I mean I should be happy he got kicked out..But over all the guy had skill you had to give him that..And for the majority of the time he had attidue and flare..So he was up there..Why ruin it like that? Typical arab I swear.. During the entire game my grnadma was complaning..She saw me answer two phone calls with" screw off Im fucking busy"...And ten with "what the hell do you want?" lol..She is now convinced I will never marry cause no one wants such a vulgar wife;).
So after the penalty shots I started screaming out ole ole (Im obessed with the damn song) And grabbing my grandma I made her dance with me...It was the most memorable game cause of her :D Shes a pain but such a sweet pain..The only person that can get away with telling what I am and still loving my unconditionaly..Bibi...I love you..Your annoying, your too strightforward, your pushy,your over protective,your mushy,your too idealistic, your too neat, your too arab, your too damn religious and I know I am the polar oppisite..But I love you I do I do..

So yea..World cup is over...**sighs** What the hell am I gonna do with my time??? Does this me I have to actually study?!?!?!!?!?!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Random Random..Tantom landom fantom:P

--I talked to my dad..Not in a good mood people
--I neeed a damn tutor in Calculus...
--I would KILL for a two scooped double choclate brownie dough ice cream with a waffle cone from Ben and Jerrys..
--I bought some shoes today..Bought some yesterday too..
--Gonna get some shoes tomorrow with the bag I NEEEEED THEM NOW NOW NOW
--Perfected the damn shakira move..I rock
--Hated the devil wears prada book..Loved the movie..
--I need to wash my cloths
--The italians are gorgous
--I love men that can move..I need to marry a professional dancer or a soccer player..
--My haidoooori is dead...He's in toronto...PRay for him people...
--I want my nose and the area below my bottom lip peirced...How can I hide those form my dad?
--I fell today..Made three other people fall with me..I tripped over nothing..
--I could kidnap for a loaf of italian herbs and cheese
--Lost ten pounds..200 hunderd more to go..
--My cousin has some sick soccer moves..He's cute too..;)
--My friend doesnt think shes pretty...Shes fuckin blind..Shes drop dead gorgous..
--plus she told me I had pretty eyes;)
--Italia stole the last two minutes second overtime to pave thier way to the finals...
--France penltied thier way to the finals..
--Allure by chanel is intoxicating
--I need a skanky black or red dress..
--I need a pedicure..