Friday, September 18, 2009

Annie are you ok? tell us are you ok?

I am fine my lovelys. A little rough around the edges considering but otherwise perfectly imperfect sanity is still intact;)

First of all a happy yet extremely belated coffee free Ramadan Kareem (eid kareem in a couple of days lol. its how I roll)

Havent killed he who has spawned me, I am doing what I do best. I am pretending he dosent exist. He isnt cooperating. I am stubborn. Np

Started my fall semster for my year one of my masters * drum roll please* classes as follows

-stats--regression (sound fimilar? yes I took the undergraduate one in math/engineering. How different can this be?)

-neuroscience seminar - my thesis supervisor is teaching it so it should be intersting...I am presenting and my big mouth.. Hold your breath ladies and my lovely gents its called

Orexin A/Hypocretin-1 Selectively Promotes Motivation for Positive Reinforcers..

I dont even know what the fuck that good start

-stress and hormones--department head is teaching this. thinks I belong back in engineering. I kinda agree with him

pro seminar- I have no idea whats happening here loool. I was busy making paper planes..I am riverting back to childhood phase...Someone call freud

I am TA (um teaching assistant I beleive is the term) and RA ing (research assistant, as you can see I assist alot..)

working both jobs retail and as the youth coordinator thingy.

I am writing grants, not sleeping, moaning about my load, demanding retail therapy, and ingesting copious amounts of caffiene.. God I love school.

Gonna take a mixed martial arts class to release my pent up anger. the running is just not cutting and the gym might kick me out for breaking two treadmills. I did mixed martial arts business before. Last november..Ended up with a swollen black eye and a cracked cheek bone. I got my butt handed to me..In my defense the helmet slipped and her foot just kept connecting with my face.

Now I relize how I sound like on here, but in the "real" world, at first glance I am classy, dressed in suits ties, scarves, designer blazers matching pearls and the works. Make up perfectly in place and I never lose my cool.ever. So you get the idea of me being professional, slightly air headed cause I smile absent mindedly all the time and that I am a feminine lady. Suffice to say I am not, its a facade, i like it. It gives me an edge. Anyway, Showing up to school with a swollen face might give me some streeet cred. You never know when you need some streeet cred.

stay ok my lovlies