Friday, June 08, 2007

100th random shyt;)

--Eastern chamipions, yet we choked..hard... for the finals..Bas what the hell? GO SENS GO;)
--Murray should hire me assistant coach..I would get lord stanley back home..I always get what I want..

--Had a criminal behaviour midterm last tuesday..Notice that I didnt bitch about this one? cause I didnt know I had one:P Smart mashaallaa 3aliaah

--On the school note, Im taking stats(agian) and criminal behaviour first half of summer..Then continueing stats and starting chem(choke) next half..Alll fun and games..Wanaaasaa

--I have been consistent with the gym, made a few friends..Well not really friends..They grunt when they see me:P

--My prof in the lab thinks i have what it takes to change society..I had to correct him..Im gonna change the world;)

--people apperances are decieving..I SOUND smart true..But Im soo full of BS

--Its ridculously hot..Its days like this that I mutter about the damned hijab and wearing it..Layers..

--I should have been born a guy..Seriously..

--Im LOVING the perfume Dolce and Gabbana.. 20 more pounds and that baby is mine mine mine..

--I have been reminiscing..John Mayer Your body is a Wonderland..And NickelBack's Animals..I need to post the lyrics of the latter..**giggles**

--summer=built topless guys=very happy lily :D

--choclate pudding..mmmmm

--I need to pay my damn phone bill..I need to cancel it:P this is getting ridiculous really..

--I want to volunteer with the police..My dad is being diffcult..ugh..

--this is my 100th post..Arent I like totally cool?

--I have to set a date for my movie marathons...Soon..Sooon..

Sunday, June 03, 2007


He heard her infectious laughter before he caught a glimpse of her.
Involuntarily his bruised mouth allows small smile.
She moves accross the room, bids everyone goodmorin'.
He closes his eyes, allowing her kind voice to enclose him.
Writing his assgiment from the board he grimaces as the pain shoots up his arm.
Mistake. He can feel her coming towards him.
He crouchs lower in set. Puts on his tough guy attitude.
She stops infront of his desk.
He refuses to acknowledges her presence.
She simply hands back his lab report, fleetingly she lays her hand gently on his shoulder.
He stuffs his report in his bag another A wont help rep.
He makes a wiseass crack to his friends about teachers.
Her hand print was still burning on his shoulder.

Another day ends, yet agian he fought and has detention.
She is getting ready to leave, she looks up to see him looking at her.
He looks away.
He wills her to go away.
She moves towards him.
No, he doesnt her too, he cant talk about it.
She doesnt talk, only handing him a package.
Agian her hand on his shoulder, it was all he can do from breaking down.
He stops staring at the wall when she leaves the room.
Ripping open the package he finds filled out applications and reference letters.
Scholarships? A way out from under his fathers alcoholic rages?
Reluctant tears escape from his eyes.

Friday, June 01, 2007


One at a time she unraveled. Slowly, surely, yet unpredictably.
One at a time. She fought with air relentlessly to no avil.
One at a time. She swam, with pure determination agianst the current.
She drowned, her breathing cut off, the beating of her heart stopped.
Only to be gasping for breath. Just one at a time.
Blinded, she forges ahead. Expectedly she stumbles.
One at a time. She falls, breaking bones.
Refusing to surrender to pain, she crawls.
One at time. She brusies egos.
Wet, without a breath, boneless she goes.
One at time. She goes.