Thursday, March 29, 2007


Over my grandma's(bibi) house


Bibi--finish the fish
Lily--*mouth full* mumph
Bibi--do you want more pickles baby?
Lily--*mouth still full, shakes head**
Bibi--why arent you eating the rice? Dont you like it?
Lily--*swallows painfully* la2 walla its perfect, bas its all carbs bibi it goes stright to my hips and tummy
Bibi--eee your gained weight since I left* adds more rice and pours me juice**it doesnt matter your studying you need your energy

20 minutes later

Bibi--have a baklawa or a peice of cake
Lily--*sips coffee* no no sugar not good
Bibi--*gets up to get cookies* have one cookie come on one cookie
Lily--*takes a cookie, with resignation*

20 minutes later
Bibi--have an orange..
Lily--ba3dan ma3ach bibi!?!?!? Are you trying to get me fat? seriously?
Bibi--la22 bas your not eating

Lily--*scrubbing the carpet**
Bibi--shawishawi your going to hurt your back
Lily--*caressess the carpet*
Bibi--you missed a spot..
Lily--*goes over the spot*

ten minutes later

Lily--*dusting out the curtains**
Bibi--tsk tsk I think we need to wash the the curtains..thier filthy
Lilly--**looks at the perfectly clean beige curtains** bibi they look new
Bibi--no no filthy lets wash them
Lily--*sighs* ok *goes towards the washing machine*
Bibi--No no mo bil machine by hand
Lily--*shoulders stooped* inshalla ok ok ok..

Dressing up

Bibi--you have too much make up on
Lily--bibi I have only eyeliner on with mascara
bibi--eee its too much it shows your eyes
Lily--thats the point bibi
Bibi--haram.. wipe it off
Lily--Inshalla ,hather**wipes off the eyeliner**
Bibi--sheefti shlon , ihla chethy
Lily--I look like a racoon with no sleep
Bibi--cute raccoon with no sleep*pinches my cheeks*
Lily--*opens the door to leave**
Lily--*turns around**
Bibi-*grabs my face and kisses my cheeks* ya36eech il3afa, allah yaanj7ich dictorah inshalla wa yester 3alach

So worth the hassle ;)

Friday, March 23, 2007


As you all know by now..I am a notorious lover of beauuutiful things..Obejct or person;) I love em..I, as you should all know by now, am NOT subtle person..Like my mom likes to say I call a donkey a donkey in its face..Not one of my most endearing qualities I must say..Im working on being more diplomatic..Ilmuhim I have had a few encounters that have made me look like either a)slut
d)all the above:P

Scene one

--Neroscience lecture..
Lily**concentrating on drawing pipes on the lecture notes while the guest prof talks about gene replacements, doesnt look up when the chair on her left is swung and sat on**
Deep velvety voice(dont ask how I know its velvet..I just do:P) Intersting lecture eh?
Lily**looks up distractedly**mmphmm
Prof fumbles to stop his computer from going into hibernation
Lily**looks to her left while her mouth is in half a yawn and comes eye to eye to one of gods most magnificent creatures**
Deep voice**smiles wickedly(sounds so sexy eh?:P)** that bad?
Lily--*feels her face turning to odd shades of red** um huh? no its just that Im not a big fan of um genes I just um dont like em (stupid stupid stupid!!!)
Deep voice-oh yea? I like them..Actually thats what I study.
Lily--yea? cool you play around with genes all day.. sounds fun (in such a non convincing voice:P)
Deep voice-*smiles*
NOTE i tried really really hard not to look at him during the duration of the 20 remaining minutes..But daaaaaaaaaaammmn;)
Description-hispanic origin, second generation argentinan,baseball player(ugh) biochem grad student about 6'2 black hair brown eyes..unshaven..I didnt get his social insurance number..pity;)

Scence Two
--Ooogling the choclate brownies while waiting in line in Second Cup
Just as I was ordering a brownie and a slice of cheese cake to accompany my carmel carretto the guy infront of me turns around, leans over to grab a pack of choclate covered espresso beans to add to his order when I noticed his eyes.. I kid you not people..They were purple..With green and grey and they were HUUGE mashalla and shiny and stuff..I was taken aback. Trying to regain my composure I walk up the counter to wait for my order when he turns around AGIAN and SMILES..The NERVE?!!! Ilmuhim so I play it cool and smile back..I tried..TRIED to hold myself back..The tempatation was just too much..So I catch his eye agian..
Lily--you have gorgous eyes..Are they real?
Guy with purple eyes**laughs** yea wanna touch?

Thats just the tip of the ice berg..I can write a book on my lack of decorm and sophistication..9ij ma ista7ee:P

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Take One

---I started running outside...Gorgous skin slashing numbing canadain weather**pumps her fist in the air**YeA BaBY YEA!!! Its like imagine shooting up bas like ten times more intesified.. ;)

---Exams on the way..Someone outline me a sucide plan..Something quick but dramatic..I wanna go out with a boooom..

---My laptop refuses to play audio..Is it a sign to stop watching shit online???

---I luuuv Craig Ferguson..Although he has something agianst Canadains..He has no morals so yea what do you expect?

---I was groped by a hot schezophernic three weeks ago ;) Im still not sure how I feel about that..:P

---I was informed by my prof that this is my most laid back year..And that the next two years are going to be a BITCH..I say "Doc, with all due you respect, show me the fuckin door"

---My sister wants to "paint" her hair..Blonde..My sister wants to be a blonde..Shes 7!!! I didnt know I had hair till I was like 15...God..Kids..Scary little runts..

---I provoke people....I dont know mabye theres a sign on my head that says "Come pick a fight with me" and "No I dont get the theroy explain it"

---I may do aerospace eng., if they accept me agian:P, when Im done with this crap..If I dont get into grad school..Yassir khair..

--Shakira and Beyounce..Beautiful Liar..Song makes no sense..Someone please explain it to me..who is sleeping with who exactly?

---I dont get why people ask me to go to clubs or bars with them..HIJABI, people at a club or bar doesnt mesh well..Sheeesh

---I need to take the stick thats stuck up my ass out soon..Im getting on my own nerves..

---April 23 people..23 23 23 23 then Im DONE..For like two weeks:P

I go do my paper now**sighs**

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yummmies Part 1

**drools** hala walla hallaa..Willlllly ..I adooore him..
Hun you say All aboard..And Ill say Aye Aye Capn ;)

He cusses,he drinks,he smokes he doesnt give a damn...Makes him that much more sexier.. ;)

I would switched sides in a heart beat for her:P

**hugs**I wannnnnaaa takkkeee u home and feed you hot choclate and marshmelloooos

**deep breath**My mother now understands why I cant possible marry an arab..Look at him..Perfect..Art I tell ya..Subhanalla

He makes me smile..Everything about him makes me happy happy oh o damn happy..He is THE man among the boys..

Wenty wenty where art thou? Ivy league this boy..mmm mmm mmmm Can i get me some?

So this is what I do in business class..Productive eh?;P No wonder the lousy marks:p If I had profs or TA's who look half as good I would get A's I know it;)

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Not bad..A few curve balls..Bas it was over all acceptable..Should damn well be..I havent slept in 72 hours...No thats a lie..72 hrs-1.5 so yea..I go sleepy since i cant do simple math..I usually cant do math that didnt test the degree of my llack of soberity..Ilmuuuhim me go nite nite for about 9 hours or mabye 6..I hate wasteing time..Sleeping is soo useless eh?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Stats--Sampling methodologies

Grabbing his thick head lily brings his smug face to contact her lifting knee..

It wasnt bad enough for ya that it was endless and no one finished on time..Nooooooo, you wanted us FUCKIN proove how the fuck sigma squared got on top of the damn sample?!?!?!

*sulks* Bastard...

Monday, March 05, 2007


SooooOOoooOoo I decided to re embark on my past success with weightloss and aim to lose another 40 pounds..Now heres the plan..Previously it worked out terrific by running and avoiding choclate and my mom's cooking and faithfully running at least 2 miles and weight lifting..Now I refuse to cut out choclate completely and I refuse to refuse my mothers food:P..Soo here is the compromise..One row of hershey dark choclate when I feel the urge..Mini portions of my mom's food no food after 7pm, running for 2 miles+weight lifting+step machine+skating+swimming(yes I am active salooo 3ala nabee:P)no candy no hot chocolate cut back on the pita instead of the two take one..Umm what else? Bas I will inform everyone with the updates in the end of the forty pounds..Now I know that it might not be exaclty 40 more likely 30 cause I'm built like a guy..I have biceps that will put most of you guys and gals out there to shame..So I dont want to loose my muscle..therefore 30 seems more logical in the long run :D Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiishhhh me luck with that and on coming exams..

This week(to sunday)

--Stats Midterm
--Forensic Psych Midterm
--Rotations at the ROH
--Resreach on AI
**rolls shoulders** lets get it on

Saturday, March 03, 2007

B-day Convo

Place:Kitchen my house

Cuz---typical 15 year old..

Me:**dipping the white cheddar rice cake in melted choclate cake icing**
Cuz:So lily your b day is like tomorrow eh? **licks her fingers**
Me:**mummbles and scoops up some almonds**eeeeeee so?
Cuz:Your like what now? Like totally 21 eh eh?**dips a marshmello in the choc mix**
Me:**glares and stuffs mouth with a full rice cake**
Cuz:You know when u like gain weight,when,your like over 20 is like totally impossible to take off**adds more dark choclate to the fondue**
Me:yaa chalba, Im not old.. **looks for the orange slices**
Cuz:eeeee I know bas your, like almost like an adult..**looks amazed**How does it feel?
Me:**makes a shish kebab out fruits and dips them in the choclate mix** Ask me tomorrow kid and I'll let ya know
Cuz: and your like gonna be like 21 and you havent accomplished anything!?!?
Me:**chokes** alllaaa yakhthich what the hell do you mean I didnt accomplish anything?!!?What do you want me to do? Rebuild a country?
Cuz:**folds her legs under her and giggles while running a brownie slice accorss the surface of the choclate**Laaaa22 bas you know your like not done school and your not like married..
Cuz:**giggles**Im just like saying when Im like 18 Im gonna get married ..
Me:**smacks her head with a spatula sticky with syrup**
Cuz:**shrieks for an hour**
Me:School first
Cuz:Mama said not to listen too you 'cause you're weird **running a towel through her hair**
Me:true true..*covers a monkey cracker with choclate and balances an almond on it**
Cuz:**head on my shoulder**I would never want to be like you lily,**thoughtfully bites into an apple slice free of choclate**
Me:**spoons some choclate on her apple slice**I said hi to matt for you
Cuz:*grins up at me** he is sooooo like totally cute!! For a white boy..Bas what are you doing for tomorrow?
Me:Im sleeping in till like 9 **dips a walnut**Im skipping my ab workout**pops it in her mouth** Then Im gonna study my ass off
Cuz:**head still on shoulder**You like need to get a life...
Me:**finds a hidden cherry lolipop**laish?Whats better then this?!?!?!?

**sighs** C'est la vie..
**grins** Happy b day to me ;)