Saturday, March 03, 2007

B-day Convo

Place:Kitchen my house

Cuz---typical 15 year old..

Me:**dipping the white cheddar rice cake in melted choclate cake icing**
Cuz:So lily your b day is like tomorrow eh? **licks her fingers**
Me:**mummbles and scoops up some almonds**eeeeeee so?
Cuz:Your like what now? Like totally 21 eh eh?**dips a marshmello in the choc mix**
Me:**glares and stuffs mouth with a full rice cake**
Cuz:You know when u like gain weight,when,your like over 20 is like totally impossible to take off**adds more dark choclate to the fondue**
Me:yaa chalba, Im not old.. **looks for the orange slices**
Cuz:eeeee I know bas your, like almost like an adult..**looks amazed**How does it feel?
Me:**makes a shish kebab out fruits and dips them in the choclate mix** Ask me tomorrow kid and I'll let ya know
Cuz: and your like gonna be like 21 and you havent accomplished anything!?!?
Me:**chokes** alllaaa yakhthich what the hell do you mean I didnt accomplish anything?!!?What do you want me to do? Rebuild a country?
Cuz:**folds her legs under her and giggles while running a brownie slice accorss the surface of the choclate**Laaaa22 bas you know your like not done school and your not like married..
Cuz:**giggles**Im just like saying when Im like 18 Im gonna get married ..
Me:**smacks her head with a spatula sticky with syrup**
Cuz:**shrieks for an hour**
Me:School first
Cuz:Mama said not to listen too you 'cause you're weird **running a towel through her hair**
Me:true true..*covers a monkey cracker with choclate and balances an almond on it**
Cuz:**head on my shoulder**I would never want to be like you lily,**thoughtfully bites into an apple slice free of choclate**
Me:**spoons some choclate on her apple slice**I said hi to matt for you
Cuz:*grins up at me** he is sooooo like totally cute!! For a white boy..Bas what are you doing for tomorrow?
Me:Im sleeping in till like 9 **dips a walnut**Im skipping my ab workout**pops it in her mouth** Then Im gonna study my ass off
Cuz:**head still on shoulder**You like need to get a life...
Me:**finds a hidden cherry lolipop**laish?Whats better then this?!?!?!?

**sighs** C'est la vie..
**grins** Happy b day to me ;)


Blogger Swair. said...


and i don't think ur weird (unless u mean weird in a good way, then it's me and u :p).. i'm 22 and not married, and i agree that school should come first :D

8:06 AM  
Blogger eshda3wa said...

yummy next time ur have THAT invite meeeee

who cares about marriage when uve got chocolate!

10:42 AM  
Blogger jiji said...

happppyyy birthday babes.. ur now a true b3eeraaaa ;p

3:45 PM  
Blogger Sever said...

She is a kind girl. Yes, kindness itself. Just like you.

So, what?
Happy Crazy Birthday, my dear Old Woman. Sorry, Old Girl.
Old Maid.
No no, better Old Girl.

Hugs :)

9:14 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Swairies--Tanki tanki..And I have come to the conclusion that we are ALL weird.. ;)Weird is soo much more sexier..:P

eshda3waa--Now theres a woman who knows my heart;) Girl I would choose mr.hershey or mr.cadbury or mr.nestle over any broad shouldered black haired tanned skined gray eyed hunk with a ripped stomahc any day ;) Perferably I'd have both:p Bas I wont be greedy;)

Jijilicous--You know you waaaaaaaaant it ;) ty babes:P

Sever---CRAZY old maid has such a nice ring to it eh? ;) thank u looove or is it old girl ;)

9:38 PM  
Blogger Swair. said...

TRUE! weird is sexy... that should be a bumper sticker :p

5:18 AM  
Blogger jiji said...

lily-O.. am eccentric.. if i spelled it correctly.. even if wrong.. i dont care ;p now thats SEXY

6:47 AM  
Blogger ScarlO said...

OMG you're still crazy! :D and sexy & stuff

Soooooooo you're OLD :-D

10:10 AM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Swairies--i think it already is;)

Jijilicious--you are beyond lady of the night ;)

Scarlies-- halaaa wallaaa hallaaa bil habyeeb...I sooo totally am;) And I am old ya kid inti:P

10:08 PM  

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