Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Take One

---I started running outside...Gorgous skin slashing numbing canadain weather**pumps her fist in the air**YeA BaBY YEA!!! Its like imagine shooting up bas like ten times more intesified.. ;)

---Exams on the way..Someone outline me a sucide plan..Something quick but dramatic..I wanna go out with a boooom..

---My laptop refuses to play audio..Is it a sign to stop watching shit online???

---I luuuv Craig Ferguson..Although he has something agianst Canadains..He has no morals so yea what do you expect?

---I was groped by a hot schezophernic three weeks ago ;) Im still not sure how I feel about that..:P

---I was informed by my prof that this is my most laid back year..And that the next two years are going to be a BITCH..I say "Doc, with all due you respect, show me the fuckin door"

---My sister wants to "paint" her hair..Blonde..My sister wants to be a blonde..Shes 7!!! I didnt know I had hair till I was like 15...God..Kids..Scary little runts..

---I provoke people....I dont know mabye theres a sign on my head that says "Come pick a fight with me" and "No I dont get the theroy explain it"

---I may do aerospace eng., if they accept me agian:P, when Im done with this crap..If I dont get into grad school..Yassir khair..

--Shakira and Beyounce..Beautiful Liar..Song makes no sense..Someone please explain it to me..who is sleeping with who exactly?

---I dont get why people ask me to go to clubs or bars with them..HIJABI, people at a club or bar doesnt mesh well..Sheeesh

---I need to take the stick thats stuck up my ass out soon..Im getting on my own nerves..

---April 23 people..23 23 23 23 then Im DONE..For like two weeks:P

I go do my paper now**sighs**


Blogger eshda3wa said...

you go girl 3al running!

i cant think of a suicide plan off the top of my head, just dont hang urself or slit ur wrists! too old khalas

dont think about the next 2yrz, deal with em whn they come

the things lil kids know these days.. yikes!

i dont get why ppl ask me to club either. i usually point to my head. come on ppl!

dnt live the stick in there too long, itll start rusting then ull just get urself into a whole new ordeal ;P

goodluck bil skooool

5:22 AM  
Blogger Ghasheema said...

hunny you would be suprise how wild hijabi girls are!!

you're doing areospace eng.???

I am sorry but wallah I would have never figured offence of course..but just becuz ur so laid back a funny complianer (if thats a word lol)

5:12 PM  
Blogger jiji said...

sweeeetie sweeetie sweeeeetie.. all i can do is pray for ur mercy :**

go buy a new pair of shoes.. its the answer to all ur problems

5:00 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Eshda3wa--I love who I jog with;) tell ya laterz:P Im gonna need more then luck..Any good luck charms reccomendations?

Ghasheema--**stares at her feet in shame** I WAS in aero..Now Im in PSYCH...sad eh?*snifes** :P

JijI--omgomgomgomg I got these gorgous addidas joggers..totally hot..and AND I got me some PHAT farm shoezzz.DOWN SOUTH!! LOL:P

11:27 PM  
Blogger Swair. said...

kids are scary but they rule nonetheless..

and i agree with Eshda3wa, rusty sticks suck..

5:02 PM  

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