Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Ya Ya..Im alive..No I havent quit..No I didnt commit sucide..No I was not charged nor convicted with first degree murder..Yet... And ya I will be more consistent..I promise..No wait I dont..BUT I will try:P


I have been up too NOTHING... I mean nothing new..School, Home, Lab, Hospital..Same same same..

I have however, came to accept some things that are just simply hardwired in me and wont change no matter what I do...Appparently;
--I walk like a guy..even in heels **sighs** I cant help if Im built like one..
--When I run I look like I am planning a murder
--I am big boned with wide shoulders, muscled legs and massive arm mucsle..I will NEVER be petite **sighs**
--Im obessive compulsive..and a control freak to some extent
--I dont think I will ever understand my father
--My family is dysfunctional and clinically insane
--I hate the arab community and will always do
--I feel more relaxed and myself with 'white' people
--I have no pity for those who are nothing in life
--I give 110% I expect at least a 100%
--I am ambitious,driven,commited,neurotic,insane,talkative,obessive,a borderline sociopath,hard skinned,mean and rude.
--I love cookies,cake,icing,ice cream, choclate, half naked men sometimes women, and peanut m&m's.
--Society could kiss my fat ass for all I care about its opinon of me
--Yet I am NOT rebel, I follow rules..I love rules they give me structure. I am a conformist to the core. I appericate the law and I dont scoff at religion.
--I am boring as hell

Im going blog hopping now

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Hi Hi everyone,

So I passed all my exams, I am still waiting for one though--fingers crossed. My marks are not as good as I would have liked..I aced some I beeed some..Bas allhumdullah I PASSED BUSSINESS mwuwhwhahahahahahahahahaha I fucked managerial accounting!!!! I feel accomplished, replinshed, in the zone and so totally excited to start school agian in a few weeks--yea I know Im sick..instead of diagnosing try to find a cure--in the mean time I will be working in a lab..Well not working..VOLUNTEERing thats right..Im giving up my time--i have nothing else to do, and I refuse to become a couch veggies--to mount slides,stain and play with mice and rats..This, ladies and gents will be my semi daily ritual..I will still be making rounds at the hospital-alot of work,draining..bas my god so rewarding.

I've done some personal adjustments in my life. Things I usually ignore and deem as unimportant when they are the most vital. So a little more disciplne. As soon as I can fix this portion of my life --it is the most important part to begin with--I think --inshalla--there is no where but up from here ;)

I need to fit the gym back into my schedual..Blubbbbbbbbbber**shudders** having ur body do the river dance when u walk--sooooo disgusting..:P

Summmmmmmmmmmmer..muwhahaha topless guys..God bless those two that run outside my lab every morning like clock work..Ran or shine..Dedication is a major turn on. Along with a mile long shoulders, ripped abs, sculpted backs and a killer smile..;)

Im luving Hot Action Cops..FEVER FOR THE FLAVOR