Thursday, January 25, 2007


Time bombs---------------check
Running shoes--------------check
Emotional shield------------check
Get away plans-------------check
Mouth guard----------------check

**deep breath chin up, rolls back her shoulders strightens her back**

Daddy's back...;)

Monday, January 22, 2007


Black cloths flutter behind frosted windows
Between the murmurs of passerbys ;quran plays in the background
The smell of cinnomin and cumin intoxicat the surroundings
Shadows hurry by dimly lit parking spaces

The sheihk begins the sermons, with the name of the lord most gracious most merciful
A resounding reply of god bless mohammed and his family echos into the night
The kids continue to negotiate color sharing techniques
While the mothers discuss the hot political issue of men and thier sex life
In the middle of it all ,She sets sloppily with an air of arrogance and uncaring
The same story, year after year
Why cant we just move on, she wonders angrily
She tries to block out the surroundings including the story
No sense of getting all emotional over history

The voices settle in the back of her head only clearing the voice of the sermon
The sheikh gives a pathetic attmept to describe the scene of the battle
But shes one step ahead of him
Her chest contracts, her heart beats her imagination is in overload
Clash of swords,hooves of horses,cracking of the sun on the desert sand
Fallen men,crying women,wailing childern

She shakes her head refusing to shed a tear
Its just history,its just history who the hell cares?
Loosening her blouse she takes deep breaths,eyes closed
The scene floods back,choking she opens her eyes

The sheikh is still describing the battle
Heads down demurly,sobs audible
Kids quieted down
Deep breaths,keep ur eyes open
Keep them open, she sees it more clearly
She can taste the sand
No NO NO stop make it stop
She never wanted any part of it
She never claimed she can handle it

They stand up
Doing the old barbaric thing of beating on thier chest
One beat,two beat
The kids join in
The sound of the latimya is overshadowed with murmurs for the mothers
Moans of the religous,sobs of the pious
She watchs from the distance
Taking a deep breath her eyes close for a second
The sand is hot under her bare feet

Jumping she shakes the image out of her head
Hand on the wall she stares at her feet
Ya hussien Ya Hussien Ya hussien
She tries blocking out the sounds
Ya hussien Ya hussien Ya hussien
God dammit they just wont shut up

Her eyes well up her throat aches
Every nerve in her body is taut
Mositening her lips she leans agianst the wall
Might as well take it now
Closing her eyes ,she surrenders yet agian to the sounds and sights of Karabala

3atham Allah Igrakoum

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Iraqi-nation ;)

up in here people :P

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Good taste

Lily**balancing two shopping bags and handbag while trying to eat a beaver tail with extra whipped cream and manuevering through sunday people traffic**
Chamy:Lily!!! shooooooooooooofii<loook> he's throwing fire into his violin!!**pointing excitedly at a cute guy playing on the street**
lily:**licks her fingers**mmhmm yea baby he is
Chamy:**laughs and claps her hands** shoooofffii<looook>!! He's throwing the voilin in the air !! and its still playing!!!
Lily:**laughs, chokes coughs, hacks out**nice niiiiiiice
Chamy**wide eyed, whispers** he''s coming at us!!
Lily:**concentrating on rubbing off some cream off her shala<scarf>** yea baby thats nice
Chamy**hides behind me tugging at my coat making my stagger backwards trip on a loose stone drop my shopping bags and making the beavertail slide down the front of my coat**
Lily:ahhh shit**looks at her coat** its ok baby I will just..**trying to untangle myself**
Him:**can I help?
Lily:ah no we're good
Chamy:**whispers**lillllyyy hatha hoowaaa <thats him!! >
Lily**twists around** hoowwaa minoo? <him who?>
Chamy:**urgently**the guy who makes the music
Lily: OooooOoooOo **looks up**

:::Intteruption:::Black tussled long hair, eletric green eyes , perfectly angled face , a smile that causes your knees to go weak, a white tee stretch out accross broad shoulders and rippled stomach.. Cute guys should come with a disclaimer ok?

Him:Here let me get that** grabs my bags from the floor and stays with eye level with chamy** hi you
Chamy**smashs herface on my back**
Lily:baby not so hard.. laish mistaheeeia?? < why are you so shy?>
Him**laughing** I can show you how to play if you want
Lily**turning around** dont you want to know how to play babe?
Chamy**faces hidden in her scarf** la22
Lily:laish? <why? >
Chamy:howwa hiloooow <he's goodlooking>
Chamy**whispers in my ear** hoooowwwwaaa hiloooooooooooow <he's gooooooodloooooking>

The kid is a smart smart kid..She will do great things

Btw..Chamy is my baby sister ;)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

buncha quacks

Lily *concentrating intently at eating the outer layer of the baby carrot and bouncing my right leg to the music in my head*
Doctor walks in
Doc:Helllooooooo Lily, how are you feeling today?
Lily*glaring at my mom ,nearly choking on a carrot*
Mom:She has some brusing on her stomach back and ankle..
Lily*still eating and staring with utter fascination at my salted up phat farm shoes**
Doc**clears throat* Well lily? How do you feel?
Lily**without look up I mutter**I was just finne just dandy
Doc:Lets take a listen, why dont you jump up on the table?
Lily**doesnt move or look up* is this really nessacary?
Doc:**laughs* yes it is come on..up up..
Lily**sighing I limberup on the table still staring at the ground**
Doc:*laughingly*chin up and deep breaths Im not gonna hurt you
Lily**looking up with a snort t then looking at the doc head on** you try..
Doc**still giggling* your pretty lily now deep breaths
Lily**I give my mom see he is a peudophile look**
Doc: alright good good lets check your blood pressure.**checking blood pressure**
Lily*making faces at my mom**
Doc: alritii lets see those brusies!
Lily:excuse me?
Doc: lets start at your back then ur stomach
Lily: Oh no no NO..We will not start anywhere **looking worridely at my mom**
Doc:I have to see the brusies lily..
Lily:Nuh uhuh brusies are brusies nothing specail they are blue with purple and some yellow..ugly really not a big deal at all..
Doc:its alright Im not going to hurt u just let me see the brusies..
Lily: no
Mom:lily let the doctor see your brusies baby
Lily: dont baby me no ya3nii no mabiiiiiiii wakhariiiii 3ainiiii **hypervenilating**
Doc:Lily fine lets see your ankle..
Lily**snifes** fiiine **I show him my ankle**
Doc: aha do you do sports lily?
Lily: I run
Doc:how often?
Doc:how long?
Lily:**shrugs** dunno 2 to 4 miles depending on my mood
Doc; will your going to have stay off it and keep a sprain on it..You pulled a tendon and brusied a muscle..
Lily**snorts* yea sure whatever
Doc: Lets see your back now
Lily**sighs** alright alright**mutters** inshalla itmoot 3ala khashmaaak
Doc: Hmmm Hmmm Mmhmmmm turn over lets see your stomach
Lily:**mummbles**ya kalab ya ibnil kalab, hayeeewaaaaaaaaan
Doc; Have you been in a fight lily?
Lily**rolls her eyes** a fight where I got hit symmertically on both sides of my body? I dont think so doc..
Doc: How long have u had them for?
Lily**shrugs* dunno
Doc:Im going to schedual you an emergancy appointment with the ob gyn doctor
Lily*panicing*8 NO NO NO no more doctors!!
Lily**shaking my head** no more doctors..
Doc:But you have to see a specailist!
Lily:nuh huh I trust your judgement give me some advil a bandaid and I will forgive you
Doc**looks at my mom**
Lily:no laaaa22222222222 mabi iroooo7 lildoctor thaneee!!mabi ina moo naqasaa ba3ad I hate them **glares at the doc**
Lily:give me choices..
Doc:Mabye an ultrasound would be..
Lily:Great!! Ill take it !! Thank you!!
Lily**hopping off the bed and grabbing my tote while opening the door** byyyyyeee ya quack

I hate..haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate doctors ...Always have....Damn quacks...