Monday, August 03, 2009


I was minding my own business, going through my life in the same motions. Everyday. I didn't complain, hell I didn't even mind it.

I don't have drama, I don't look for anguish,pain or a reason to be unhappy.


I am predictiable boring fuckin stable

So you would think I could stay out of disappointment. Just this once, not to be involved.


My father couldn't keep his fly zipped therefore we get punished.

Yes I know I am selfish that I am worried about my balanced bland life and that I should be more concerned about my mother, who while unperfect can be faithful, and my siblings.

I am not even upset. I feel disappointed. so fuckin disappointed. I mean not only is he screwing around in a different country he is married with a child apparently on the way.

He told no one.

Goes to show ya eh? 24 years of marriage and four kids dont change a playa. Intersting

I would pay good money to get inside his head. I wonder if he would volunteer his services for an fMRI and a survey.

Way to screw up an already screwed up situation yal habeeb. Way to go dad, bonus points for the kid man.

Stay noncommittal my lovelys. Commitment is overrated