Monday, February 26, 2007

Psych History

First of all..People..Meet my inspiration...Feeeeeeeeeeeeeedaaaataaa Hasoonoo wala..Mashala 3ala weeeha yeefta7 ilnafs!! I was depressed last night/early morning(2 am:P) and I was trying to figure out how to explain Plato's cave allegory..When my screensaver came on and POOOOFF..I see this angelic face...**grins** I know your all thinking..Whose kid did she kidnap now? This darling boy is the son of my friend's sister..(read it slowly a couple of time draw a line graph and you'll get the relation:P)

Now on to the depressing stuff.Just five words about the midterm..WHO THE FUCK IS KUHN?

Still ahead...

bussiness online test(on going)
Stats sampling Methods midterm
Forensic psych midterm
Rotations at the Royal mental hospital (on going)
Training for lab work (on going)
Presentation research on artifical intellegence(on going)
Research for Prof on lab work (on going)
Formal report on artifical intellegence(pending)
Interview with prof on artifical intellegence(pending)
Lab exam,ansethia,animal care (one week)

**rolls up her sleeves** Lets get the show on the road people..

Friday, February 23, 2007


Surrounded by text books and strewn loose leaf papers with the occasional book peeking beneath mismatched pairs of socks .Chair tipped back with one leg stretch out across a mahogony desk, that is littered with water bottles,pringle boxes,apple cores, banana peels,random almonds covered with notes from forensics and chewed up pens, while the other foot taps impatiently on top of the Sampling methods text and notes where it rests. Laptop humming,with the occasional beep from pesky msners', as one hand types notes while the other skims down the History of Modern Psychology text trying to find all keypoints of Helmholtz nerve conduction experiments.Hair pulled back in a loose bun with odd dead pens, greasy tendrils fall accross a pernament frown that lies ontop of bored eyes graced with diluted pupils and enlarged black circles . Bottom lip firmly entraped between teeth methodically eating away at the flesh...

The following two weeks..
History Of psych midterm
bussiness online test(on going)
Stats sampling Methods midterm
Forensic psych midterm
Rotations at the Royal mental hospital (on going)
Training for lab work (on going)
Presentation researchon artifical intellegence(on going)
Research for Prof on lab work (on going)

Seven days in a week the last time I checked....

**deeeeep breath*** Im not freaking Im not freaking Im not freaking..FUCK yea I am soo totally screwed..Pray people..

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Warm Nights

Rideau Canal leading to Carleton.. Out of focus chamy the overstuffed snowball..;P

*Think* Crouching tiger Hidden dragon :P
A gust of wind came and drove this kid accross the feild and all you can hear from this dude was "OH MY GOD, HOLY FUCK!!" lmao...

After a long day of brusing our bodies,tripping people, and spilling hot choclate..Yours truly with chamy making whipped cream moustaches:D

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I have yet to rule out suicide..

Saturday, February 10, 2007


The midterm was intersting to say the least..I mean dont get me wrong..Accounting is the one actual subject that I can honestly say I like..Bas my god i cant write things in a good damn order to be understood by people of lower intellegence then myself..I mean how the hell am I supposed to remeber how to write up a Cost of goods manufactured income statement when I have trouble writting a regular income statement?!?! I have trouble remebering my own student number you actually think I can successfully balance and compute an account that can be actually understood and used for the betterment of society? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnny....I mean I dont CARE that the prof doesnt get it..No wait I do..He is marking it..No wait the TA's are marking it..Ilmuhim to say the least; no I did not do well and no I dont know why I didnt do well and yes i will make an effort to sit my fatass down and learn how to make a cost of goods manufacturing income statement and no I will not let one midterm hinder my stride and yes this is the first one and yes I have four more plus six assignment and a paper and a presentation to do and yes I did find time to watch the Departed and daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnnn I want leo and I want him now ;)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The 4-1-1

-- Haidar has passed away..**wipes a tear** I kill everything..Even god damned machines..What the hell is wrong with me??!?!?!?!?

--I will be getting qassim hopefully tomorrow..Ill take some pics for you folks :D

--Midterms are coming up..**shudders**

--First two weeks of May..I ma be all religious...You can close your mouths..Inshalla gonna be in Kuwait/Iraq/Iran/Syria/Saudia Arabia..Doable in 14 days dont you think?:P

--I am really REALLY lovin McMaster..

--**twidddles her thumbs, mumbles**I stopped running..BUT walla Im hitting the treadmill soon..

--I need..NEEEEEEEED to stop eating choclate...

--I found my thesis project..Choclate regulation between neuron receptors in the human brain..The cause and effect of cocoa... Amazing non?

--My room needs serious cleaning..I have no idea how it gets soo LITTLE bro wrinkled HIS nose at it..THAT bad..

--Bruises apperantly are from crunches that Im doing..its the bicycle crunchs..Only with weights and ankle strains.. They really work those stubborn ab muscles

--I need to take computer engineering class for my stats..Wtf?!?!? What does computer have to do with stats?!?!?

--I lost my skates..I need new ones..NOW...