Saturday, June 14, 2008


omg..I completely forgot about you guys! Well, I completely forgot that I had a blog. lmao. Sorry sorry. Still alive, or barely. This is what I have been up to;
-Finished my dumb classes.. (alhumdualla it was all over all acceptable)-->4th year here I come.

-Got my nose pierced ;)
-Celebrated a b-day (I'm old...22...)
-Saw the Axis of Evil Comedy dudes!
-Went Ripriding!!
-And bungee jumping!!! It was fuckin amazing!!

I'm doing summer classes ..again.. I know..I suck.
In July;
-sky diving
-scuba diving
-10 k run for charity
-rock climbing
-white river rafting

I will post some of the bungee/ripride/axis of evil pics for you folks
Here is a video of my friend who was with us;

good times man...good times