Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Movie Review

Some new ones some old ones..I am becoming a movie junkie..I hate it..I love it..I am addicted..No I'm not..Just a little..No..I can stop whenever I want..Doooonnnnt judge me:P

Wanted--oh dear god..Angelina**drool** James McAvoy**drool**--Sci Fi..Guns, hot cars, hot cast, twisted love love 8.5/10

Batman--**fans herself** I almost DIED in this movie..Love love love. Awesome story, great acting..Hands down a favorite. 9.5/10

Kung Fu Panda--he reminds of my belly, saw it at the Imax..I enjoyed it more then my 8 year old sis:P 8/10

Iron Man--oooooooooooooooooooh yea robert downey junior baby!!! Brains, looks, cockiness, corkiness aaahh perfection.. Watched this one twice already;)9.5/10

Get Smart--I was really paying attention to the clothing in this one..Loved the Chanel coats..Soooo fuckin hott. Granted Ann HAthway is a yea..Watch this one if u are getting in on discount..6.5/10

Hancock--**sighs** my baby..Will Smith..Great job, bubbly movie, typical blockbuster summer movie..Get popcorn and careful not to choke when u get a glimpse of willies butt!! (ladies and gents well worth ur 12 bucks that one scene;))7/10

Indian Jones--snore snore..Horrible writing..Shia Leabouf was amazing though..Wait for it on dvd if you need to see it.5/10

The Incredible Hulk--love love love. Edward Norton**drools** was terrific in this one. I liked it. Watch it on the big screen..Great action sequences..8/10

The Chronicles of Narina: Prince Caspian--I hadnt seen the first one..But damn the prince was fiiine. Other wise I was lost story wise..Read the books or watch at least the first movie..7/10

The Love Guru--speaking as an objective third person..I hated it.:P Aside from the pimping the slut of hockey (the leafs) the entire movie I thought was vulgar. Some parts were great, most felt like a horny teenager flick. PASS ugh 3/10

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bungee Pics

Ok Blogger is always such a bitch to me. FINALLY got these pics loaded as promised.
First one is me hanging upside down!
The second is me getting ready to jump backwards (I wouldn't jump forward..chicken shit:P)
The Third is during the jump!

Other random pics coming up along with updates if bitch blogger would cooperate.