Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Movie Review

Some new ones some old ones..I am becoming a movie junkie..I hate it..I love it..I am addicted..No I'm not..Just a little..No..I can stop whenever I want..Doooonnnnt judge me:P

Wanted--oh dear god..Angelina**drool** James McAvoy**drool**--Sci Fi..Guns, hot cars, hot cast, twisted love love 8.5/10

Batman--**fans herself** I almost DIED in this movie..Love love love. Awesome story, great acting..Hands down a favorite. 9.5/10

Kung Fu Panda--he reminds of my belly, saw it at the Imax..I enjoyed it more then my 8 year old sis:P 8/10

Iron Man--oooooooooooooooooooh yea robert downey junior baby!!! Brains, looks, cockiness, corkiness aaahh perfection.. Watched this one twice already;)9.5/10

Get Smart--I was really paying attention to the clothing in this one..Loved the Chanel coats..Soooo fuckin hott. Granted Ann HAthway is a yea..Watch this one if u are getting in on discount..6.5/10

Hancock--**sighs** my baby..Will Smith..Great job, bubbly movie, typical blockbuster summer movie..Get popcorn and careful not to choke when u get a glimpse of willies butt!! (ladies and gents well worth ur 12 bucks that one scene;))7/10

Indian Jones--snore snore..Horrible writing..Shia Leabouf was amazing though..Wait for it on dvd if you need to see it.5/10

The Incredible Hulk--love love love. Edward Norton**drools** was terrific in this one. I liked it. Watch it on the big screen..Great action sequences..8/10

The Chronicles of Narina: Prince Caspian--I hadnt seen the first one..But damn the prince was fiiine. Other wise I was lost story wise..Read the books or watch at least the first movie..7/10

The Love Guru--speaking as an objective third person..I hated it.:P Aside from the pimping the slut of hockey (the leafs) the entire movie I thought was vulgar. Some parts were great, most felt like a horny teenager flick. PASS ugh 3/10


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