Saturday, February 16, 2008


Hellooooo my loveliiiiesss

1)Busy Busy Busy, I have been studying studying none stop and alhumdulla it seems to pay off so far. But I need to work on it a bit more

2)Dealing with friggin family issues..Its never my issues its everyone elses issues never mine:P Im too boring to have issues

3)SPRING BREAK BAAAABBBY ok well we call it 'reading week' in canada but muwhahah..Should be fun. I will blog about this in a bit

4)I am still working on the outline for my thesis, Im thinking mice,high fat diet and cocaine;)

5)Im in love with the francaphone singers, theatre, cinema, and men:P

6) Happyyy Belated V-Day!! I forgot all about it till my cousin from kuwait texted me :P

7)I am content, overall. Shit happens, it always does, but I seem to be expecting it and I deal with it resonably well:P

8)Icy winds, heavey snow, slippery walk ways, wet boots, frozen nose and other body parts. I FUCKIN LOVEEE IT ALLLLL good to be home. For the past three winters since coming home, I marveled on how i lived without THIS for two years..criminal wallah.

9)Trip to kuwait this summer is offically off.Im taking a law,biol,math, and french class and I wont have time to breathe. Oh and doing my thesis:P. Inshalla next summer, i miss the desert..Sometimes..

10) have more time to blog hop. lots of reading to catch up on..That and sleep.


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