Wednesday, February 06, 2008


DID=Disociative identity disorder(as outlined in the DSMV-IV-TR)
Multiple personality disoders: as outlined in hollywood;)

soooooooo yea, I wanna try out another 'creative' outlet. Rather then writing as well me, I will be writing as alter personalities of me! I knoooooow brilliant eh? :P nOt, I know a couple of bloggers have been doing it, I wonder if this will let me let go of any preconceptions or biasness I may have. I dont think I will be going too far off tangent on this, i.e. I will not try to project a newly immgrated chinese person, simply because I know nothing of the culture and nothing about the language. Besides me is to boring and anal and strightlaced to be intersting..So yea thats the plan..Wannaaasa. I think Im gonna start with Dear Diary type of entires! Ok I gotta I have a midterm in an hour:P


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I shall wait and see :P

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