Monday, December 31, 2007


I havent learned anything remarkable or lifechanging in 2007, nothing tramatic, nothing overly exciting, nothing fascinating. Then agian my family life is as always riveting, however mine is as usual quite dull and pale in comparision.

No resolutions, gonna do what I always do, see the people I always see (plus the new ones I keep meeting), go to the same places I usually go too, act the same as I did before, laugh at the same things and just in general stay the same. Hey, its worked for the last 21 years why try and change it now?

Loosen up people, relax, enjoy, and smell the sweet air.

Happy New Year my lovelys

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Expose Part 1

Seeing that lots of bloggers have already embarked on this journey of exposing themselves to the world (shameless;)) I have decided to give it a shot. It would do me some good to be more open ;P. But unlike everyone else, I dont have the patience nor the attention span to list a 100 different nit picks about me. So I shall do this in parts. So without further adue, here it goes;

First 20

1)I love to read. Anything.Everything.

2)I'm a combination of both Nerd and Geek

3)I have huge mood swings. Depending on my day I can be either haughty or flirty..I have no in between

4) I value honesty more then anything in the world.

5) I am very blunt, strightforward.

6) I adore bags and shoes..But especailly bags. The bigger the better

7) I am self-effiecent, extermely independent

8) I always get what I want. Granted I fall on my face..ALOT. but I go after it 100%

9) I was born in kuwait, but orginially from Iraq and raised in Canada.

10) I consider myself Iraqi-Canadain.

11) I have a fond and at times loud apperication for beautiful things ;)

12) I love lattes and allllll coffee in general

13) I love to dance

14) Im not afraid of new things

15) I am logical. At times painfully so

16) I have never been in love.

17) I dont beleive in second chances..People rarely change

18) I can be seen as a pessimist

19) I am a realist to the core

20) I used to smoke.

ooooooooooooofff ugh. tough stuff:P

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Survival/Charlie Wilsons War

Exams are done...My experiments are done..My textbooks are in the processes of being burned..My lab coat is getting a washing out from blood and a variety of chemicals..

I have been shopping and eating out..EVERY SINGLE DAY..Its becoming stressful, but fun to be so free that you dont have to budget your time. Ironically I still get four hours of sleep:P

I went to watch Charlie Wilsons War and my friend and I were almost kicked out..We laughed..Loudly.. At the most inappropriate times. There was a part where the congressman was making a speech about america helping the afganis (giving them weapons and stuff to kill the evil soveits) then he goes and says something along the line that america is on the side of good..We couldnt stop laughing..then he says Alluh Akbar, coming from a right wing jesus loving person was just more enablment for our loud obnixious laughter. The movie was so full of irony that it was hilarous..Being a true story it was just that much more funny..Overall 4/5 stars..Tom Hanks is amazing along with that other guy who was in Capote,I dont feel like looking for his name. He was amazing just fuckin amazing.
I need to watch a few other movies and read a whole bunch of books. I need to murder whats left of my brain cells..wannnaaasaaa.