Sunday, November 26, 2006

**sighs** Image..

Chin settled on khaki clad propped up left knee with the right leg dangling aimlessly on the side of the bed. Back leaning on a mountain of multicolored mismatching pillows surrounded by strewn about calculus book and study guide along with 700 written pages of formulas, one pack of unopened players light ciggerattes, a bottle of fresca lemonade, a kleenx box, 40 caryola markers, a plate with two libna sandwichs with zatarr and a three packs of hershey sticks with caramel filling. Black chinese imbordered cap shoved down messy untamed hair partially covering a face that seems to be fixed in a bewildered expression. Red eyes framed with dark circles and a slightly arched right eyebrow stare cluelessly at an upside down sheet explaining limits of functions. Chapped bottom lip caught in between relentlessly biting teeth. Right hand index finger with chewed down nail taps absently on slightly crooked it nose. Upper torso hunched and cover with real madrid jersey sways back and forth...




Monday, November 20, 2006

The Hunted..Part 3

His chest rouse and fell with the rythme of his expanding lungs. Running with all his might he caught sight of his prey. They were moving cautiously yet quickly across the forest floor. Obviously assuming that he couldnt never catch up to them they had slowed to a steady trot. tsk tsk he mumbled to himself..Poor Dears..Chuckling to himself over his unintended pun he withdraw his ipod out of his pocket and cruised it to Enrique Iglesis Not in Love..Singing softly to himself he propped his left shoulder on nearby twisted tree. Sighing he wondered where his uncle was..Seriously that man was one lazy ass. He was the one dragging him out of his bed in ungodly hours wanting a slave..Goddamn slave driver he though affectionatly..Gotta love the man. Watching the deer they were looking around the surrounding areas with fear..Haram wala I shouldnt torture them any longer. Might as well take them out of thier misery now. Strightening he took out the well bent cultery knife, wiping it on his knee he flicked off some deer hair.. Letting out a breath he materialized out of no where infront of the deer. Before they had a chance to react he plunged the knife in one, using it as an anchor, he flipped his body into an arieal sidekick rupturing the other ones lungs. Dropping down to the ground he groaned when he saw his pants had a snag in them..Fucken twigs.. Pouting he grabbed the deers and went back to the tree to hang them with the rest of thier relatives. Looking up at them he regreted not having his digicam with him..Sordid art..That was all the rage..Next time I'll pack it with me he told himself. Paying full attention to his ipod music selection he looked up when he heard a low growl from behind him...

To Be Continued..

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Hunted..Part 2

Feeling no strain he felt the adrenaline start to surge through his body. The deer looked to thier right to see him running weighed down with thier relatives accross his shoulders, yet thier weight didnt not seem to hinder his insistent stride. He moved closer to the trailing deer, he saw that this little one was already exhuasted. He ran past the surprised deer moving before it by a hundred meters. Turning, he began to run backwards without losing his stride with the same ease as he had when running forward. The deers eyes grew ten fold. Hardly grunting he tossed the deer off his right shoulder high in the air,simultaneously reaching for his knife that was clutched between his pearly white teeth. In a split second he flicked his knife dead centre between the young deers eyes. He turned around and easily caught the deer that he had flung. Running back he dragged the fallen deer before adding its weight along with its relatives accross his sturdy shoulders. Relizing that the other two deer had a head start he began running with new found determination. His face began to flush under the strain of the additional weight he had accumlated, letting out a breath he tossed the three dear off his shoulders and hung them artistically on nearby cyprus tree. Pausing only a second to admire his work he turned around and began to charge towards his final two prey.. The air had grown warm as the morning sun shined without filter of the clouds . It flashed through his think unruly chestnut hair showing streaks of summer gold. The excitment caused his hazel eyes to grow dark and smoldering. His lean body covered by camoflouge clothing was obstructed only by a slightly bulging tummy. His roman nose and high cheeks had turned pink from biting canadain early morning. Grinning with pleasure he ran with the strength of an elk and the speed of a cheetah..

To Be Continued..

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Hunted..Part 1

Mishu Baby..These are for you..My own little barbarian ;)

He slid soundlessly between the trees,ducking and keeping his torso low to the ground. The broken streams of dawn sunlight flinted and winked across the forest floor. The heavey fog had lifted and now all that remained was a thin mist that covered the remants of the night. His breath came out cloudy as the night temperature presisted,his heartbeat increased as he sensed a movement to his left. His hand dipped into his camoflage pants to withdraw a cultery knife. Knife in hand head dipped low he moved expertly almost lazily downwind. One deer looked up absentmindedly then return intently to its grazing.. Crouching low he curved his full mouth into a slow appericative grin, he can handle 5..Cest na pas problem. Keeping his eye on them he circled his prey stealthily allowing them to pick up his scent. He watched as thier muscles tensed and thier heads circled the clearing. Singing H.I.M Killing Lonliness he charged into the clearing swinging his blade. The deer stood frozen in time as they took in this invader of the thier morning meal. Moving at the speed of lightening he drove the cultery knife deep into the unexpectant deers lungs.Without pausing he withdraw the knife and plunged it into the other deer right next too it. The remaing three deer had now fully registered the clamity of thier situation. Scrambling with thier thin nible legs they ran from the clearing. Bending down he scooped up the fallen deer and tossed one on each shoulder. Charging after the deer he caught with them easily matching them stride by stride.

To Be Continued..

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I dont Respond too..

--Coddling--I like my personal bubble..Hugging kissing with either sex creeps me out..

--Sympathy--If something bad happened..It was meant to happen..Khalas dont get all emotional and shit..MOVE ON..

--Pity--Ill fuckin whack u on the head...

--Guilt trips-- Wont work..When I do something it cause I want to do it..Dont waste ur breath

--Encouragement--I can do shit without the pompoms and mini skirts..Mabye if you look hot in the mini skirt then why not ;)..

--Sweet talking--Ur wasteing my time and yours..Not gonna do it..

--The cold Shoulder--Darlin if you want to say something to me..Say it in my face..The cold treatment will just move u down my foodchain...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Grounded...Still in shock..

I was innocently lounging lazily accross the couch seriously channel surfing.. Then suddenly..Lightening flashed, the lights dimmed,the wind howled across the green window shutters(ok no with me here:P),my heart pounded(I dont have one..but figuretively speaking),my breathing became erratic..A shadow loooomed over me..(Hard to beleive seeing that my mother is like half my height and weighs as much as my thigh)..Ilmuhim..Where was I? Ah yes the shadow..Looming, hands on jutted out hips, beautiful face fixed into a frown..

"Lily"The voice was low(NEVER a good sign with arab women)
I look up one hand still clicking through channels the other transporting pringles pausing midway to my mouth.. "Huugh" I gulped
"Your room is dirty"
"What else is new?"
"Your going to clean your room..NOW.."
"huh? you serious?!?!?"
Mother walks up to the TV shuts it off..I was still staring at her in shock..Im her faverorite for heavens sakes!! The sun raises and sets with my permission!! What the fuck?
"Oh also no more computer either..Your grounded..."
I choke then I laugh (dug myself a deeper grave I know) then I sober up only to see the frown to transform into a glare..Shit..

Im still in denial...What the hell is going? I was NEVER grounded in my ENTIRE pathetic life!!!!!!!!!!! Now she wants to displine me when Im 21?!?!?(ok so ALMOST 21 but stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllll)

**sighs** Im NOT drama queen...Ok..Mabe just a bit..a tiny weeny bit..and I am NOT childish...alrite..agian just a bit..Aint no body perfect:P

Friday, November 03, 2006


There are those of us who tend to live life as dependent varibles. Waiting, needing to be guided,nurtured,loved and commanded. Seeking independent varibles that mold us into submissive and obiedent numbers. Its all a matter of stats people. The independent varibles constrict sometimes to improve the dependent varible allowing it to flourish under its gentle yet firm hand..Other times it inhibits that varible making it weak,selfish,pitful and over all spineless.

Why the fuck do you go along with it? Is it due to the fact that our enviorment has shaped us into varibles that are easily crafted and as easily destructed? Is it the presence of a constant or wavering independent varaible since birth? What makes us so dependent? Yet makes those of us so independent? Is it better to submit or to rebel and change the curve to your favour? When is it you cross that invisible line where you do not know what type of varaible you are? Why is it we are so limited to certian degrees of freedom? Who decides the independent variables? Other then relgion should thier be more independent variables?

Bottom line can you shift your confidence interval uncaring of the gernal norm? Can you move away from the median and become an outlier? Can you?