Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lazy Summer Days

Ladies and Gents I have been vegitating as of late. Doing nothing other then watching movies, going out with freinds, cooking,window shopping(sad state of affiars when u dont have money:P),talking to people, reading, yada yada.. Im bored shitless..I have had nothing to study for the past week and I am going quit mad I tell ya.. I mean, I still do my lab work and thier are some awsome stuff on pubmed about the experiments we are doing and what I will be doing come september. But seriously, no stress..This is not normal..This sucks..I want school. Now speaking of school, I think I have mentioned before I was originally in aerospace engineering for a record breaking two weeks before I switched to the damn sciences. I have two years left, but I dont think i have it in me to continue in this feild. Dont get me wrong I love neroscience, it is some fascinating stuff and it is actually practical. But suddenly I am feeling that a Psych degree, even if it is the science stream and is concentrating in neroscience and minoring in satistics is not good enough. I am welling to go all the way withit..But since this little seed of doubt has been planted I have done the very lily thing to do..Rather then set and contimplate about it..I reapplied to engineering..I know I know I know, I dont do well in calculus and engineering is basicly four years of hell...But still..Maybe I will change my mind or they wont accpet me to begin with..Maybe im just too fuckin bored:P lol. Ilmuhim thats my life I want to take some pics so u guys, ottawa is stunning in the summer. Oh and I found this awsome little open french bakery with the world best breads,and cakes.omg the cakes..Ill take pics I promise..Im gonna go stuff my face and see who is cheating on who in the khaleeji series..

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Ok got a few minutes in between my crazy schedual that is tailored to a patient in the mental hospital, ilmuhim here is a few things that have been going on

--bombed a big ass midterm for chem, just finished the third test two days ago, dont fuckin ask
--moved from a house to an apartment on the day of my stats assignment and practical lab exam for chem oh and a day before my chem test
--one of my brothers spent three days of his already useless and senseless life in the hospital..Unfortunatly he isnt dieing, Im not that lucky people. Something is funky with his appendix, he spent those days flashing people his goods, flirting with the nurses,doctors,patients anything that walked really. He is an exhibitionist, Iwonder if it runs in the family, when i tell him 3aib cover your ass he says and I qoute'Why should I? I took seven hundred squats a day and heavey weights to get it like this might as well flaunt it'. Shameless him and the damn nurses who were at his beck and call..Ladies the guy is 17 and he has u wrapped around his pinkie..9ig shameless (I am bitter and dripping with envy:P)--oh and that very brother got an offer from a photographer who shoots for Flare and Seventeen to take pictures of him and refer him to an agent..Ewwww
--My finals are back to back
--My moods have been manic at best..
--Today I dropped off my dad who is going to the land of LandRovers and Jaguars and the Land of the two rivers.
--Iraq won the Asian Cup..Dave baby, pay up..In full;)--Younis,Nashat, hawar and anwar with my number and addressed I have sent my apartment key with the hours of operation..Im all yours:P
--I go study now..