Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lazy Summer Days

Ladies and Gents I have been vegitating as of late. Doing nothing other then watching movies, going out with freinds, cooking,window shopping(sad state of affiars when u dont have money:P),talking to people, reading, yada yada.. Im bored shitless..I have had nothing to study for the past week and I am going quit mad I tell ya.. I mean, I still do my lab work and thier are some awsome stuff on pubmed about the experiments we are doing and what I will be doing come september. But seriously, no stress..This is not normal..This sucks..I want school. Now speaking of school, I think I have mentioned before I was originally in aerospace engineering for a record breaking two weeks before I switched to the damn sciences. I have two years left, but I dont think i have it in me to continue in this feild. Dont get me wrong I love neroscience, it is some fascinating stuff and it is actually practical. But suddenly I am feeling that a Psych degree, even if it is the science stream and is concentrating in neroscience and minoring in satistics is not good enough. I am welling to go all the way withit..But since this little seed of doubt has been planted I have done the very lily thing to do..Rather then set and contimplate about it..I reapplied to engineering..I know I know I know, I dont do well in calculus and engineering is basicly four years of hell...But still..Maybe I will change my mind or they wont accpet me to begin with..Maybe im just too fuckin bored:P lol. Ilmuhim thats my life I want to take some pics so u guys, ottawa is stunning in the summer. Oh and I found this awsome little open french bakery with the world best breads,and cakes.omg the cakes..Ill take pics I promise..Im gonna go stuff my face and see who is cheating on who in the khaleeji series..


Blogger eshda3wa said...

its ur life


see where it takes u

moo lazim u settle for something u dont want

just dont khasbig urself !

goodluck girl!

5:01 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

"just dont khasbig urself" that sentance made me smile the entire day:P 9ig hybrid:P

6:26 PM  
Blogger Swair. said...

i agree with Eshda3wa, see what feels right and go for it..

and i want cake pics... NOW!

and everybody's cheating on everybody in all the khaleeji series :p

6:18 AM  
Blogger Princess said...

wow, madre laish i felt so stupid after reading all that science major hopping thing, mashala 7abeebti and i think u should not be bummed min switching around and stuff lana u need to find ur niche, and u cnt find it by just lazing around

and cakes?? hmm i dunno, not a big fan but enjoy

1:52 AM  

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