Monday, April 23, 2007


Ten weird thingy mijgies..

1) I not only drool and snore..Loudly, mind you when I sleep..I talk to myself..Apparently I plan my day, right down to how many miles Im running..Neurotic eh?

2) I like eating choclate with chips..One bite of this another of this..Its all about the sweet and salty sugar..

3)I have a shoulder and back fetish..*raises an eyebrow* I think those body parts are just so mm mmm good;P

4)I am my harshest critic and toughest driver...I NEVER compare myself to anyone but myself..Narcisstic you might think..true..But I have my own personal standards I dont give a damn about anyone else...

5)I am overprotective of my friends and my family..Throw water on them and Ill castrate you:P

6)I THRIVE on stress. I whin and bitch..but I love it..Sick I know..

7)Everymorning no matter what when I wash my face I look at myself in the mirror..I lean in..Then I roll my eyes..I still havent figured out why I do that..

8)As soon as a boy/man opens his mouth with me..Weither arguing or agreeing I reduce them to the status of every man/boy in my life currently..Little bro status:P

9)I love men perfumes..They not only turn me on bas I love wearing them..Current favorite Perry Elis Anniversy Edition..*fans herself* hot:P

10)I constantly carry on convos with myself..In public..These 'convos' have a tendency to escalate to full fledged arguements..Thats right ladies and gents, I argue with myself OUTLOUD in public...

I think everyone has beent tagged so far..But lets be honest people..We all have more then ten things that are strange about us..Lets give this another round shall we? I TAG EVERYONE..muwhahahahah say my name biooootch:P

--So finished the damn accounting.NEVER agian..I promise..Well..I will try to promise:P
--Finished Cognitive
--Two papers and one more lab exam to go..Inshalla Khair.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Note to self

If the class has a fuckin outline dammit Lily just read it hun... Instead of thinking of yourself as Miss. I know it all and i have a stick firmly embedded in my fat ass. No, next time read the damn thing and make sure you follow it..You know why sugar? Cause that way you wont have a FAILING mark in the course genius. Ok? And when they say do the labS(notice the S smart ass?)per chapter. YOu do ALL the labs..Not one.Not just fucking one.. Ok?Ok? Alrite.?.Get your ass back to studying..

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

..thus far..

--Presented my presentation in AI(got an A ;P)
--Handed in 20 fuckin page paper on AI (I better get a damn A:P)
--Finished Stats (3hr05 minutes handed my exam in)-I was seriously hoping for a decent mark in this course..Cause people..Its not a hard course.. Now the final was not bad.. but damn long..I know ten marks are gone already on calculations and god knows how much for theroy..Allah Yester bas..
--Forensics--I did the lily thing..I walked out..I didnt finish the short questions and I decided I wanted to choclate..So I handed my exam and left..Dont..Dont Dont ask wwhy..This is why I go to therapy once a week..**sighs**

Coming up
--Managerial Accounting
--Lab exam
--One paper on Psych as a science
--One paper on Behavioural Psych( both 6 pages)

Yea..You guys need to put up with my bitchin :P

off handed random note
**booty dance** LETS GO SENIEESSS LETS GOOO WOOOOOOT WOOOOT..My boys in red 1 down 3 more to go lets show those penguines how to waddle ;)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Corner oak and birch desk top unseen through layers of papers describing jury selection, animal ansethia, contribution statements, outlines for ratio,regression and difference sampling, connectionist approachs to memory, rough copies of paper describing AI and its societal evolutions and of course litter of crispy mini's, bounty bars, half eaten sandwichs, creme puff cookies, pudding containers and empty water bottles cover every surface in a ten meter radius.Left leg proped hip height on a spare chair ,right leg taps to Mika's Lolipop playing in the background..In the midst of it all..Highlighted text book lays open, one hand, with no viewable nails, frantically writting down highlighted passages while the other brings up whats remaining of a rice cake to a dried chapped mouth, that is in a half yawn, which accompanies blood shot raccoon eyes toped with messy hair pulled on top of head in a loose half assed bun.

Lets try to be civil..If your going kick my ass, I favor the left cheek..