Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dans l'amour avec Montréal

Loved it once, loved it twice, loves it forever!! Im thinking seriously off doing school there..They are beautiful people, lovely city, good food, yummy men and women. Just perfect!
Currently trying to fix alllllllllllll the things that went wrong the past few weeks..Wish me luck people!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Its written yea..but no one did the proof reading!


shit block of two weeks..


good news, havent indulged in cake or chocolate..Still going to the gym

bad news, I am now sucking on the cancer sticks agian...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. Just FED UP.

fuck fuck fuck ffuck

make it go away.



oh wait I know why cause it fun to see me being fucked..agian and agian

not impressed

on a happier note, my visa has gotten a nice work out here
and here
and here
and here
and here

and on this weekend;

lets see if lily can take more fuckin eh? Sure she can.. been there and done that babes.

Pic's gonna go up soon for winterwonder land and montreal

stay unfucked my lovelys

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Cupid Spanking Day

To dysfunctional relationships ;)

stay fou dans l'amour my lovelys

Saturday, February 07, 2009


Sayings of Crazies

"oh his voice just excites my dopaminergic system"
---> lily on ne yo's voice

" ya3ni ya al habib inta 7amar?"
---> lily to a moron sales associate:P

"so you have been a goody two shoes all your life eh?"
----> muslim girl to atheist chinese girl

"come..lets cuddle"
---> lily to bus driver

"Oh good work hunny, he is just lickable!"
---> lily to her friend after meeting her friend's male partner..he was right behind me:P

"ooooooh talk to me dirty baby"
----> lily to her morning coffee

"*stroking nine west shoes outside the dressing room* oh my precious my precccious"
---> yea..outloud with sound effects..dont judge me:P

"but your a slut habibi, your opinion on morals are really irrelevant"
--> lily to gay friend over morning coffee

" oooh look!!! A new paper is out on Ghrelin!!!"
---> sad..walla sad..this was during my "break"

"you cant leave me with this..this..thing!"
--> baby sister gesturing with disgust towards my borther:P!

" why....hellloooo handsome!"
--> lily to every male that she forgets the names of

" yea.. keep moving.."
--> when people dont agree with me

"shino ya3ni shitte? you pray to ali??"
---> wow...blonde moment right there sweetheart

" I am pan sexual, I dont discriminate based on sex, gender, creed, culture, relgion or ethnicity"
---> lily letting the ultra orthodox muslim chick have a heart attack

"I would have my way with you..right here..right now..but I am eating"
-->lily to female friend who scored tickets to see the fray!!

" I cant quit you!!!!!!"
---> lily to bestie

"I dont beleive in exclusivity..we are both mutually exclusive adults"
---> explaining my relationships

"let me write that hippocampus is still sleeping"
--> lily to prof on room numbers

"the caudate putamen makes me want to lick something"
--> lily on neuro anatomy

ok gonna stop, this was compiled suprising not by me, as much as self centered loser I can be, but by a friend who is keeping track of this shit:P. She just posted on facebook,so I thought of sharing it:P

stay pagal my lovelys!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Random ramblings

--got a midterm tomorrow..but I am blogging..freakin terrific

--bought a new eye liner from sephora that I had been eyeing in like forever..Stila, Onyx. Ladies (and my experimenting gents;)) if you need a black kohl like eyeliner this is the one. Positive, its veeeeeeerry black, goes on super duper creamy, so careful, and blinds like a dream. Negative, after 9 hours at school, it collects on ur inner corners, so make sure to smoke out your entire eye. Personally I dont think its worth the money..I will let u know if I change my mind

--started eating all healthy agian..regreting it already:P I am now day dreaming of strawberrry tarts

--winterlude starts next week..first winterlude without beaver tails and hot sad

--mother making noises about medical school..I dont know where the woman gets her ideas

--I may visit the states this summer, if everything goes as planned

--montreal is totally happening this "reading break"

-- need to go skiing..bas with who??

--need to decide what i am doing next year..if anything..

--going to go study now

stay smart my lovelys

Sunday, February 01, 2009

I wanna

go skydiving



mom is being a mom, but thats ok I lied to her when I went bungee jumping and she was all fascinated when I showed her the tape later:P


its soooooooooooooo expensive!! Ok not sooooo expensive but expensive for my very poor student debated loaned ass budget..

it would come up to easily 32o CD


not cool..

I need a sugar daddy or mama...volunteers?

ooffft I suppose this means picking up more shifts at work *sighs*

stay rich my lovelys