Thursday, July 26, 2007

WaitingRooM RuckUs Part 1

We Canadians may have awsome health care in comparsion to the States ( the states suck over all) however we have killer waiting times.. And it is only natural in my opinon I voice my opinon..Loudly..

So here how it went down..

Situation:Grandma had a massive fever and swollen neck. She went from making me kababs to not being able to breathe..In four hours. Shes been strapped on the ambulance thingy for the past five hours.

At first i was patient, polite, courteous my usual sunny and sweet self but as the hours progressed and it had become dawn my disposition went from my usual dry sarcastic humourous self to blunt sarcasm laced with obnxiousness.
Marching to the reciption/nurses station

Lily: let me get this stright. This entire hospital doesnt have a single bed for this old lady?

Bitchy Nurse: Ma am I told you before we will get to her as soon as possible.

Lily: Oh ok Im soo going to depend on your answer, you told us we will be in in a few hours..That was at 12 30 am..Its not 4 25..See that **points at the wall clock** its been over four hours lady. your not manufacturing the bed are you?

Bitchy Nurse: I am not going to tell you again ma am , wait your turn and we will see to your grand ma when we get to her

Backing away from the reciption and raising my voice

Lily: :Lady, if I dont see a damn doctor in 15 minutes I am going to sue your rude lazy asses. My taxes pay for this place, and help me god if anything happens to my grandma.

Um at this point my father was flying accross the lobby to shut me up and he bruised my arm. If my mom didnt hold him back I swear he would have slapped me...I am not allowed to do anything '3aib' even when its warranted. Ilmuhim moving on..

Half an hour later, watching a cute young young intern mumble under his breath in between his three hundred senseless questions, I was hiding a yawn when;

Cute Doc directing to my grandma: You have a fever

Lily:*snorts* yea she does

Cute Doc: uh um your throat looks swollen too

Lily: no shit sherlock, she cant breathe

Dad:Lily shut up


Cute Doc:*uncomfortable* I, uh well I'll start you on IV

Lily:* rolls her eyes* shes been on IV for the past six hours when she was waiting for you to tell her she has a fever and give her some asprin

Mom: What is wrong with her?

Cute Doc: uh I uh well she has a fever and a swollen throat and uh I uh

Lily: your kidding me right? Who the hell gave ur medical degree?!?!

Dad:inchabi ba3dan ma3ach inti fashalteena ya galeelat il idab

Lily: Shooofah hatha!! 7amar walla, Listen I want to see your bailey

Cute Doc: Bailey?

Lily: yea like the one from greys anatomy

Dad to my mom: inyanat bitich

Cute Doc: I uh I will see what i can do ..

Tuesday, July 24, 2007



I should grovel shouldnt I? Im soooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy.. I completely forgot about my blog and I had no reason too..I mean at first I had nothing to say (shocking I know) and then to add to my already hectic schedual I started my fuckin chem class that is like from 9-4 with intensive pre and post labs and I have essentially gone bonkers with it all...
I know I know I know..Not a good excuse I know and I apologize **big doe eyes**.

So Im gonna go blog hopping and say hi to everyone and hopefullly **fingers crossed** be more relible in terms of the blog..

In case ya'll are intersted I have been up to nothing but school, come to think of it I dont remeber the last time I slept a full 8 hours..Or 7..Or 6...Sad eh? As most of u know I hate chem..No wait..I ABHOR DETEST chem..terrible subject..I mean the subject isnt THAT bad but man the labs..What the Fuck!?!?!?! insane just insane...

My trip to kuwait is offically cancelled seeing that my lab prof simply cant function without me being his minon 24/7. May be December? Or early next summer? I soooo need a break people.. My brain cells are commiting sucide one after another its a sad sight to see.:P

Ok I go read over my notes, blog hop and then update tomorrow I gotta tell you people about my hospital stint..:P