Monday, October 30, 2006

...Nuttin much..

So I have been everywhere yet nowhere for the past couple of days..My days seem to have less then 48 hours,there is never enough time to get HALF of the stuff you wanted to get done to actually get done..Seeing that I have nothing of value to add to your already overloaded brains(**snorts**Im trying to fluff your egos :P)Heres a bit of my forever wondering random thought...

--Tight jeans on girls...Hot, can I get your number?..Tight jeans on boys....Be my shopping partner luv ;)


--I hate internet providers..Sympatico Im gonna stalk you you bastards..

--MY phone bill is waaaaaaaaaaay overdue..I havent found the courgae to actually LOOK at my bill..Any volunteers?

--Im gonnnnnna be makin coookies tonite!!!! Yea yea I got a damn calculus midterm on friday..I dont care anymore:P

--One of my feet is slightly larger then another..I was comparing them during methods class :P

--I tend to be abusive when Im carrying more then one bag..I do so quite often actually..

--There should be a law stating that all gorgous creatures CANNOT be gay or commited..They should be avalible for the rest of us single fools who like to look and flirt openingly..

--Hijabi sluts....WoooooW...I want your autographs..

--If I agree to lunch with a freak...Does that make me a freak?

--Man of the year..I'd like a robin willams to go plz..No no dont supersize him..

--Marriage is looking glooomier by the minute..

--If I dont get into my stats classs Im murdering an innocent bystander..

--I luuuuuuuuuuuv my neocounter..all you pretty people from all over the world...I likey you :P

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The lovely lady faith tagged me..Although I already did this particular one on Fedo dido's blog I shall indulge the little princess..

Last birthday? March 3
Last meal? Mars and Bulgian Choclate rice krispies (Think fatty cells people..faaaattty cells)
Last spending splurge? inshalla this weekend..Gonna get me something small and shiny..then something big and hottttt ;)
Last time you cried? ahhh ummm like full out crying? muhraam..
Last career? ha!!! Funny kilish funny..STUDENT always will be..
Last website visited? Faitho al duba
Last person you spoke to? cute superintendent who came over to rescue us from the flame that was burning in the furance..Expect he told us later that umm it was normal to have a flame in the furance.Cute mashallaa 3alah ;)
Last song you listened to? P Diddy and Christina Tell me.
Last book you read? John Grisham The Client...Agian :P
Last TV show watched?House..My god gorgous..I want to be a doc just for the cute insensitive docs..
Last person you IM'd? Homood
Last word you said? "mabbbeee inaaam!!" To my mother who in her head im still 4 ;P

I tag whoever wants to be tagged..So your it..:P

Oh HAPPPY EIIIIDDDDD..I went to school today..yea yea I suck tell you peeps about it later :P

Sunday, October 22, 2006

yupppppies, I have offically,single handedly messed things up...agian..Someone get me a medal or something..

Saturday, October 21, 2006


--Action potentionals propegating at unearthly speeds down mylenated axons and then refusing to release my dopamine... Damn Cheats..

--My hippocampus is still on vaction..20 years and counting..

--I think I killed all my cones in my fovea..I see no color..

--My cerebal cortex hurts like a bitch..The meniges aint doin thier jobs..

--I might have also somehow destoryed the corpus collesum..explains my lack of eye hand corrdinations from one side to another..

--Acetyalcholine has been restriced in my muscles..I havent been to the gym in a week..**shudders**

--I can FEEEEL fatty cells growing..Nothin but choclate and fats the past few days..

--If I had some nicotine I wouldnt need cocain..So give me a damn ciggie aleardy!..Make it two..Oh light plz.. :D

--I think Im insane..No wait cross that out..I KNOW I am..Im quite proud of it thank you..

--I slept a total of 27 hours in the past 6 and a half days..I counted them..

I think I need to sleep..Did u know that your growth hormone is secreted out during sleep? Your metabolism is at its peak when ur alseep too..You even burn calories when your asleep..Your body as a biological entity needs sleep to survive and thrive..


ahem..Yea Im going to go and ummm I dunno.. Ilmuhim Morning..If ur about to go to sleep bad night to ya..







Hi ;)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Feelin me?

Mecca jeans cover yoga crossed legs,gettting achy from the wooden floor. Oversized Roca Wear black t shirt draps hunched shoulders. Bent head covered with Fubu toque,hiding hair pulled in a loose bun. Toes enveloped in rainbow toe colored socks,tap incessently to Bach. One hand clutching 10 pound dumball does another set of tricept stretches while the other highlights methods in research and periodically popping homemade rice krispees in the ever eager mouth...

**Deep breath** Give it to me..

be useful and pray ;)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Confessions..Part 1

--I am attracted to the oddballs..Periecings,tatoos..You name it I find it fascinating..

--Im immune to high fast rides..My logic ruins the thrill..

--Im cold hearted..Dont expect symapthy..

--Sarcasm is my first name..And my last

--I love watching people...What you people do when you think no one is watching you is just...Soo uninhibited ;)

--Can you draw? Can you paint? Baby Im yours ;)

--I enjoy multiculturism..Different colors :P

--I tend to avoid arabs as the plague..Depends if ur diluted or not

--I wouldnt hesistate to shoot a gun..I shot only once..I felt a thrill loooooool.

--I have a deathly interst in fast things..Thats why I shouldnt be given a licence.

--I feel more confortable in guy cloths..I go to the guy section more then I go to the girls section

--I walk like a guy..No wait I SWAGGER like one..

--Love heels..Makes ur butt looks smaller and tyou look taller therefore skinner then you really are :P(as you can see i am become a fluff:p)

--Pink on guys..Is just..sooo..sooo Damn hot ;)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

An Offering..

Sitting in my Biological Foundations class I swing my left leg up and down and draw an intricate design of never ending pipes(my brain is a complicated place:P)

Now my prof is well..At least 200 years old,texan(can you BELEIVE that canadians allow americans to teach thier childern?!?!?!?!..Harper's doing I tell ya),and sloooooooooooooooooooooooow... Heres a sneak peek..Just in case you cant sleep at night and those night caps are not doing thier job..

"Caaahhhlaaaaaas,...............Thhhhhhhhe hiyyyyyyyyyyeeeendbrhaaaaain....Consiiiiiiiiiiiiiists....Con...siiii....ttts.. oooooooohf..a....a....a....a. meeeehhhduuulllaaaaahh...pooooooooooooooooooooooooonns.. aaaaahhhhhnnd ceeerrreeabluuuuum"

MY GOD!!! For you normal folks he was trying to the say "class the hindbrain consists of a medulla,pons and cereblum" Ilmuhim you can see that I ,who suffers with a low attention span, cannot, welll, pay much attention to this guy.

So I was swinging my legs(admiring my baby phat shoes:P) and drawing smart looking never ending pipes.. basicly I was minding my own damn beeeeswax.. During my intent drawing ,my bottom lip caught betweeen my teeth my shoulders hunched back in concentration,the maze of pipes growing more intericat,my heart pumping normaly...

"miiiiiissssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus" The voice sent shivers down my spine..The lights dimed..i heard a child cackle in the distance.. The moon appeared in the mid afternooon...

The voice was fuckin close...

I look up with raw fear..The acient relic was speaking....To...Me...

Look people I am NOT over exaggerating here or anything..Im a nice no judgemental open minded pretty much fearless person..But my god this man freaks me out..

I smile sweeeetly and bat my lashes( a girl is entitled to use her assests when in need)"Yes sir", I answer demurely. He leans closer...HEEEEEEEEEEEEELOOOOO personal bubble invasion!!!

"whhhhhhhaaaaaahhht..dooooh yooooouh thinnnnnnnk a meeeduuuuallllh regulllllhhhhaats, phhhwwweety lady?"

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh my god my god my god..My insides were doing somersalts..I can FEEEL everyones eyes pericing into me..

My smiles wobbles but only for a fraction of a second..i bump it up to 1000 watts and I pour all the sweetness into my voice I could muster.."Sir, Im sure your going to tell us what the medulla reegulates" Smile still in place..eyes batting..Hands polietly clasped..Eyes shinning with hero worship.. maaaas5'taha I know:P

The guy on my left...Who till that moment I did not know he existed nor did I care..Leaned obnoxiously close..(Do I have a sign on my head that says "cooooooooooome plz invade my personal bubble?!?!?!?" My god I hate touchy feely people..Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick I tell ya..) Ilmuhim

He leans in and says in a stage whisper where all 50 students could here perfectly fine.."He just did pretty lady" he mocked the prof and mocked me..The bastard!!! If looks could kill the kid would have been a goner..
I look at him over my shoulder. "Then Im sure you can tell everyone what the medulla regulates pretty boy " I replid regally (ok mabye I didnt reply regally..It was mabye maaaaabbbbye a bit bitchy..But so what:P)

Ilmuhim the prof walks away distracted by the lights(he cant switch on the lights..North Americas leading neuroscientist cant turn on the light switch...typical)

So I ignore the jerk near me and I left class forgetting about the entire escapade..On my way to the bus stop..I spied with my little eye someone with piercings,vibrant weird green eyes,dyed black hair, wide shoulders drapped in a camoflage jacket. The jerk... I ignore his smirk and try to walk past him..he...Moves...In...front...of!!!

I was seeething at this point ..I had a long day..and this guy was asking for it...

Rolling up a ciggerate in his hand he watchs me enjoying my anger.. Damned if I would satisfy his sick mind I smiled sweetly,"Excuse me" I said voice matching look.

He threw his head back laughing, Lit up the ciggerate"You dont seem as nice as u seem"

I was about o tell him what I thought of him and his ancestors before him when the sweet smell of weeed floated near me..i gaped at him...He grinned..

Taking another puff he offered me the ciggerate.."Good stuff" He said smugly..

Head up..Pose taking on years of snob training..I looked down on him (ooooooook allllllllllriiiiiiite my god..i didnt look down on his exactly..He was at least 6 8 but still you know what I mean:P)

"Im fasting" and I walk away...

**sighs*** Dont say it...Dont you say it :P

Btw..I havent smoked this crap..ever..I mean it..:P Im gonna give hima peice of my mind tuesday...


Got me all worked up:P