Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Hunted..Part 1

Mishu Baby..These are for you..My own little barbarian ;)

He slid soundlessly between the trees,ducking and keeping his torso low to the ground. The broken streams of dawn sunlight flinted and winked across the forest floor. The heavey fog had lifted and now all that remained was a thin mist that covered the remants of the night. His breath came out cloudy as the night temperature presisted,his heartbeat increased as he sensed a movement to his left. His hand dipped into his camoflage pants to withdraw a cultery knife. Knife in hand head dipped low he moved expertly almost lazily downwind. One deer looked up absentmindedly then return intently to its grazing.. Crouching low he curved his full mouth into a slow appericative grin, he can handle 5..Cest na pas problem. Keeping his eye on them he circled his prey stealthily allowing them to pick up his scent. He watched as thier muscles tensed and thier heads circled the clearing. Singing H.I.M Killing Lonliness he charged into the clearing swinging his blade. The deer stood frozen in time as they took in this invader of the thier morning meal. Moving at the speed of lightening he drove the cultery knife deep into the unexpectant deers lungs.Without pausing he withdraw the knife and plunged it into the other deer right next too it. The remaing three deer had now fully registered the clamity of thier situation. Scrambling with thier thin nible legs they ran from the clearing. Bending down he scooped up the fallen deer and tossed one on each shoulder. Charging after the deer he caught with them easily matching them stride by stride.

To Be Continued..


Blogger Yazeed said...

nice peice!
dont be long with part 2 :P

mashallah some bloggerettes really have talent. (havent seen a guy so far who actually "writes" )
keep it up

11:48 PM  
Blogger Dandoon said...

Part 2 please:P

11:26 AM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Yazeez-- Talent? Lmao..Why thank you..

Dandoon--Coming right up luv

11:43 AM  

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