Monday, November 20, 2006

The Hunted..Part 3

His chest rouse and fell with the rythme of his expanding lungs. Running with all his might he caught sight of his prey. They were moving cautiously yet quickly across the forest floor. Obviously assuming that he couldnt never catch up to them they had slowed to a steady trot. tsk tsk he mumbled to himself..Poor Dears..Chuckling to himself over his unintended pun he withdraw his ipod out of his pocket and cruised it to Enrique Iglesis Not in Love..Singing softly to himself he propped his left shoulder on nearby twisted tree. Sighing he wondered where his uncle was..Seriously that man was one lazy ass. He was the one dragging him out of his bed in ungodly hours wanting a slave..Goddamn slave driver he though affectionatly..Gotta love the man. Watching the deer they were looking around the surrounding areas with fear..Haram wala I shouldnt torture them any longer. Might as well take them out of thier misery now. Strightening he took out the well bent cultery knife, wiping it on his knee he flicked off some deer hair.. Letting out a breath he materialized out of no where infront of the deer. Before they had a chance to react he plunged the knife in one, using it as an anchor, he flipped his body into an arieal sidekick rupturing the other ones lungs. Dropping down to the ground he groaned when he saw his pants had a snag in them..Fucken twigs.. Pouting he grabbed the deers and went back to the tree to hang them with the rest of thier relatives. Looking up at them he regreted not having his digicam with him..Sordid art..That was all the rage..Next time I'll pack it with me he told himself. Paying full attention to his ipod music selection he looked up when he heard a low growl from behind him...

To Be Continued..


Blogger ScarlO said...

That's hilarious! I bet it's the uncle who was howling behind him. Or growling. Whatever.
errm, I enjoyed the three bits but they're too small!! I mean, 7amdellah I read them all at once; I hope this isn't a trick to keep some sort of suspense; because it just gets on one's tits, darling, and that's not so nice.

Why does he keep listening to gay music, though?

3:46 AM  
Blogger ScarlO said...

oooooh and I deleted my blog as you know, but then the writing bug bit my arse and I had to make a new blog just to post what I .. erm, you know. Wrote.
So check it out at
Was just trying to sound creative with the name. erm, and I miss you bas mo wayed. And delete this comment so that people won't know that you and I openly flirt. 3aib.

3:49 AM  

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