Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Cup With Granny

I am startled out of my lovely deep sleep with a phone call..

"Good morning hayati",My grandmother's voice rings out all sunshine and energy.
I rub my eyes and raise my self on my elbow "Allo hala bibi shlonich"I manage to say between yawns worthy of bears.
"Oh dear are you still asleep you lazy girl?" She tsks
"Mmmhmmm wat time is it?"Asking I grab my phone and see its 9
"Bibi habibtiy inti its 9..On a sunday..I slept at 4 yesterday!!!"
"Oh no how many times did I tell you to sleep on time? Have you seen your face? YOu look fifty not twnety. You should nt study so hard!! " She says aggervated
I try really hard to restrain myself from uncontrolable laughter..Study?? Baby I was having a movie marathon..But ssssshh what they dont know cant hurt them..
Anywhoo back to the convo ..You people sidetrack too much:P
"Im coming over to clean up your closet"She declares statisfied with her self..
"What? why? Its finnne..You dont have to do any work!!"
"No No Im coming and thats final"
"Yes bibi"
"Wake up wash your face and make some tea"
"Yes bibi"
"And I want to see you eat breakfast..Just because your fat doesnt mean you starve yourself..God created you this way"
"Inshalla bibi"
"Oh and we need to call your mom and dad"
"Of course bibi"

So my granny comes over we clean until I cannot move my arms anymore and when the closet and kitchen look spotless my game has started..Now for those who arent too bright I ADORE football..Quite frankly I love it..Im not one of those girls who likes one team cause they're hot or those who watch the game to catch guys..I LOVE THE FUCKING GAME..LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT... Ever since I was kid I was hooked..Now that Im grown up Im addicted..Cause now..I can tell the difference between hot players and cute players ;) Seriously though..I watch games most of time without a favorite..I love to watch the ball being passed to the players..Goals dont interst me as much as the game its self...Ball possesion doesnt interst me as much as seeing the ball being played you get my drift? Good.

So I get all ready plop myself on the floor and pray for a good game..Not an easy we scored they scored then we scored game..But something with flare and something with attitude..

My grandma of coures find this amusing at first..But as the game progresses she becomes more aggetated..More grouchy..She thinks Im being silly and that this is not how a lady should act **snorts** as if anything I do is what a lady should do..Puh lease..

During half time we called my parents..My mom was rooting for france (zine is arab we should support him uhuh sure watever..Cause he's arab I dont like him) And all I hear in the background is my dad demanding silence so he can analze the game with his friend over the phone..After the phone call my grandma decrees that we are all bloody mad.

So during the game I shout I yell I swear (I tried holding myself back..Reaaaaaly tried) But I mean come on..After that red card I called zine every name in the book..Way to end your career you jackass. I mean I should be happy he got kicked out..But over all the guy had skill you had to give him that..And for the majority of the time he had attidue and flare..So he was up there..Why ruin it like that? Typical arab I swear.. During the entire game my grnadma was complaning..She saw me answer two phone calls with" screw off Im fucking busy"...And ten with "what the hell do you want?" lol..She is now convinced I will never marry cause no one wants such a vulgar wife;).
So after the penalty shots I started screaming out ole ole (Im obessed with the damn song) And grabbing my grandma I made her dance with me...It was the most memorable game cause of her :D Shes a pain but such a sweet pain..The only person that can get away with telling what I am and still loving my unconditionaly..Bibi...I love you..Your annoying, your too strightforward, your pushy,your over protective,your mushy,your too idealistic, your too neat, your too arab, your too damn religious and I know I am the polar oppisite..But I love you I do I do..

So yea..World cup is over...**sighs** What the hell am I gonna do with my time??? Does this me I have to actually study?!?!?!!?!?!


Blogger No3iK said...

- give lilacs a hug -

hehehehe its over =`[

!!! i keeep thinking what are we supposed to do?? wait ( 4 fn years) ???
any ways ... ur post was ( cute) wherether u like it or not
it is CUTE ;p there u go, ur rep is gone :p hehehheheheheheh

i loved ur granny, wish i had a similar granny, mine, both sides are very harsh stiff, and have control issues lol but u gotta love`em theyre family :*

so ur granny, i love love love 7adha cute :*

i watched the match all alone! i went craaaaaaazy! also with my buds on msn, we all went crazy i guess :s

well like carls said, its not over it just started ! but, then again, its simply not the same :(

best part i will never ever forget!!! the (na6ooooo7) lol
exactly what u said: typical arab!

1:55 AM  
Blogger ZiZoTiMe said...

So you're 50? :P

No more World cup... Don't know either what to do?! waiting for the Euro leagues to start on August and Septemper... Until that time try to find another hobby (don't study at all) :P

11:01 AM  
Anonymous forza italiaâ„¢ said...

First of all mabrook foorrr iitaalllly!!!! luv theeeem !! n its ok i love the game to! not for hot guyz but 4 the actual game ur not alone babz!!;p .. its over!!! yeah im waiting for the euro leagues 2! .. theres nothing to do now!! ;p

11:21 AM  
Blogger Princess said...

this was the only game i saw, and i was anti-fifa until ams and i was jumping up and down and cursing and at a time i was so sad that zidane was such an idiot oh and you call ur grandma bibi?? i do too hehehehe and loool @ the way you answered the phone hehehehehe

11:36 AM  
Blogger Sever said...

That`s what I usually say:
I want to see beautiful football, not beautiful players.

& hey... don`t you think that a clever man prefers a vulgar wife... better than a sheep :P

& I like to sing "ole ole ole, Rossiya nazad!" = "ole ole ole, Russia go back" I`m a real patriot :-D

Your grandma, your grandma... if you cound see my mama... & grandma too :)))

Don`t study too much like me ;-)

11:43 AM  
Blogger Faith said...

WHAT DID YOU DO TO HAYDAR??????????????? MY POOR BABY :(:( :( how come no one informed meee??

world cup is over, but the euro leagues don't end =D

1:59 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

No3ik--**back away** Your getting all touchy feely agian..Im scared..
Post was not cute..It was sarcastic and humours..Lady get your facts rite:P Meeven talking to you have destoryed my tough girl rep..Thanks.. My grandma aint cute either...She just tolerates me cause my mommy isnt here..And my mommy is her favorite ;)
You watched the match alone??Whhhhhyyyy???I guess msn is some kind of subsitute...

Didnt you want to just smack zine right there and then? Hamar wallah hamar...

Zizi--Actually Im 52 why do you go around asking ages of ladies?? 3ab ya walad..I found another hoooobby!!! Shooooooooooping!!! I dont stay in one store for hours..But I buy tons of things I dont need or use..I have ninteen pairs of beige high heels now:P

Froza--Glad I have one sane person on the blogsphere that isnt looking at the players butts when they run..Not there is anything wrong with doing that..;)

Princess--Hey you!! Long time noooo see sugar? Hows you doing? Yes I call my grandma bibi we both have terrific taste ;) HOW can you be anti fifa? I mean come on..Hot guys in sweaty jerseys..Stamina for 90 minutes..Girl we need to talk..Ill convert you ;) But IM glad u loved the game..It was good..Zine is an ass:P

1:25 AM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Sever--here here for beauuttiffful football..Along with the gorgous hunks(addded bonus luv couldnt say no ;)) Men like thier women polite and timid..Hell I like my men polite and timid..NOT..:P Agian russia is an awsome country..I mean you have those wicked hot boots alll year long:) My grandma and mama are the same..what about yours??

Faithoo--**wails** they**hiccups** took**snorts** him**bawls** AAAAAWAAAY..YOur such a bad aunt..Tsk tsk

1:28 AM  
Blogger Princess said...

hmmm i tried to see how the sweating male type people were such a hot sight but no i didnt see that , but i do think that zidane and henry and buffon were so hot ehehehhehe other than that still anti-fifa :)

8:12 AM  
Blogger Sever said...

Not the same.
mama is more crazy.
Totally crazy... yes... that`s hard /especially for papa :-P/, but amusing :)

"I mean you have those wicked hot boots alll year long:)"
Dearest, what do you mean? :P

But yes, Russia is an awesome country.
Can`t say no :)
I love & hate my Russia.
What a deep feeling :)

1:01 PM  
Blogger jiji said...

i hate u! u bought new shoes and i havent... NOT YET!!! just u wait and see!

4:04 PM  
Blogger i_live_in_Q8 said...

how cute..

4:53 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Princess- My sole purpose in life is to convert you..Right after my exams ;)

Sever--I have a russian friend (who I hate totally cause she looks perfect at 5 am in the morning) who wears these boots.. They have no heels they remind me of mosscains..She always wears'em..Mabye its just her..:P Everyone loves and hates thier country..I simple dont understand mine. And moms are all crazy..The lot of'em mad I tell ya..

Jiji--I neeeeeeed more...And whatever you get and I like is totally borrowing property you know that :P

iliveinq8--when your in my place..Cute isnt the word you'd use..

11:20 PM  

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