Saturday, April 01, 2006

Judging People

I personally am a strong adovcate agianst judging people for thier looks..However I have a confession to make. This year was the first year that I am living away from my parents and to be completely honest I may have a leesan 6aweel and I seem haughty and unbreakable but underneath it all Im chicken shit... I hide under my mama's skirts when there is the first sign of trouble.. I talk alot but its all air lol... So when I moved into my new apartment and my brother was as usual testing his new found wings of parental freedom so It was up to me to do some shopping. My aunt having dropped me off at the entrance of my apartment complex and I struggling with a 4litre milk bag and doing a balancing act between the egg carton and eclairs when a shadow falls upon me..........................(insert here B rated scary movie theme) I look up up up up up up (Veeeeerrrrry tall person) and lord an behold a gentalman..I of coures was convinced he was in a gang and needed to kill me to get my eggs thus I honestly shoved the eggs BEHIND me..How pathetic was that?!!??!!!?? I wanted to save the eggs..The thought of having to grocery shop agian was more scary then being murdered...Thats pretty messed up...

So anyway this guy says in a gruff heavey with a jamcain accent,"Do you need me to help with that?"
I translated it at the heat of the moment, "Give me that and I won't hurt you"
I am told that I have medium sized eyes but boy oh boy did they enlarge at that moment..So with my new big eyes, I cleared my throat and tried to get my lips to work..I the talker of all talkers I who according to my father can get Saddam a not guilty verdict, couldnt not form my lips to produce a single syllable word..Sad..
After scolding at myself for being such a coward I smiled shakingly and said in a barely audible voice,"No thank you"
The giant didnt seem to hear so what does he do? HE MOVES CLOSER..My personal bubble pops and I am now offically having a nervous breakdown..
Just when I thought he was going to strangle me he breaks out in to a beautific smile worthy of crest commerical and says in that unique accent, "You just moved in aigght?"
I nodded reluctantly..
"Who are you living with?", He asks intersted
Horrified, scared,cursing my brother and my life,I take a deep breath,"With my brother, father and uncle"I yell
He steps back from either the increase in my vocal volume or of the magnitude of males supposedly living with me.. He continues smiling..I countinue calling my brother every swear word in arabic english and somali...
"Wow, full house",He says laughingly
I merely nod meekly
"Well, if you ever need anything I live right on top of you, give me a shout"He says as he backs away towards the parking lot..
I am left in front of my building baffled..I think I was dissappointed he wasn't a gangster..I then started to feel guilty for judging him just cause he was black and tall ..Then out of the blue my mouth gets dry...HOW THE HELL DID HE KNOW WHAT APARTMENT I WAS IN??? I then run like a maniac to my apartment breaking two eggs in the process..I dump the bags and call my brother in tears and tell him what happened..He in turn doesnt want to interuppt his bussiness(coughfemalefriendcough)..But he took the time to explain to me that that particular gentalman helped my lazy assed bro move the stuff into the apartement...So it explains his knowledge of my apartments whereabouts..

Now this happened about a year ago I still often see him around and he is still very tall ....I often wonder if a blond blue eyed 6 foot soccer player came to offer his help would I have reacted the same way?? The honest answer..YES..But now I have matured and growned I can take on any guy black white orange beige whatever..Bring them on


Blogger Faith said...

LOOL...okay, i confess. He works for me :|

and yes groceries are clearly more significant then your life ;p

9:38 AM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Oh shut up:P HE is nice and useful which is more then I can say for you..:P

2:58 PM  

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