Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Still Not Studying...

So yea Im supposed to be studying..i swear my friends are messed up..I don't know why Im such a sucker..They all got issues...I DIVORCE YOU PEOPLE...Bil thalaath...

I go to school loaded with my books and haidar(oh hadiar meet my readers and my dear readers meet my baby the one thing I can always depend on my laptop...) I lug all my stuff to the library and I HIDE from temptation...But I always FAIL..They are like an addiction..I just saw the shabaab like not even 12 hours ago and I have to see them agian..Man I dont need a smoke as much as I need seeing them..I think its cause they are soo different from me..They are all giggly..gossipy..soo girly...:S I think that is part of the attraction..I have always hung out with the tomboys and the boys..I was raised to act tough and be tough..These chicks are anything but tough..There like pudding lol wobbly and unstable..They have crushes they talk god its like the high school..Times like a hundred..loool...

I have a chem exam in a couple of days..I HATE CHEM..EVIIIIIIL CHEM..When I rule the world Im outlawing chem and bio..Im going to make everyone take stats and physics instead..I will start a reform..An underground railway that will be the sanctuary for chemistry and biology haterzzz..Ok Im going to get off before i give out my entire master plan..Yalla pplzzzzz..omg Im talking like my bro now..ugggghhh


Blogger jiji said...

is my bro ur bro?? my bro adss ZZs to the end of each word he uses/says!! like: yallaazz lets go marinaaaZz! i wannaz drivez!.. testosteron! wut can u do ;p

but why hate bio! chem i can understand! cuz am struggelin with my project that happens to b in CHEM!!..

bs sweetie noooo i hate maths physics and stat.. well stat i can wash down my throat if i was boistat ;p

6:07 AM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

jiji...I think bros all over the world are contracting the same disease.I mean come on the english language is already messed up.Is it really necessary to mess it up more?

Bio sucks..Damn plants..I DONT LIKE PLANTS..Me no likey nope..CHHHEEEMM EVIL I feel for you jiji
Khalas for you no physics when I rule the world Im giving you fiji aside the fact it ryhmes with jiji you wont need math or physics to bask in the sun..kies hayeti?
And you can with biostat if you feel so inclined but as a ruler you wont need to know much..

11:08 AM  
Blogger jiji said...

oooooooooooh sweeeeeetiieeee!!

khalaaas ur offiiiiiccciiiilllly my favorite bloggerretteee :)

ur sooo sweeeet :)

1:06 PM  

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