Wednesday, April 26, 2006


So yea remeber when I said I need a note from a doctor to defer my exam? So thats what I did I hadnt slept the night before and I decided to go to the doctor's without...(brace yourselves) I who's face is not viewable by the naked eye without makeup went without NONE..I was like soooo proud of myself*pat on the back*I figured when sure way to look like crap and sick is not to wear makeup..

I walk into the doctor's office apologizing in my head to the people for having to look at my sorry sight..I fgured Ill be there like two hours tops..THREE AND A HALF hours listening to nonstop talking from this lady from the saudi who talked in ARABIC..Look people I may LOOK arabic but that doesnt mean I speak the language..And I certainly does not mean I can speak it in all dialects..Stick with the english okies?

When I got called in I tried my best to look dead..Doctor walks in gives me one look and we have the following convo..

Doc:Feeling under the weather today (in a very skeptical tone)
Lil:*nods looks pathetic*I feel like I was run over by a truck and they missed all my vital organs
Doc:Let me guess your head hurts?
Lil:*nods with confidence trying harder to look more pathetic*
Doc:Can't breathe properly?
Lil:*Nods still looking pretty miskeen*
Lil:*More nodding looking a little more perky now*THAT one is true
Doc:**laughs**Got an exam today or tomorrow?(asks with a knowning tone..I HATE that tone!!)
Lil:*Nods sheepishly*
Doc:*Chuckles*Alright let see you need note right?
Lil:*nods with enthusiam*
Doc:Alright lets see**write down on paper then hands it to me**
Doc:Anything else?
Lil:**Clears throat nods**I really do feel sick
Doc:**looks annoyed*Take advil you'll be fine
Lil:Shouldnt you check my throat or something**feeling cheated out of my great threatical performance**
Doc:**checks and does all the useless doctory things**Alright take this and it should clear up your sinus infections
Lil:Aha I have a sinus infection!!*satisfied I wasnt going to tell a complete lie
Doc:**raises an eyebrow**Let the school call me if you have any anymore exams coming up?
Lil:*blinks nods**
Doc:Come back if you dont feel better**walks out of room**
Lil:**loks confused drops her bag coughs walks out**

I got my note...........
Gonna update you about some news tomorrow hopefully when Im pretending to study..Till then stay smiling:D


Blogger sweeter_than_salsabeel said...

heyyyyyyyyyy salaam!!! LOOOOL stupid doctors!!! Even if he knew it was for an exam he shouldnt have been an ass about it!!! haha

good luck with that ;) LOL the horrors of not wearing makeup rofl

2:49 AM  
Blogger ZiZoTiMe said...

Hehehe loool
What a doctor :)

8:12 AM  
Blogger A Daydreamer said...

loooool that was sooo funny!!!! he mustve seen that alot by students thats why he knew!! i wouldve pulled the "i-have-a-funeral" card instead (not that ive tried it before or anything hehe)

well... GOOD LUCK on that exam girl!

6:37 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Sweeeets---You dont understand i felt NAKED without my almay and rimmel...Docs are quakes..Hate'em all...

Zizo--tell me about it..He knew TOO MUCH..

Daydreamer--looooOOl There was this one chick in front of me that I have seen around the uni or somewhere..And yea she was given a medical note..So he probably had alot to give out..Besides it was busy time and they charge per note..So why the hasseling?..I need a friend whos a doctor..I need connections..

12:49 AM  
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