Monday, April 24, 2006

Rocky WeEkend

Had a somewhat less then stellar weekend..But alhumdullah for everything..Im not going to post the detials of everything now.>Simply cause its midnight and Im not feeling so hot right now..I am going to go see a doctor tomorrow in the hopes he'll give me a note allowing me to defer my chem exam which is tomorrow..Although I have been studying I keep getting these anxiety attacks..And the events of this weekend didnt make things much better..I am sure if I walked in to the examination room tomorrow Im going to flunk..It happened with Algebra I handed in my exam 45 minutes after it was a three hour exam..So you can take a wild guess on how well I did..

Ever since I can remeber I have been an A student but this year its been pretty much downhill..I know what factors played into that and I will not blame the envorment..But if one thing I learned from my mom is that no matter how hard you fall..If you are alive you pick yourself up wipe off the blood from you lip,strighten your shoulders, lift your chin and do it agian..Never give up..Giving up was never in my dictionary and never will be..

The advantge of being a spoiled brat is getting what you want..Im a believer in getting what you want all it takes is some hard work and a couple of curses..

I got a Stats exam on Friday and Psychology on Saturday..Inshallah Khair..Both subjects I enjoy very much so it shouldnt be too hard.. Oh and another thing which should be a subject of many blogs to come..I've decided to see a theripist...I know I know I should learn to deal with my own problems and I should talk to my friends and family ect..But I think a professional would be a great help..

Besides an added bonous my fathers reaction when hears about this..MuwhahAHAHAhahahah..Im a sick sick sick person..


Blogger jiji said...

tsk tsk tsk.. therapist mara wa7da?!

wuts been goin on in ur life that u need professional help to vent ur darkest inner most feeling to a complete stranger.. who is not just a stranger.. but also gettin paid! y3ny he wont b honset with u.. dont tell they would be honest.. thats complete BS!

friends.. family.. even fellow bloggers.. all those ppl are sure to support u (heart, body, soul, blood)walla! anythin but goin to those QUACKSS!! PLS! try the hard way before headin tothose frauds.. pls.. i know there is nuthin wrong with admittin that u need help.. but therapists.. well 1st of all.. the majority of them arent even doctors! wala 7aa masters walah PhD! so u better pick the good one thoroughly..

as for skool.. well hon.. me like u.. never lifted a finger back in middle skool and high skool! but still scored A*s!!!!

university needs another kind of effort.. to me.. i forgot all bout grades.. i just focused on makin sure i enjoyed wut i studied since my major was a real life major.. not a book to remember ow khalas! ENJOY WUT U READ/HEAR!!


note to jiji: why whenevr i get on my lab top i get online and waste time chattin and bloggin then time flies by.. and the total of typed pages remains the same as it was b4!! SOS!

8:48 AM  
Blogger Faith said...

My lillliieee...dont worry you'll have ur chem deferred, just make up a real film hindi, say ur always sleeping yet cant get enough sleep, and u get dizzy and feel the room coming towards you :D

sh sayer this weekend..and why wasnt i informed?? call meeee

11:21 AM  
Blogger sweeter_than_salsabeel said...

eeeeeeeeee lilacsss!!! you've got a really interesting blog :D i definetly enjoyed reading everything i read!

I'm sorry you had a bad weeekend :( inshallah it gets better! The ups come with the downs after all ;) so youve got somethin to look fwd to! InshAllah u dont have to take ur chem exam , and inshallah you do awwwwwwwwesome on all your others ones!

It's tough when ur so used to doing well at things and then all of a sudden you cant do so great, but lots of good come out with it in the long run, even tho at the moment it completely sucks! One of my fave quotes from confucius is "our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall" And u know wat sis, you CAN get up and you are going to, so dont ever lose hope which i can see ur pretty good at doing ;) [7:42] And (as for) those who believe and do good We do not impose on any soul a duty except to the extent of its ability-- they are the dwellers of the garden; in it they shall abide.

Even Allah SWT bleieves in you girrrrlll ;)

I think its a good thing you're going to see a professional. Sometimes its easier tlaking to someone you dont know, because they wont JUDGE you. And lets face the facts, our friends dont exactly not judge us - they know lots about us and constantly judge us for what we do. Not to say thats wrong as I'm sure we want to make sure our friends aer good ppl etc, but sometimes its easier tlakin to ppl bout problems when theyre not friends! Another advantage of talkin to a pro is that they cant exactly rat u out or spread stuff etc - and even tho u may trust ur freinds with ur life, some of them dont alwyas live up to the trust factor that they promise to! A few disadvantages about seein a pro are that they dont kno you very well so it may be hard for them to give advice or understand ur position as opposed to someone that knows the entire thing!

Anyways, good luck with that! InshAllah it all goes well! and hahahahahah i love the part about u givin ur dad a heart attack.. i give my mom one like every other day telling her im marrying a convert.. gets a pretty damn good reaction!!!

sorry for the excruciatingly long comment! im in a very talkative mood!

take careee

looooooove sweeter

7:51 PM  
Blogger BlueFox said...

hayeti, you have my full support, I was thinking of getting you some sessions for Xmas but I'm glad you want to start now. *smooch* And I know a lot of people don't like professionals (myself included) but there are some really good ones out there who actually give a time. I know cuz I gots me one ^_~. So step fearlessly under their microscopes or whatever and I'll probably be right next door if ever you need me.


btw, if she tells you that girl brains aren't meant for science, take down her name and address cuz I've been meaning to send some explosive devices to her place of residence. ^_~

1:20 AM  
Blogger Obsessive Compulsive said...

I truly admire the fact that you are open-minded enough to go see a therapist o discuss your problems. Many people don't have the guts to do that, and see it as taboo, but infact it is very healthy and I'm sure you will realize that you made a great decision! Sometimes you need to speak to someone who is OUTSIDE the picture so that they are not biased towards the advice that they give you. Family and friends are great, but sometimes they may not give you the HONEST advice in fear of making you feel bad. Allah ewafgech inshalla and I hope this will solve all your problems :)

As for college...believe me, college is college, it's always full of stress but once you're done u will miss those days, so try to enjoy them as much as you can instead of thinking about them as stressful! As for your grades...nobody is perfect, it's ok that you didn't get straight A's...B's are good too, and C's are ok! Think about the big picture, you want to graduate with an acceptable GPA that will provide you with several getting a Master's or a job...that's all you need! Don't burn yourself out now...leave a bit of effort for the future!

2:04 AM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

JIJiiii-----Habibti thanks for the warning..Dont forget Im going to become one of those frauds..Looool..

I know I have so many people to talk to and I know they will support me but talking to a stranger has a certian charm to it..Besides Im already paying for there service in my titution fees.Might as well use the services.. Im not off the low end but I need some things to be a bit more tidy ya know?

Im begining to enjoy my subjects by next year if i decide to stay Im going to love my courses..What not to love about criminal and abnormal psychology?

Jiji I have the same problem with my laptop..I hate wireless and the internet is the spawn of the devil..Lool.If you find a cure make sure you drop me a line;)

11:57 AM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Faithoo----galob wallah the doc embrassed me he knew I was bullshiting loooooooool..Fashla wallah.. lol..

Sweeets--------loooooooool..Kids these days lool..Thank you for understanding and it is soo true everyone has a fear of being judged..I am always one of the strongest in the group me need to unravel my inner thoughts needs a strong strong person lol...Sweets u should sign up for cheer leading lol your talents are going to waste;) Youd id the convert thing too????LMAO..Daddy couldnt feel his right hand lol blood pressure skyrocketed looooooooool. I havent told him about the theripist yet but he s reaction will be closely watched and documented for further analysis and entertainment;) Ill keep you posted..

Blue---darling you sound more arab by the day..yOU NEED to go to france for a couple of weeks..Get in touch with your roots..Your hanging around too many corrupted arabs..Besides babes your insane I just have issues..Nothing major..I like microscopes..

Obessisive-- thank you for understanding and I know Im going to miss uni but right now its hard to appericate it:P Exam time its hard to appericate anything..Oooh Im very openminded..I guess it was a survival instinct having to survive with my father you need to be VERY open to alot of things that make NO bloody sense lool..


12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!

6:21 PM  

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