Thursday, April 20, 2006

**Sighs** The most undependable team in the world..They win so they can lose..**sighs** As perdictable as my marks....See the goalie? Miskeen brought on when the other goalie decided to beat up a player form the other team..Tsk tsk..**wipes a tear**My boys have some issues..Oh oh oh see number 10 omg he did this move in the olympics..Omg awsome!!!! I think it was agianst austrialia the bicycle kick he did was amazing..oh and watch for number 3's foot work..And nashat my dear nashat number 5 he is something to reckon with so sweet too..
Pity they didnt enter the world cup and they didnt do so hot in the gulf cup either...I dont understand thier flacuating game..It falters and is like the weather in canada..Winter in summer and vice versa..What is up with the gulf teams? You cant depend on them for anything..Oh except Saudi..You can depend on them to embrass themselves and us and lose..Every time..Im going to go cry now..What the hell happened to Kuwait eh? They used to be great what the hell happened????!?!?!?!? Im soooo disappointed..Why oh why do they do this to my nerves??They are fried completely and utterly....Thats it I disown the arab teams I roiting for Iran this gulf cup..Go Ali Kareeemi teach the arabs a little somethin somethin!!



Blogger jiji said...

oooh dear.. dont u know that kuwait`s handball team won the world cup or the asian cup or somethin!! sports is not soccer ow khalas!! and theres this guy Tareq AL-Qallaf.. who is physically challanged and he`s the world fincin champion..
and u have Muhammad AL-Ghareeb..
Abdulla Maqdesi in tennis.. theyr also world class tennis players...

as for why havent football team been livin up to their reputation.. simply its cuz the players are not the same ones we had some 35-25 yrs ago.. again.. coaches are not the same coaches..

i know u might say nepotism might interfer with the acceptance of players into such teams..since alot of the guys who play ball in the neighbourhood playground ROCK but never make the cut to the team..
well lemme tell u this.. u know how they say "u can b blinded by the lime lights"..? this is pretty much the case with poor fellas.. not everyone is up to game handlin fame and ppl watchin`em play.. plus alot of those guys who used to b good b4 joinin the team only cuz their game was on dirt not a loan!! how ironic... but true! word for word.. ;p

4:35 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

ha..NO EXCUSES..Im soooooooo upset with them..kuwait provides them with everything..GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER...I can probably out play some of them..They should be ashamed of themselves..Saudi got to fifa and these kuwaitis are busy polishing thier nails..despicable..tsk tsk..

I dont care about the other games..or sports unless its hockey..Tennis?!?!?!?!?!?HOW CARES!!!!!!!Soccer is the eastern religion people we have regin supreme agian..

7:45 PM  
Blogger i_live_in_Q8 said...

i got to agree, soccer is the sport in our region :/
and about iraqi team, 2 thumbs up to nash2at akram! one day hes gonna be as ahmad radhi.

and yeah polishing nails is the right world :/ Kuwait sport is going down.

10:10 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

i_live_in_q8..Doesnt it just piss you off? Did you see them play when the gulf cup was in Kuwait? Didnt you find it embrassing???For heavens sakes Im Iraq and I was blushing with shame..They have potentional thats what pisses me off they can play they have a good couch they have caviar if the want it and fine red wine yet they play with no passion..They need passion...And I need to relax lol..But my god they make me angry..

Nashat is pretty good eh? But he's been slacking off his game was way off when they played to sifting rounds for the gulf..Thats the arab players for you..One minute you think you have a new Pele the next a school boy can whip thier tushies..

11:03 PM  
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