Monday, September 29, 2008


Scene 1
Jumps off one bus, sprints down the bus terminal (in the cutest heels ever), barely missing some stray child( someone put him in a barn where he belongs, please). Grabs a free newspaper, flashes a charming smile to the news paper dude or dudette (I can never tell). Charges up two flights of stairs waves at the bus which doesnt stop and keeps on its merry way. She stands cursing under her breath which comes out laboriously, first in arabic then english. Abya fluttering around shala perched only by gravity, she shoves her Katherine Hephburn glasses back on her slightly crooked pert nose and continues her muttering as she adjusts her mammoth arm bag weighing three ton to balance on one of her feet as she reapplies her lipgloss while scanning the coming buses.

Scene 2
One shoe under her arm, the other shoved on her foot, shala waving like a flag around her head. Blazer half way on, tie undone, buttons misbuttoned, bag hanging askewed on her arm with random contents sticking out. She runs down six flights of stairs while trying to rebutton her shirt, and ties her shala. Runs down the street then across ducking behind a garbage truck and waves merrily at an angry car horn which barely missed her figure as she wrestled her way through bodies to get on the bus. Once on she gets dressed much to the amusment of the passengers, and begins to put on her make up, intiating help from an old italian grandfather who proceeds on telling her the story of his life.

Scene 3

She pushes through a herd of people, makes it on to the covetted univeristy bound bus, sandwiched between two people. Unfortunaltly one didnt have any personal hygine. She thinks nothing of leaning closer to the cutie freshly smelling freshmen who becomes flustered. Smiling up flirtatiously he turns around slightly with a blush creeping on his cheeks. Chuckling under her breath she reaches into her bag and grabs her ringing phone keeping her eye on the boy. Assuring her prof that no she didnt forget to freeze the fat at minus 80 degrees and yes she had perpard the sucrose as he instructed and that yes she was on her way to learn how to gel slides. A seat freed up and instead of taking it, the boy gestures her. Smiling she touches his arms and says thanks handsome. He stands rooted for the rest of the bus trip during which she rumpages through her bag for her lipgloss (chapped lips...) and keeps handing him stuff to hold while she digs through her bag.

I now have a phd in bus manipulations..;)My entire neighbourhood knows my antics, the bus drivers now wait for me in the morning..I am always running late for the bus..God Bless the OC transpo.Bastards that I depend on.


Blogger Swair. said...

Hahaha I love how it just gets better :p

Allah ekhaleeekum 7ag ba3ath :p

12:22 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

swairies--my one true undependable love:p the canadian bus it!

3:27 PM  
Blogger ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

5osh mo'3amarat every morning ;)

5:33 PM  

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