Sunday, August 03, 2008

Youth Coordinator For Multicultural Girls

Lily-//demonstrating back flips in the water//
Girl 1-' do we have to do that? I hate the water'
Girl 2- 'why are you in the pool then?'
Girl 1- 'cause, everyone is in the pool'
Lily- 'you don't have to do back flips if you don't want to. You can just swim, how about we do laps together?'
Girl 1- ' do we have to do laps? Can't be just float?'
Girl 2- 'Why don't you swim? Its a swimming pool?'
Girl 1- ' mind your own business, I can do what I want, you swim!'
Girl 2- 'I swear your such a..'
Lily- 'ladies'//swims to stand in between them// 'Girl 1 it is a fitness camp you should be at least moving try to swim k? Girl 2 your enthusiasm is terrific buts lets remember that not all of us want to be in the Olympics k? So let's break it up and have some fun'
Girl 1-//grunts// ' but I want to float, why can't I float?'
Girl 2-//rolls her eyes says something obscene in Spanish ---it sounded obscene-- swims away expertly//
Girl 1-//looking at me with her big green slightly reddish eyes//'shes so mean'
Lily-//sighs, mumbles something about not being cut out for this//' hun no she isn't lets just swim together k?'.

Really?? Realllly?? This is what I have been reduced to??? A social worker/psychologist/coach for these girls??? whhhhhy??

yes ladies an gents, for the past couple of weeks, I have been dealing with tween and teen "issues" as part of my stint as a youth coordinator for a fitness camp program thingy.. I love it, I love the outings the energy the movement everything..I just need to find a way to keep the girls mouths shout..duct tape maybe?---Any ideas?


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