Sunday, September 21, 2008

Experimental Fuck Up

-------------you are forwarned..this is a mad totally unramadan worthy at your discretion..if you do not like foul language or are opposed to animal experimentation..Plz contact your nearest therapist or jump off a bridge..have a great day.

So yea..Remeber that thesis project that I was totally psyched about? Well, I wasted 7 hours a day for 14 days in a hot stuffy lab that is full of people who love nothing more then to gossip about me for being different..

So the fuck what;
I dont fuckin drink
I dont fuck every male or female I see
I dont enjoy talking about fuckin
I am the only one in the entire building that is not white and a muslim

get over your fuckin selves

Ilmuhim, back to my project.

So yea we (my prof and myself) decided that we were going to use a couple of paradims. Stress, fat accumulation, food intake with regular chow, food intake with a high fat diet that was adminstered right after the stress for a duration of two hours. He decided on a social stressor..Which I hate. It basically consists of putting my mice (they are GHSR-strain) in with another strain of mice (CD-1's) that are known to be mean mother fuckers..They are to remain in the bully cage for ten minutes. After which the high fat diet is adminstered and I give two hours to lick thier wounds and eat.

The GHSR's are genetically modified, some of them have the gene that expresses the hormone grehlin removed (they are called the gherlin knockouts) and the others are just the regular dudes, so just the wild types. Seeing they are gentically modified mice, we breed them ourselves and they require some time before they are fit to enter any experimental trials. My prof is the only dude who does this genetic breeding bussiness.Basically these little buggers are hard to get.

Ilmuhim, what happened was after we kill the mice, the blood is extracted and the plasma is seperated so we have access to the white blood cells. Some of the samples did not seperate quite as well as the others..but that was expected, you always get a couple fucked up ones.

Ilmuhim, yoou then pipet the white blood cells into little tubes and run them through a bioessay. This gives us the cortisol level that we are looking for..


guess what??

the cortisol levels were WHACK..not whack as in cool or fascinating..oh no..whack as in totally and utterly FUCKED UP. so yea.. We are going to run them agian, but Im not going to hold my means I wont have enough to run the ghrelin kit...oooooooooofffttttttt....I need to replicate the study, which means spending more time in the stuffy lab with the atmosphere of a sterotypical high school and having to balance that with full time school, my thesis paper, grad school applications, two jobs, volunteer work and the shit I deal with at home..

fuckin terrific...sounds like a swell time..Im going skydiving in novemeber..Maybe I will jump and not land..

I need to punch something..The dumb track was closed..I couldnt even go for a run..I need some dairy queen or coffee..**sighs**


Blogger ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

that sucks :S
i know what its like to lose all your work, its a really crappy feeling :S

4:20 AM  
Blogger Swair. said...

Don't worry, you'll do fine, just a little patience :*

You know we're rooting for you anyway, we're with u every step of the way :D

1:14 PM  
Blogger Shwaish said...


3:13 AM  
Blogger Sedna said...

hello ello.. how goes it?

1:24 AM  
Blogger eshda3wa said...

so ur a real live mad scientist!

do u laugh hysterically when conducting and experiment?
is there always lightening and thunder too?

9:27 AM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

dandoon--if I was a violent person..I would have done something worthy of reporting:P

swaires_-*sighs* offfffffffttt . ty ty habibi with all your mushieness;)

princess:P--i knooooow..make it stop

sednooooooo--where have u been??!?!

eshda3wa--I come with a pocket portector and a sweater that says >> Official CU Neuro Geek on the back and a GIVE ME UR BRAINS logo in the front:P And I cackle..I dont laugh.. And of course there are lightening and thunder effects..:P

11:14 PM  
Blogger Shwaish said...

PRINCESS!! willich ana shdagool 9arli sana!! mako princess that bitch is gone!!

4:15 AM  

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