Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An Encounter With Mr.Z

Sun drenched, stretching indulgently on the green banks of the canal she cracks open an eye while trying to cover half a yawn. There poised back slightly arched, legs dangling in unsanitary water, head turned west when she saw him. Just there. Glistening dark brown hair in wild disarray, lower limbs in swimming trunks that have the binary numbers printed in sequence. While the upper body was blissfully naked. Shoulders and arms sculpted to perfection swayed slightly while his abs rippled as he made is slow sensual progression towards her. Hanging around his neck were keys on a key chain that identified him as a biometric grad student.
Strawberry lip gloss tinted mouth curves into a sly smile, resting her lounging body now on her elbows, she takes off her Sophia Loren sunglasses, angling her head flirtatiously. Lowering himself on his knees, tremulous green eyes aligned themselves with her dark brown ones. Oh yummy just yummy.

"Do you mind? You stink, why do you insist on coming to bother me when you smell terrible?"

Note: Z. I love you I do..lol..In my own twisted way.Not everyone is attracted to your fine ass, and it is fine. Get over yourself. And yes I do objectify you..Why wouldn't when you flaunt your goods and brains? I am not responsible for my actions:P I accept your challenge for the run. May the best smelling person win!


Blogger eshda3wa said...

ana gelt al7een some sort of sexual scene is gna play out

3:46 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

lmao..Pity it didnt play out as one;) Maybe next time..Or better yet use your imagination:P

1:14 PM  

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