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Being Iraqi...25 tell tale signs..

Ok a short note people..I AM Iraqi ok? I may have been born in Kuwait and raised in canada but trust me that does not make me any less Iraqi..The fact that I have never been to Iraq does not also make me less Iraqi..

The thing about being Iraqi..Iraq can DISOWN you..But you can never disown it..No matter where you live where you were born and how long you've been there..YOUR STILL IRAQI..ok? For all those Iraqi's out there that are denying thier roots..DONT MAKE ME DRAW YOU A MAP DARLIN..;)

With that said..PLease do enjoy:D

Being Iraqi----

1) When surrounded by other Arab nationalities and you speak Iraqi, no one knows what the hell youre saying.<-----So true..I dont even know what the hell thier saying..

2) When talking to Egyptians, your Iraqi accent turns Egyptian. When talking to Lebanese, your accent turns Lebanese...etc. <--agian..Right on the dot..My baby sister who was born in Canada and is now in Kuwait speaks every single dialect under the sun..Pity I dont have that talent..

3)When Iraqi women get together, they all compete in 'Who's got the loudest voice?' <--ALL women are the like that..Ethnic background doesnt matter...Trust me I know..

4)Every Iraqi family is dysfunctional in one way or another. <--Yup

5)Iraqis have an exclusive swearing vocabulary ranging from 'Incheb-ee', 'Islayma', 'sarsaree', 'thowla', 'booma', 'ghabra', 'khaburni','6a7 subghek' etc. <-----I LOVE iraqi swearing..Its soo soo I dunno!! lol..They say it with such affection too lol..

6)Everyone has at least one Ali in their immediate family. <--Mine has 8 in the Immediate family..And 6 Hussiens...And 4 Hasans...

7)If lunch doesn't include rice, it's not considered a meal. <--I know for that fact the same goes with Kuwaitis..

8)Every Iraqi knows every family in the entire nation of Iraq, and somehow you always know a specific story about them. <--You can run..But you Cant HIDE!!!!!

9)When Iraqis dance to 3adel 3ogla or Hatem al 3raqi, Everyone returns to their Im3aydee roots, Everyone goes wild , and all the other non-Iraqis get scared. <---Intersting..Cant wait for my Cousins wedding..I'll get ya guys pics ;)

10)Saying the word 'Baghdad' makes Iraqis cry hysterically. <---In my family..My grandma in particular..Its Karbala..

11)During a wedding, all the young single people are checking eachother out. <---In the only Kuwaiti wedding I was too..The GIRLS were checking out the girls..So yea :P

12)You've been beaten to death by a Na3al at least once in your life. <--I feel cheated..Both my brothers have experianced this.. The type of na3al is crucial here..

13)Sarcasm is part of Iraqi DNA, You never know whether the joke is a joke or not! <--Guilty!!

14)Everyone owns a leather Jacket, Big Shoulder pads a thick belt and thermal underwear for the winter and summer, if you own these then you are so keshkha around iraqis (in other words, u look buff)! <---Now I know what to get for my family back home..

15)You have Guests over for breakfast, lunch, dinner and after midnight. <--Till the wee hours of the morning baby!!!

16)To be Iraqi you must drink chai (tea) five times a day <--Can we change that to coffee and 7 times a day? That would be more accruate in my case:P

17)Everything is 3eib ..'3eib baba 3eib mayseer hichi' and i mean everything and theres no point wondering why because the answer will always be, 'because its 3eib! <---If nothing this is concret proof my dad is Iraqi..

18)Infront of their husbands, iraqi wifes always have a kafshe...(its attractive among iraqis) and when they're really in a romantic mood they'll put on bright RED lipstick and a red dishdasha to go with it , not forgetting that their hair is always abnormally blonde <--My mom doesnt even own a single red lipstick..I should talk to her about this fashion statement...

19)And every iraqi mum and dad were the cleverest in their generation, they all got 110 out of 100, and always came first out of their class. <--Funny..My dad is a self proclaimed drop out/smuggler/gangster/teacher beater and jail hopper..He seems proud of himself..Must be the Kuwait air..

20)Being the eldest child in the family means that you'll always be called a be3eera (camel) even if u reach ur fifties <---OMG OMG..This is soooo true..To this day this what my father calls me..Charming isnt it?

21)And not forgetting that if you make a mistake, it will NEVER be forgotten , it'll be passed on through the generations, written in the books of history and they will remind you of it on your wedding day infront your wife , and when they'll be walking behind your coffin in your funeral. <---Its written on stone..With Diamonds..

22)There is no such thing are romance for Iraqi guy..And when he does try to romantic, the girls perfer them their regular brute ways..<---So not true..Every Iraqi I know(inculding family) are Casanovas/Romeos..

23)Bagila (Fava beans) is the national food.. <--True true

24)Eating Bacha is a national duty <--uhuh

25)Particapating in Muharam weither you are shia or not is a way of life <--lmao agian true..


Blogger No3iK said...


Funny and interesting !!

I know Iraqi people, what you said is alllll so true

A lot of it is sooo Kuwaiti to!

Were neighbors that's why ;p

heheheheh i loved the b3eeera part :p
Thank god im not the eldest.

4:29 AM  
Blogger Tinkerbell said...

loool i luved this post ! one of my best friends has an iraqi mother and this soooo reminded me of her..and a lot of it as no3ik said is q8i too so yaay :P

i should start calling my bro b3eeeer lol

5:09 AM  
Blogger ScarlO said...

Most of that's Kuwaiti, too. Karbala, we have relatives there. Well, my grandfather had two wives, one's my granny, and the other one's from Karbala so she's sort of my granny too, since my .. erm, biolgical granny passed away. And yeah, it brings her to tears.

That woman is never tired of watching them Iraqi channels on TV ... and they're A LOT now!!

5:32 AM  
Blogger jiji said...

18)Infront of their husbands, iraqi wifes always have a kafshe <- didnt quite understand that word..?

by the way... 95% of the list applies to kuwait and kuwaities! and iran as well!! must be sha6 el3arab syndrome or sumthing ;p

7:39 AM  
Blogger ZiZoTiMe said...

Red deshdasha?


I think I need some explaination ;)

Instead of chay Iraqi people are drinking Capaccino these days ;) At least those who live in Iran :)

8:06 AM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

No3ik--lol..I know eh? The ba3eera part made me fall off my seat when someone forwarded me the email..Darling we are all interrealated one way or another:P

Tinkie---The ba3eer thing seems to be the most popular attribute:P lol..Im glad you liked the post;) Stay tooned for the Canadian tell tale signs:P

Scarlie--I HATE iraqi T.V..I love one channels 8 oclock news;) The reporter is karbala is the one that causes tears..I guess it that way for all the elder generations..I mean tell me brazil and Ill break down and cry:P

Jijilicous--Totally..thats an awsome way of putting it..Sh6a Al3arab syndrome!!!!Lol..Kashfe means like an afro..You know in the 80's how they thought big hair was cool and totally sexy? The Iraqi one apperantly still think it is..:P

Zizoooosososos---Hi hi Hi..

Red dashdasha--you know those things ladies wear at home..What do you call it? Umm Dara3ah..A red dara3ah..And kashfe is big afro frizzled hair..Get it now? If you dont drink tea you are a diluted iraqi..thats what you saw in Iran..Diluted Iraqi's...

9:47 AM  
Blogger jiji said...

oooh u mean PERM!?!?! curly? hehehe gotchaaa ;p

10:41 AM  
Blogger A Daydreamer said...

that was hilirious!!! esp. the red lipstick and the "kafshe"... and for those that didnt know what that word meant, its like saying "keshaaaa"... loool

nice post, yaa ib3eeeera hehe jk ;)

7:40 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Jiji--baby no..It means full boown BABY!!! LOL

DayDreaaaaamer--**winces** Be3eerah**sighs**The pain lol...Its so true though..And he says it as if he is saying Habibti..Issues..

10:44 PM  
Blogger jiji said...

haaaa bashry?? how was ur accounting midterm?

7:26 AM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...


11:53 AM  
Blogger Sedna said...

Ma fahamt the Karbala thing.

But hey... I've been trying to figure out where your from for ages :P Mystery solved.

1:05 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Sedno--Lol karabala..Its a shia thing....You know the month where people cry and dress in black? Ya well the reason for that was a battle done in Karabala iraq..So yea:P

I was a mystery??? Omg,,I feel sooo glad its solved;)

2:54 PM  
Blogger Sedna said...


Layl7een ma fahamt! LOL its ok I'm slow. Yalla, pizza getting cold.

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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