Wednesday, December 20, 2006

HIGH lightin'

--Im missin school already

--Im taking Caclulus for the third time..Someone give me a gold star or something..

--I missed u guys too ;)

--Having a stomach flu, pulling an all nighter, having to name different areas and thier associative nerves in the brain for three hours and then one hour later integrate using partial fractions for another three hours..Was an experiance I would not wish on my worse enemy..

--GOAL--3 miles 20 minutes..Current time 3 miles 40 minutes..

--Damn aussies should be more worried..Come july...WE ARE GONNA BURN UR NET..bunch of prissy boys..

--I need shoes..

--aaaaa shit..damn phone bill..Im cutting it off..Khalas

--If u need me..U can find me in the gym..

--Im loving algerian and iranian music..(helps the guys are eye candy most of the time;))

--I swear Ill change the template..soon..

--Xmas lights...all sentimental..sick I know ::P

--I need the canal to freeze up now.

--Buuubbbbbbbbbblle tea..bubblebuubbbble bubbbble

--body shop cranberry lipgloss..miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

--tiptop model..COMEBAAAAACK PLZ?

Ill be back


Blogger Dandoon said...

Eek! Yallah, third time lucky mithil maygooloon:)

Lail7een tit7al6imain 3ala your phone bill? I see nothing's changed:p

3:07 AM  

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