Friday, September 22, 2006

Ramadan Resolutions..

First thing is first...

Allah yatgabal i3malakuom:D
Now... With that out of the way I have decided to start a new tradition**claps her hands gleefully** Every year I sit down and write a list of resolutions..For some reason I make it my duty not to folllow through a single one..Must be a psychological thing:P Ilmuhim this year I want to do one for Ramadan..Now many of the things may seem childish or a given to many of you "religous" people..But for me its hard work:P So here goes nothing...
1)Derek is completely wiped out and replacing the spanish ballads,and hip hop is dua koomal and quraan(I can handle it..)
2)Swearing is strictly prohibited(**deep breath**I know I can I know I can I know I can:P)
3)Prayers must be on on time I mean not an hour or two late but like right on the dot..Skipppppppy classssssssesss woooooooooooohooooo
4)Attitude adjustment (OooOoohhh I beleive in miracles since you came alooooooong you sexy babe):P 9ig ma istee7i 3aib wala 3aib
5)Give charity(this should be easy, dad leaves change all over the place:P)
6)Make an effort to stay up after fajir to make duaa(noooooo my sleeeeeeeeeeep **teary eyed**)
7) Read ALONG with the quran to at least finish it once..Since if I read by myself alllll alooone Ill finish in Ramadan 2008:P
8)Obstain from kicking my bros smug little face in when I feel like it..One kick once a week..PLz?
9)Appear serene and collected rather then my usual hurried snob influence stance..maaaaaaaaaaabe mabe mabe
10)Make an effort to not touch anything my mom makes:P Ill try too keep off the pounds i lost..Easier said then done :P..
Third thing...
I get to spend ramadan with my parents...I just thought to rub it in for all those peeps who are living on thier own trying to be all educated and stuff:P I get laban you loooooooooosers:P Im sorry that wasnt nice..**clears throat** My house and my fatooor table is open to any of you sad unfortunate souls out there..Ill set another setting just for you 3ooonkoum:D..
Enjoy your month nice..Smile more..laugh more..:D


Blogger Sever said...

Ramadan Kareem :)

Wish you to be strong.

Sorry, girl, but I'm not sure about praying in time.
Especially in the morning.
Not this year ;-)
Probably after 10 years you will be able to do it.

Where are you now?

Oh, you must not eat/drink till the darkness.
But you are studing.

Ok ok, once again - be strong, girl!
& later tell us how this month is going with you.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Dandoon said...

3alaina oo 3alaich Lilylicious;)

I'm trying to swear less too! Asib my sister oo ba3dain agool "allahuma ini 9a2ima" lool. It should get easier.. :s

3:47 PM  
Blogger Prinseesa said...

looooool those resolutions are a tad too much for me girl.. the only thing i can manage to do is stop kicking my brother, well cuz he's all grown up now and i fear that he might reciprocate ;P .. oo oo imbarak 3alaich il shahar too ;*

6:17 PM  
Blogger SOLO~PARA~ME said...

Yeah, i know it's not just hard fot you; it's hard for all of us. Just do all your best and remember that eslam is "deen yiser mo 3iser" o allah yetqabal minich enshallah.

o mbarak 3laich elshahar 7abebty =]

7:10 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Sever-- Mabrook 3alaki Ilsha7r
I think your right...Im already slacking off the prayer:P
Yea Im in Canada and if I have my way Ill probably never leave:P
Not eating and drinking till the darkness is sorta of a given considering that is one of the most major parts of ramadan..Thats the easiest part:P Food isnt as attractive as it was before:P..

Thank you..Strength is one thing Im gonna need ;) Will update every week about the month :P

Dandoon--lets hope it does get easier..For some reason I feel like Im programmed to be rude in ramadan..Not that Im poliet on usual days..But my god im horrible:p..I havent said the F word yet**fingers crossed*8 Im aiming for 48 hours ;)..Baby steps sugar baby steps.. ;)

Princeesa--loooool..My bro has gotten big..Second place in Kuwait for Juo:P I got my butt handed to me last night..But I think I broke his fingers:P 3alaina wa 3alich inshalla :D..

Soloparame--Yatqabal minich darling..Yea Im trying but my god when I see the rest of my family all serene it drives me mad that I cant be like that:P How hard is it really? I mean I know people who do these things on a daily basis..Dammit!! I will do it:P Half of it mabye..Alright mabye not completely half..:P

9:54 AM  
Blogger No3iK said...

aham shay badliyatich lilacs!!

heheheheh anyways look dear
i truly believe in u and ur powers in good :p

i also do believe u can achieve all what u said, except for one:
- swearing - looooooooooooooool
i dont think its possible hon! just not possible ;p

love ya o mobarka 3laich al shahar :****

3:23 PM  
Blogger sweeter_than_salsabeel said...

shahr ramadhan mubarak!!!!!


and hockey season starts in only ten days! hehehe

long time no talk btw i changed the link to my blog... now its !!!!

take care and have a kick-butt ramadhan ;) and good luck with all your resolutions inshAllah youll get it done in styleeeeee


9:16 PM  

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