Friday, August 18, 2006


Lily In Algebra..

I lean agianst the wall disintersted as my study group stood around me in the hall outside the examination room.
"Do you think we will do ok?" My A+ overzelous study groupie asked me worriedly.
I grunt in response, and yawn.
"Im so worried what if I dont do well?"the same groupie asked me agian.
I concntrated on the dirty handle of the examination room and agian grunted a response.
"Arent you worried? This is an exam for christ sakes" She directs her comments at me agian.
I turn around and grab her shoulders.Shaking her while saying in menacing tones,"You will be fine and if you fail I really dont care cause you know what? You have a 98 coming into the exam so your not fucked either way ok? So shut up and review the damn ColA and euignvalues..Your weak with those" I let go of her and I must say she looked rather calmer after my outbrust..
Ma yegoon il bil 3an il 7amar

Lily in Bussiness

I swing from side to side on my swingy chair waiting for the exams to be passed out. The guy on my left seemed so psyched I couldnt help but stare..He was talking to himself repeatedly telling himself hes the man..Then he started drumming with his pencils and reciting gibberish under his breath..I tried to lean closer but to no avial It drove me bonkers..Not that the singing or the restless behaviour bothered me.It was just cause I couldnt hear what he was saying..Ilmuhim they handed out the exams and I thought for sure he would shut the hell up now that we had our exams. nope..The dear man continued his form of cruel and unusual punishment. I cringed everytime he accented his singing with a drop of his calculator. As usual I did not do the normal thing and call for a proctor and ask polietly if he would tell him to shut up..No ..Of coures not..Cause that would have been the smart and sophisticated thing to do..So what did I do you ask? I stare at him..No thats a lie..I glared at him..Both the proctors noticed and came striding up the audi steps thier faces hungry to expose a cheat..So one of them leans over my shoulder(gorgous proctor, simply delcious I just was in a really foul mood) he leans closer to my ear and practicular yells "Is there a problem missus?!?!?"
I jump in my seat and mutter under my breath"ya ibin ilkalib allah ya khara3k bi dina wa ikhara" I looked over my back at him with my bloodshot eyes and gave him a dirty look, tosssed my head and the turned around in my chair causing him to move back or else his chest would have been in my face,"yes as a matter a fact there is a problem" I point at the guy sitting next to me and I say in such a rude and mocking voice"He is trying out for a band rather then doing this final exam so I cant concentrate so do something about it..Thats your job no?" With that said I swivel back and pick up my pencil. I can feel the procotor standing behind me, the guy beside me shot me a writhering look..I stuck out my tongue..I know i know..I dont want to talk about it :P

Lily in Calculus

Walking out of the exam it was 10:05 pm I hadnt slept in two weeks..My school life wasnt going as planned,my family life was hanging by a thread and this was my last exam..I called my brother and I was nearly in tears when my mom answered instead and said exactly "hey baby,we are waiting for you right outside..Come to mommy habibi" I choked..Wala I did..I rushed out of the hall and nearly knocked my prof to the floor..I waved at her and cursed her in arabic:P then I came out to what we call a quad..its a grassy area set in a park setting people sit around on the rolling green grass and under the shdaes of the trees discussing how to cheat on exams;) Ilmuhim..I felt lighter then I have felt in a long time..So I turn on my mp3 and I start to dance..I know your thinking whats the big deal? People dance all the time..Not all people not all people..Not when your considered the snob of the uni not when you start showing up to classes in your pjs under your abyaa and with your bathroom slippers instead of shoes..Not when you glare at anyone who says hi to you..Not when your wearing a black abyaa and its 10 at night..Its not right...And this wasnt the swaying lightly moving your shoulders dancing...Oh no..Mais nooon..Of course not..This was the hips moving like they are dislocated and the shoulders shaking kind of dance..The one I should get paid for the hour..And no..I wasnt alone..And yes people saw me..And no I havent showed my face since in the uni..And yes Im hoping people are gonna forget by september rolls around :P

I might be on hiatus for a bit..I got some readin to catch up on and some shopping now that I think about it..Also I gotta pack up move and refurnish..So if you really miss me...Too bad:P Ill try to update in a couple of weeks or so..Oh and for those people you like making a big deal on commenting on thier blogs..I havent done much of that the past few days..However I will dedicate an entire day for that..Tistahlooon ;) yalla ya hilween Take care..Email me or msn me if its a life or death situation..Or if you broke a nail:P


Blogger Faith said...

this could slightly explain your snobiness-on-high mode :/

shd3awa yuba..we all have exams and get stressed bas ma nrf3 ekhshoomna 7adna :P

anywaysss how can u have 3 exams in one session? dont sound like fun, its OVER now, you have 2.5 weeks of us living like semi-normal human beings till the madness rolls again, enjoyy it :D

11:37 PM  
Blogger ScarlO said...

Snobiness on high? Lily?

What's wrong, dahling? And .. and why don't you come online often?
School is ugly, hon. And ... and how come you're still alive after all this?

Ahem,I allow you to disappear from the face of earth and aimlessly be a homosapien, for a while at least. But keep us updated, yeah? If you break a nail or something, there are people around the world who would like to know ..

12:47 AM  
Blogger Princess said...

lool nice i love ur attitude problem 7abeebti hehehehe and i hope all the stress is gone by now, and that all ur exams went well :)

2:52 AM  
Blogger Sever said...

You are funny as usual, Lily ;-)

Congratulations about your last exam (that`s so, right?).
I can imagine how you feel now.

How many exams did you have?
I had 5.
But I'm alive. May be, I became more ubnormal after this, but that`s ok ;-)

My mama called me a snob before :-/
I don`t know how to deal with this & don`t know if it`s really bad or good.

Good luck & have your rest, dear Lily!

7:33 AM  
Blogger Dandoon said...

Hope they all went well!

Take care and hope to see you blogging soon! xx

3:43 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Faitho--chub inti ma3 jasoom:P

Im specail and Im a dalooo3a :P

I had two full summer classes and two half credit classes..Actually they are all half credits but the maths are the pain in the ass long summer ones :P What are you talking about it? It was fun fun fun oh so fun summer :P Yes two and a half weeks of nothingness..Of me packing and unpacking and blah blah.. I cant wait for the madness to being agian..

Scarlie--I know eh? I am on vacation..Really...Theres like a line up for the pc and the laptop..
Im readin like eight novels at once.. ANd typing six different ones at the same time..And packing..But send me an email and we can meet online ;)

I never break a nail..I break them for people;)

6:47 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Sever--**hugs** you must be my most dedicated readeir!! People should be like you..;) Thank you and yes it was my final exam so far..I had three this semster..
My god dear woman..5 exams?!?! And your still breathing**looks at sever with wide eyed wonder** That my dear friend is strength!!

Snobs are snobs..My entire family and those around me beleive irs true..However..Its not nessecary a bad thing..

Ty and you too it looks like you deserve it ;)

Dandooon--One went really well..But the other two..Allllah yester.. I will enjoy my time its not milan but ottawa has its exciting parts:P

10:17 PM  
Blogger Dandoon said...

Good luck for the other 2! LOL! Have fun;)

10:19 AM  
Blogger Sedna said...

Lol you cracked me up :P

11:51 AM  
Blogger 7asoon said...

you got issues babe..

1:05 PM  
Blogger jiji said...

lily.. ur an exact replica of me when i get finals ;p

i hate ppl who panic over As and 98 to 94 marks! get a life! ;p

and me thinks u looksy a liiiiiiiiil bit ... eemm like erhabeya mujaheda ;p no? :P

6:01 PM  
Blogger jiji said...

eeeeh.. remember CHEMISTRY is yet to throw its DARK scary shadows on ur life ;p

6:03 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Dandoon--Will do luv ;) and ty..But Im gonna need more then luck for those two..Something more like in the lines of a miracle..Got any of those handy :P

Sednoo--Im glad Im a source of entertainment for you dear sedno..My life revolves around making you laugh;P

Hasan--GENUIS..give the man the noble prize why dontcha ya..

Jijilicious--babes I am allllll about the terrorist image;) you saw the pics what more can I say?
YEa people with A's should shut the hell up..:P Bunch of whinning bastards:P was soooo uncalled for and mean!!!!!!**watery eyes**

10:34 PM  
Blogger Dandoon said...

Lily, I don't, but fingers crossed! I'm taking Algebra and Statistics next semester. Why? Because I'm an idiot:( The only way I can pass both is by some sort of divine intervention..

9:32 AM  
Blogger jiji said...

wut can i do babes.. am 82% EVUL muwahahahahaaa!! >;)

1:34 PM  
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