Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What THE hell?!!?

Just so you know;
--Half my family is sunni and half are shiite, so technincally I get bitching rights
--I am fully respectful of my sect, although they are apparently the most strict
--I dont think that bitching about religious issues is 'haram' we need to question stuff
--My parents and I are in different sects ..lmao..


It is almost part of tradition for the sunni and shitte (two major religious islamic sects) to have two different eid days..I mean there is a reason why the religion is viewed as a joke by some people..We cant fuckin agree on the day the moon is sighted. I mean come on people work with me here..Let me elaborate on a minor yet somewhat significant detail k?

THERE IS ONE DAMN MOON.. ok habibati? I mean how difficult is it to see the moon on the same day as each other eh?
Bas we have been through this arguement already and established that both sides are stubbourn mules. Moving on..

WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE SHITTE??! Seriously two different dates people?!?! As if Im not confused enough, as if I dont need another reason to bitch at something, as if I dont want an excuse to laugh at my own religon and sect..


my god..

Ill tell you guys the reason. One of the sects within the Shitte sect(yes and there are many) have a fatwa (I dont know if we call it a fatwa..Ilmuhim) that says that you need to see the moon in your area. So this particular sect saw the moon in Iraq ( a day later then the sunni sect as per tradition) but those people in that sect didnt see it here in ottawa for some reason.. Oh and you have to use the naked eye, no telescopes for those special special people ( I dont know if its the same for the other sects). Ilmuhim so no moon and apparently no eid till sunday (cause if you dont see it you need to finish 30 days) unless of course you bend the rules and cheat the system by 'traveling'.

Ridiculous just ridiculous..

and ya you guessed right..I am part of that sect..go fuckin figure.. Oh and I cheated the system ;) as if Im gonna fast when the rest of my family is stuffing their faces..Travel adventures coming later:P

oh and total random note I like french boys... thought you guys should know:P


Blogger Princess said...

no comment :*

and shmi3na french?

1:40 AM  
Blogger Swair. said...

I KNOW!!! WTF!?!?

I was ranting about this all through Friday & Saturday lol

ham ba3ad, mo lazem all of us complete 30 days?! laish some people have to have either just 29 days or 1 day zyada!?!

11:38 AM  
Blogger Ghasheema said...

I am not gonna comment on the eid day thingie...cuz i can insult some major figures and i dont want to do that :/

bas ma thaya3na eli al3olamaa2 :/

if you see the moon you break your fast...ba3d lesh wait for the marje3 to say YES ppl it is eid?!?!?

2:40 PM  
Blogger manutdfanatic said...

Not ALL French guys are "nice"; just keep hoping you don't run into the wrong ones!

By the way, I must admit, I am rather intrigued; half your family is Sunni, and half is Shiite...how did that come about?

5:59 PM  
Blogger eshda3wa said...

the moon the moon the mooooon

well elmafrooth u see it in ur area cz of ekhtelaf elofoq

and ghasheema, if u go out or someone u trust goes ystehil and sees the moon mo lazim tan6reen elmarji3 to approve!

cheating the system haa lil! it better be an amazing adventure!!

2:32 AM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

princess--I drove to montreal..I liked what I saw;)

Swair--thank you finally someone who understands:P We should start our own 30-day sect:P hahahahehehe

Gasheema--ya yes but thats if you saw the moon.What if you dont? Do you break it with them or do you wait till you see it? There are so many laws and rules. And I dont mean to insult any of the scholars.Hell I follow the strictest so:P

Fanatic--hala wala..lmao hun I like to look I dont touch;) We have one armenian jew too :D. Aside from religions we have indians,malaysians, philipinos, whites, iranis.iraqis, kuwaitis, and eygptions..We like multi layering;)

eshd3waw--I agree. And yea it was fun a car full of people eid songs blasting on base in an all white french town ordering in english then flirting shamelessly with the burger guy it was fun!

8:13 PM  

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